Do You Feel Intimidated By Rich People?

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You are someone who is intrigued by the jet-set world. You’re someone who is curious and you’re playing with the thought of it. You’re someone who would like to belong to the high-society one day, although that day feels very far from your reality today.

Many people who are new to the world of the rich, feel initially uncomfortable and somehow intimidated by the upper class.

You feel like you don’t belong because you’re not rich yourself. You might come from ordinary, humble backgrounds and have been programmed to think “like attracts like”. That if you’re not one of them, you have nothing to do over there.


The elite has the power, the wealth and the glamour. Your life is not even near all that. Who are you to think that they will even want you in their space? You clearly don’t fit in. You have nothing in common with them.

You might feel fear of rejection if you even try to penetrate their circles. They will scan you harshly, from top to bottom and they will see how you’re not like them. This will either make them laugh or not react at all and just freeze you out.

The scenarios are endless in your head, your mind is already creating narratives for yourself that you are believing in and adapting to. You believe in these narratives so much it has lowered your confidence and your ability even to consider taking action and encounter the world of jet-setters.

So you forget about it all and move on. Still kind of intrigued by the jet-setters, but now kind of despising them too. It doesn’t seem like a fun world anyway, you tell yourself and continue to live your life.


What a common example I just presented.

The truth in this story that I’ve just created is that many people do feel fear/discomfort/hatred/intimidated, etc. by rich people only because of their lack of confidence. It’s all one big insecurity.

You know that your current place in the society is lower than theirs, and that holds some kind of power over you in your subconscious. That you’re not good enough, that you’re never going to be like them. That if you try, you’ll just make a fool out of yourself. That they are not nice people. That money makes people evil.

(Oh boy, do we also have the “money is evil” programs in our heads, Please read the book Secret Millionaire Mind to erase those blueprints)

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However. Rich people are just like you and me, humans.
And you need to start seeing them as such instead of putting them on a pedestal.

Yes, they hold more money and power than you, but other than that – they are just flesh and blood like anyone else. You need to dedramatize their essence and see them more like any other Average Joe. (Same advice goes for celebrities)

Once you understand that rich people are just regular people with same insecurities, demons, issues and habits like you – it will make the gap a little bit smaller between you.

At the moment the gap is massive in your mind, that’s why you’re looking up to them, and you feel frightened. Don’t be.

Secondly, you might feel intimidated by their jargon, because their arrogance might scare you off. Not all rich people are arrogant, but many do come across that way.

There are two reasons for that.

1. Rich people are busy people and don’t have time or brain capacity to engage with everything and everyone. That can sometimes come across as arrogant.

2. Rich people may act snobbish on purpose to protect themselves from people who want to get close to them and leach off them (use them for their money, power, etc). It’s just a defense mechanism that they are using.

A small percentage of people in the jet-set world is evil. But this percentage is the same in any community, rich or poor. It’s just how the world works. Don’t get hung up on that as it’s only a minority.

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Now let’s focus on yourself.
Cause the issue here is really not them, it’s actually you.
It’s how you perceive them and what they trigger in You that is the issue.

You lack confidence, feel insecure, are an easy target for judgment, being rejected, not fitting in an all that. Okay.

Now that’s what you need to change: You need to grow yourself some confidence.

The best way to do so is to start surrounding yourself in the same environments as the wealthy do. Visit the same restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, boutiques, neighborhoods, etc. and focus on feeling like you belong there.


(Yeah, but I don’t feel like I belong there)

With time you will start feeling that you belong there, the more you expose yourself to this life. You need to slowly start living this life yourself, even if you only take baby steps in the beginning. You start buying more expensive clothing, go to nicer places, travel to more luxurious destinations etc.

It’s all about faking it until you make it in the beginning. We all took that path, so now it’s your turn. Businessmen and rich people fake it until they make it too sometimes, especially in work. So don’t think that it’s a sin to think that you’re someone you’re not (YET!)


(Okay but I really don’t feel comfortable faking it when I know that they will judge me and see right through me. I’m just going to get caught and feel like a fraud)

Then you’re not faking it good enough. It’s not hard pretending that you belong somewhere, by just acting up, wearing the right outfit and have the correct behavior. Anyone can do it and you’ll get away with it.

If you feel that you don’t look the part yet, then pretend in your mind that you’re one of those “secret millionaire types” who dress shabby and nobody would ever guess that they’re rich. You can be one of them until your appearance is on point with the jet-set. But still try and look your best.


Confidence darling, confidence.

We might feel insecure to our teeth, but if we pretend, we can come across as the most confident people in the world. The rich people would never be able to see through that if you’re acting up.

If you focus too much on being judged and worried about being caught in your “faking”, then that’s exactly what’s going to happen. It’s really up to you what you want because that’s what you’re going to get.

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Paris ❤️

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(So I should just lie about everything?)

No, no, no… Nobody ever said that you should lie. You should fake your own energy and send out the vibes like you belong somewhere, that you’re always been in this environment. This is not done with arrogance or attitude.

You have to be yourself at all times, don’t lie about who you are or your past. The rich people want to get to know YOU, they don’t mind that you’re not from the same background as them. In fact, that might make you interesting or unique.

The point of this post is to get your insecurities and vibration right. So that you feel worthy breathing the same air as they do. Fake your vibe until it’s as solid as theirs, that’s the goal. Confidence can be faked at all times.

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So expose yourself to their environment as much as possible. Read and be educated around the topics they discuss. Experience things that they experience. Travel and start living like a jet-setter, you will see how your confidence will get stronger.

Confidence is just like layers. With every experience you add, a new layer of confidence gets created. And then after many layers, you’re just as strong as confident as any wealthy person out there. You won’t even think twice if you fit in somewhere or you don’t.

The thing to think about is where you put your focus.

If your focus is what you don’t have, what they have – then the gap is going to terrify you too much. If you focus on the other hand on something else, like your “faking till you make it” game, then you’ll get better results. Don’t be shy, be bold. Life doesn’t happen unless you go for it. Be a go-getter, and then, as a result, you’ll become a jet-setter.



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  1. Great article! the part about the secret millionaires is so true, I’m sometimes surprised by how discrete& down to earth a lot of them are. At the end of the day, they’re all humans, & had to start somewhere.

  2. Mary Gulivindala on

    I agree with all of the suggestions in this article. Do your homework, bring your A game and never lie. Be open and send out positive vibes. They are contagious.

    Many wealthy men like to educate and mentor.

    If one is authencally kind to the women, my experience is they are inviting to me.

    Don’t compare and despair. There will always be a hierarchy. YOUR POSITION IS IMPORTANT TOO.

    And it’s Okay if the Jetset life is not for you, it’s a lot of work, commitment and sometimes pressure.

  3. God! Some of the photos are just so classy and gorgeous! Like the Jacki Kennedy one and that russian lady in beige dress and hat.. So elegant! You have great taste to notice a great outfit, Ana! And now on the topic: “Visit the same restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, boutiques, neighborhoods, etc. and focus on feeling like you belong there.” Of course that if I have that kind of money, I would go exquisite places and vacations without the need for someone to tell me to do that. And I think anyone who has the money to go that kind of places, would feel they belong there if they have the money to be regular there. And no articles can change or not change that. 🙂 Rich people already go frequently those places without someone giving them the advice to do so.

    • As one of “the secret millionaires” in the world, it is not necessarily the case that the wealthy always feel comfortable in places they can afford. People have very different mindsets and some times there is a strong “anti-rich” sentiment, even among the wealthy. Upleveling mindset is incredibly valuable.

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