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DemiVika About Her Weight-loss & Transformation

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If you haven’t seen this amazing fitness JetsetBabe, you better visit her account! I’ve been following @demivika since the very beginning, and for me, she is a true inspiration when it comes to working out. Whenever I need some motivation to hit the gym, I visit her page and instantly feel like I want to do what she’s doing – because clearly, she’s cracked the formula to weight-loss success!

In one of her latest posts, she shared with her followers her journey towards the transformation she’s done, and how her pregnancy was what lead up to it! It’s inspiring to read because it’s common that women “let themselves go” during/after pregnancy, and never get back their pre-birth bodies. Demivika is an example how you can get in even better shape than you previously had been, if you just make that effort!

Since I speak fluent Russian, I will translate her text about her pregnancy that I found under this image.

Weight loss results from Demivika

“How I recovered from my pregnancy”

To start with, before my pregnancy, I was a girl with a good figure. I ate a lot and did not put on weight. Sports wise I was doing light exercise only in combination with some pole-dancing.

When I got pregnant, I never imagined it would be possible for me to gain so much weight! I had an easy pregnancy; my energy levels were very high! But I didn’t train or wasn’t keeping a diet – although I was moving around a lot being active. As a result, I gained 23 kg.

How DemiVika Got In Shape

So why didn’t I train or eat right during my pregnancy?

Because there was nobody to tell me or guide me towards healthy living. Instead, people were saying, “you must eat for two, it’s healthy for your baby.” So I did that and started putting on a lot of weight. Meanwhile, my loving husband was always supporting me, saying how beautiful I was.

When it was time to give birth, I was told in the hospital that I had to do a cesarean because my pelvis was too narrow. My son weighed 4,400 gram. Today I have a thin 10cm scar.

About the transformation of DemiVika

I will not describe my feelings after giving birth, but I will say that I would have rather given birth twice than to suffer internal pains after the anesthesia (I got epidural). The doctor said that this is because there was absolutely no fat in the abdominal area.

After I left the hospital, I was still 17kg overweight. I looked myself in the mirror, and I was horrified. I got postpartum depression. And although everything was great, I was crying all day long. My husband and my family were supporting me, but mentally I was in despair.

I’ve always been a perfectionist, but now my body terrified me: The scarring from the cesarian was very painful, my stomach was all wobbly, the skin was all loose and in terrible condition, plus the excess weight….


I’m not someone who will surrender when there is a difficulty. I don’t see problems being a problem, I see it as a task that needs to get resolved. So I pulled myself together and promised myself to be a hundred times in better shape than I had ever been before my pregnancy!

I started off by wearing this bandage around my waist that the doctor advised me to wear (without removing it). The longer I was going to wear it the better, as it’s for the muscles to contract faster and come back to its original shape.

How DemiVika Got In Shape

Thankfully during my pregnancy, I was moisturizing daily with all kinds of creams, both morning and evening. Thanks to them and good genetics, I did not get any stretch marks!

Since I had a cesarian, the doctor only allowed me to go back to training after three months. I took the opportunity to focus on my diet which helped me lose all the weight I had put on during the pregnancy. Breastfeeding contributed to the weight-loss too.

How DemiVika Got In Shape

This is how I changed my diet:

I stopped eating sweets. I ate everything either steamed or grilled, with a minimum amount of salt.

No sauces, spices, etc. I was eating mostly fish or meat that were not very greasy! But also seafood, loads of greens and vegetables, nuts (especially walnuts), complex carbohydrates (rice, buckwheat, porridge).

Fruit wise I was only eating green ones because anything red or yellow my son was showing allergy to.

Most importantly for the weight loss were my portion sizes. I stopped eating for two, and instead ate a maximum of 200 gram portion per meal (in total I was under 1500 kcal per day).

I drank a lot of water, teas and various smoothies.

Detoxing & Fasting Results

I was breastfeeding for a whole year, and I lost all the 17kg I had put on in just 3 months. Maybe because I was breastfeeding and running around all day looking after my son, I had no nannies or housekeepers back then.

After 3 months when my doctor allowed me to start exercising, I decided to develop a training plan for myself and really start working on my transformation.

I ran every morning. I got up at 6 am and ran in the park, while my husband would watch the baby before he had to go to work. During the day I would be taking long walks in the park with the stroller. In the evenings I would go to the gym. I first started training in the gym twice a week only, but with time it reached to 4-5 times.

To this day I train exclusively functional training and mostly with my own body weight. As an addition, I was doing ab exercises every day at home until my abs began to show (that took about 3 months).

Therefore, I always say: if there is a desire, you will always find time for it!

What was my motivation?

The most important for me has always been that I love myself when I look myself in the mirror. But I also believe that to have a peaceful life; it begins with self-love. My husband says: if the mother is happy, then everyone in the family will be happy – including the dog!

Love yourself girls and do not give yourself any offense to anyone, especially if you are overweight! A beautiful woman is first and foremost a woman who has peace in her soul and is in complete harmony with the world around her. Therefore, it is important to be fulfilled not only internally, but also externally!

How to succeed with your goals

I love motivation like this!

Demivika is proving a point that it’s entirely possible to look your best, even after pregnancy. It’s all about dedication and sticking to your plan. I know at times it’s easy to lose the motivation, especially when training and healthy eating can get dull. But if you’re disciplined and stay focused on your goal, you will be able to achieve this. Sometimes it’s how badly do you want something that has to be the fuel to keep you going.

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  1. She’s beautiful, her face reminds me of Zsa Zsa Gabor.
    Personally I believe that staying in shape is not only important for confidence but also to set a good example for the children.

