Controlling men

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About Rich Men

Yesterday I had a reading with a very good psychic here in London.

She brought up the subject; wealthy men in power – because she could see my past experiences in this field. In her own words she warned me to avoid a man of this kind to settle with.

About Rich Men

“You’ll never find true happiness there…

These men often have their demons which haunt them because they don’t deal with them, instead they do destructive things like cheat, lie, be abusive, turn in to workaholics etc.

Most rich and successful men are controlling in one way or another. That’s how they became wealthy from the beginning because in their working lives it’s all about controlling businesses to generate money. This carries often on to their women too. 

Why do you think for example old rich guys tend to go for younger women? Because they are easier to control.

I’ve had so many wealthy men and their women as clients, and it’s always the same issues. Never have I seen a different story with these types of people. Just be aware. In the end you want to get a fulfilling life, but you have to understand that there comes a big prize when you go for a person of this kind. “

About Rich Men

I left the reading with many thoughts in my head.

First of all I felt what she said was carrying a valid point, yet I don’t think it’s applicable for everyone but only for the vast majority.

Secondly I wouldn’t want to settle with the wealthy power man she was describing. My taste in men leans more towards the spiritual/grounded types who are ambitious/successful but not necessary need to be rich.

About Rich Men

But the controlling aspect got me thinking quite a bit as I began to remember the men I’ve dated in the past. I added to it the guys my friends have been seeing and their personality traits and I think what the psychic said was holding a lot of truth.

Most of these men have been controlling in one way or another. Let it be by simply dominating the woman, controlling her through finances or being possessive/jealous. These are only different types of examples but the list can go on.

Curious to hear about my readers experiences with “the wealthy power man”. Do you agree what the psychic was saying? Have you found a trend in them to be controlling? If yes, please share your thoughts.

About Rich Men


About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. To be totally honest, I agree 100% with what your psychic told you. I used to date an Australian wealthy man a long while ago. And yes there is a big prize to pay. I learn very quickly that it is better for me to make my own money rather than having a man controlling me. However, to each their own: if a woman wants to become a trophy wife with a very rich man,go for it, girl! She will have to pay a price for it though.

  2. Well I can tell you! My husband is rich and Working on top of 2500 people. He has absolutely nothing to do with what your psychic says

  3. From what I’ve experienced, very wealthy men are usually either nice but cold and detached workaholics, or just outright disrespectful with chauvinistic tendencies. I can’t say all rich men are like this, but you are very right about how they get their money- they must be ruthless, selfish and ambitious to get there in the first place. As for those who have inherited wealth, I find them to be more self-destructive actually because they just want to be normal but obviously aren’t so they have personal issues.

  4. Men and women are both controlling to keep up with the Joneses, only it depends on the character of the person, how they perceive this controlling spirit.

    Men mostly focus on making the money and women on looking pretty, future trophywife. This is the JetSet-scene and it’s artificial, but reality.

    For instance, most of these men are high achievers and therefore successful. A lady, especially ‘armcandy’, has her own goals like staying fit and beautiful. That’s just how it works. You hardly see a rich man (young or old) with a fat (young) lady, low on energy etc.

    I believe there are exceptions, and most of these couples are old money and keep their lives private (no instagram and such). Just my thoughts………

  5. In my household it was different. My mom married my dad who was 14 years older and was a lot wealthier. My dad is a workaholic so he doesn’t travel with us much but he always tells us to leave with out him and have fun. He also has never used money as a way to control my mom. My wealthy uncle also married a younger women but from what I can see he isn’t controlling either. Although the downside to my dad is that he feels that we should do everything for him because he give us money. The desire for special treatment seems to be a common feeling among wealthy men and women.

  6. I am currently dating a wealthy man who is quite older than me, and I must say, he is everything but controlling! In fact, this is the best relationship I’ve ever had in my life. He is so thoughtful and nice, and he uses his money only to make me happy and appriciated, he never wanted to impress me or control me with it. Acctually, when I met him I didn’t know he had that much money. So I disagree with your psychic’s opinion, because fortunately, it didn’t apply to me. I think a man must be mentally stable and very confident, and has to know to win you over with many other things but money, and in that case he wouldn’t have the need to be a controlling freak. 🙂

  7. I think, controlling and all sorts of negativity is more of a problem if the girl is a sugarbaby, has escort background or initially the relationship started otherwise from a financial arrangement (or the man has felt like that the motivation for the relationship from a woman’s side is partly money)

    I think, most balanced and long-lasting relationships are those where two people love each other and have respect for each other. Unfortunately, some men may not have respect for a woman and this would mean that in some way these people are equal and on parity with each other. Dynamics in sugarbaby-sugardaddy relationships can be complicated, because rich men do not necessarily have respect for the nice looking arm andy they are sharing their wealth with. Well, naturally people can still get out of these relationships what they want (money for women and a trophy wife/armcandy for a man), but I think there would be in general more negative aspects to it. In this sort of setting a woman becomes easily treated as an object and a purchased service provider.

  8. It depends on the individual.
    I have met very successful men who were loud and domineering in their jobs but submissive and quiet at home.
    So it depends

  9. wow you paid a psychic to tell you ”rich men use money to control women” snapping at Freuds’ heels there.
    there is almost as much variety between rich men as there is between english men or blonde men or tall men. also some men are self made, some are born into it, some even marry into it!

    i say almost as much because its fair to say there are certain traits one might generally observe but this ”psychic” sounds like she has read one too many mills and boon novels.

  10. I have been dating alot of weatlhy men, and None og them have cheated on me. You can chose a poor Guy and dont know if YOU have food next day, or YOU can be independent and Get yourself a j o b!!!
    And ofcourse no weatlhy man want a goldigger! They just want love and someone to come home to who wait for them after a long hardworking day…. If YOU dont like IT, dont date them!!

  11. I have lived a life of experiencing relationships with many exciting and wealthy men! The one thing that most men desire is a pure and virginal woman ! Women are so stupid when it comes to giving themselves to so many men .Women who love themselves enough to save themselves for the right man is eventually put on a pedestal!!!!!!!It has been that way for centuries!!!!!

  12. I guess I got lucky with love. My fiancé is a very wealthy heir. I’m from a private but not excessively wealthy school in Asia while he’s from Eton. He never looked at me lowly and instead encourage me to grow on my own. 5 years and counting 😊

  13. The reality of a man controlling you is very real, if you mean something to him and if you have a high abbility on attracting other males. It s not a bad thing unless it comes from a place of insecurity.

  14. Oh yes. I was about to marry a wealthy man 5 years ago and after this trauma relation, I was like “I wanna marry a poor man”!!! He directly said to my mother..yes, to my mother “I love her but she talks too much. I will offer her all diamonds but she must be quieter”. By talking too much, he meant that we had various conversations during which I was pointing his incoherences in his lifestyle and his way of thinking, and I felt most of the times I had such big arguments when he hadn’t…I was not intending to provoke him just to get things clear (I knew at the same time that I was not that diplomatic and sweet and I learnt a lot about me from this…) So he literally ignored me during 3 weeks “for me to think about all this stuff”. And during these 3 weeks of total ignorance, I realized that he was “punishing” me, doing an act of “lowering” myself down…I suffocated in my side and I decided to break. This is when he started to run after me!!! Total disrespect towards my person and my sensibility so it was a no way…

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