  2. She has an amazing body! I wonder how tall she is. She doesn’t seem very tall, which is good. I am not very tall, 160 cm. Sometimes shorter girls who are fit can look kinda bulky. But she looks lean and slim. I think I will try some of her workouts to get ready for summer.

  3. WAIT! WAIT!!!! WAIT A MINUTE!!! You are FLUENT IN RUSSIAN??? Don`t tell! I remember you mentioning few years back that you take classes or want to or something like that. Same here but although I am watching russian tv programs about rich people and although I`ve learn it 7 years throuh the primery-school and for a year in the university and it`s similar to my language, I am not fluent at all even in the understanding part. I am so impressed you did it by yourself after all.. :)) Good for you! That jet-set scene really influenced you!

    • Sorry to disappoint but I didn’t get fluent in Russian since my studies 🙂 Basically I’ve spoken fluent Russian since birth (that’s the language my mother used to raise me). But I never knew how to read or write in Russian (plus some grammar mistakes) which made me take a university course and actually study Russian language properly.

  4. I have had my baby-girl 16 months back but I was my pre-baby weight hours after I got birth. And I have always gained weight easily so I always thought when I get pregnant I`ll be huge. But nthing like this. And I am 30 now, but had no fluffy stomach left or anything like that. And now I am working-out every day again.. Actually now I put much more effort to it than I have ever did, cause I want to set an example for her, I want to look good and youthfull when she is old enough to realize things and because I am more aware of how the time changes our bodies. Now I have to work much harder to maintain my body than when I had 20 years but that`s life. 🙂 We all go through that. Moms do let themselves go. When I see them in the park I notice that even those of them with great bodies go all covered up, with shapeless clothing and their hair tied-up. I guess it`s cause the fat mommies set the norm for all of them and because our society is very judgemental to women who want to keep their sexy after having child. Society judges us if we don`t look perfect but also if we are too sexy and it`s immediatelly assumed that if we are sexy and show it, we are bad moms. And all women put strenght in those believes because they are all talking how they never put a skirt or show a little cleavage or strong make-up when they have to go to school or something like it`s something to be shamed about.

    • Emm when i gave birth first thing was – i wantwd look sexy again to like myself in mirror and to my husbant 🙂

      Now yes ponytail and comfy clothes is must cause no tike for yourself if u have no help from side.

      Its hatd to find tike to have shower or wash and blowdry hair.
      No tike for make up and u think of comfort – flat shoes or sneakers + jeans + tshirt or sweater.

      Always after birth i put my favorite hanbags in dustbags till kida grow up 3+ y .

      Always buying wristlet or crossbody bags, second time i gave birth i got bavkpack – to be hands free.

      U choose comfort.

  5. Sorry for the multiple comments. Now I have read it all. I don`t know why but I find nothing motivating about her. She is not predisposed to get big. She just got big for a while because she gave birth. I get motivated by healthy recipie food pages and by the way my own body looks and feels when I am excersicing every day and eating healthy. Other people`s bodies are a different body shape than mine, other women have their rich husbands that provide them a lifestyle where they don`t have to do anything except taking care of themselves and spending money, other women have nanies, other women (women on the Instagram) do all types of expensive procedures that change their shape and everything.. So I don`t compare to them but I follow my own path. Besides with so much photoshop and filters I am not sure what to believe and can`t be sure what percentage of what I see is real so it doesn`t motivate me. I just get motivated by myself, as I said.

    • I agree. I also use my own body to get motivated. But I do love trying other people’s workouts. The thing I like about her Insta is that she has probably a really good trainer, and since she share’s her workouts on her insta, it is basically getting a free training, but without someone to motivate you. I tried one of her leg workouts last night and it was really good. But yes, I have finally realized that I can’t compare myself to others, because my body is built differently and may shape the wrong way if I do exactly what they do.

    • Of course! We can`t compare to those women. It`s quite obvious that the richer you are (a.k.a. – your husband is) the easier it is to get a perfect body. But not everybody has that luck. There are all type of procedures that burn 500-600 kcal. for only few minutes for example, while I have to kill myself at the gym to get that result! A very famous insta girl said she does “a brasilian butt procedure” whatever that means… But I can def. tell her butt is growing. And she combines that with different procedures that burn the fat in those zones she wants to burn it… I can`t allow to do those things so I am not gonna beat myself up cause I can`t get these things. I work with what I`ve got and try to not compare with those rich women although it`s really hard cause these photos all over the web change our perception we have in our heads of how a good body should look and it`s not possible to get it only with a lot of excercising and healthy eating no matter how much you try it. I have amazing genes and body type but now when you compare it to that artificial image thats trendy now, my body which would of looked perfect 20 years back now it`s just good, not amazing. The important thing is to love yourself for what you worth from the inside.

  6. Well i have had 2 babies.
    My weight was usually 46kg.
    After first baby when i gained 17kg i was back in my old weight after 2months and on thirsd i was 3kg under my pre pregnancy weight.

    After secind baby i tried not put so much weigh during pregnancy i was all time hungry, i ate small portions and tried say No to sweets and i gained only 13kg

    Both my babies were 4.300 and 4000g

    I gave birth naturally with epidural.

    What it take to get back to normal – breastfeeding, doing all without housekeeper – no help, unslept nights, running around home for baby, walking with stroller and yes i so bad always wanted get back to my old jeans that i always kept minimum food for first 1-2 months.. not say i disnt eat anything at all but almost nothing comoaring to what i used to. And wity 3d month started eat all

    Cutting calories i guess it was and spending more energy than eating.

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