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Confident Body Language While Still Being Elegant

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Confidence is one of the leading ingredients to becoming a successful JetsetBabe. When I say successful, I’m referring to someone who manages to get into the elite circles, get what she wants and reaches her goals. Far too many women get their foot in, but never get further than just circulating in that environment. They never reap the many benefits that this world has to offer.

In my JetsetSchool, I will teach you exactly what’s the formula to be a successful JetsetBabe. Today, however, I want to touch on the topic of confidence and body language.

Confident & Elegant Body Language for Women

There are two sides of the coin that must get acknowledged.

  1. The traditional “classy woman” traits that make a woman feminine but quite submissive
  2. The aggressive go-getter women, who are overly confident but on the contrary don’t come across as very elegant or classy.

The formula that we’re after is to mix these two, because then you get the perfect blend of Classy & Confident.

So how can you be a confident woman while still looking elegant – without scaring others off?

Confident & Elegant Body Language for Women

You can’t ignore the necessity of confidence.

To get what you want in life and to position yourself in the way you desire others to see you – you need confidence for that.

Confidence is what will get you noticed, is what will give you credibility, it’s what will provide you with status. But, if you’re overly confident, you’ll end up as a dominant and aggressive woman that pushes people away.

It’s there for important to add X amount of confidence and always mixed it out with X amount of femininity. This subtle confidence is what classy women get just right!

I will give you some ideas how you can adopt this.

Confident & Elegant Body Language for Women

Smile, but don’t overdo it

Being positive is a sign of good manners and politeness. Classy women don’t have a frown on their face. It’s rude, and it won’t bring anything good into your life (think of this especially if you practice Law of Attraction).

Smiling can be a powerful tool for becoming likable and for attracting the opposite sex. But if you overdo it, it might signal insecurity and instead become a credibility robber. You won’t appear confident, and it will also lower your status as a high-end woman.

Be a happy person, smile and enjoy life – just be aware that in certain social situations, it might not work to your benefit if you’re too much of a smiley face.

Confident & Elegant Body Language for Women

Strong voice, without being loud

People who are not confident speakers should all do elocution training. The way we speak is a big part of our body language and the impression we leave on people. Sometimes it’s not really what we say, but how we say things.

Your tone of voice is what showcases your confidence. Insecure people often have a weaker pitch, or it’s irregular, while confident people speak strongly and clearly.

It’s important to have a strong voice, but it doesn’t mean it has to be loud. Once loudness comes in to play, that’s when we get those aggressive and dominants traits we don’t want to have as classy women.

We want to remain feminine, perhaps having that soft and sweet voice. But such voice can still be presented in a strong and confident way without losing the feminine, seductive trait.

You need to work on speaking up, talk clearly and be assertive when you send your communication across. Mix that together with a pleasant tone and moderate volume, and you will get it just right!

Confident & Elegant Body Language for Women

Be calm & contained

Since women are emotional creatures by nature, it’s easy for us to become overly expressive when we are emotional. While that may come across as passionate, it might easily overwhelm our audience, especially if it’s directed to men.

To maximize your authority, you should always think of taking a deep breath and not get carried away in emotions. Your focus should be on appearing calm and contained, as that signals power yet is a very elegant trait to possess.

Classy women always have contained body movements and are never the ones who are “all over the place.” If you’re someone who’s struggling with this, you need to become aware of situations when you get emotional and carried away. Collect your “energies” and just take a step back until you feel capable of handling the situation more calmly.

Confident & Elegant Body Language for Women

Cultivate a steady handshake

Have you ever shaken hands with someone and it was so weak, it made you think twice about that person? Sadly, weak handshakes are everywhere, for both men and women, and it’s something that immediately gives away the high or low levels of confidence in a person.

Cultivating a steady handshake doesn’t require the woman to shake hands like a strong man. But, it needs to be firm enough to send off the signal of confidence and status.

Confident & Elegant Body Language for Women

Physically, make yourself bigger

People with low levels of confidence, tend to make themselves smaller without even noticing. They pull in their bodies, minimize their size, instead, they should be opening up and take up some space.

This is why it’s important to analyse the way you carry yourself.
Many do the common mistake by overdoing it and adopting a masculine body language when they try to look more confident. It will indeed make you look confident and powerful, but it will also reduce your femininity which goes against the result we’re after!

Instead do this, to achieve confident and elegant body language:

  • Open up the chest, make the neck long and stand tall. This will give away an assertive yet elegant energy.
  • Confidence in having eye contact is very important; you don’t want to be someone shy who fears to look around in the room.
  • Use those calm and contained body movements in combination with this. It will add the elegance to you while the way you carry yourself, will add the power and confidence.
Confident & Elegant Body Language for Women

Be selective with your nodding and head tilts

It’s a female gesture to be nodding or tilting your head when you’re listening to someone talking. We do it because we want to show that we’re listening, agreeing, encouraging someone to speak, or just simply we want to come across as friendly and make the person to like us.

Doing it, however, can make a person easily look like a pushover and you send off submission signals.

If you want to project power (class) and authority (credibility) you should minimize this gesture and keep your head more straight up and neutral. This position will always look more elegant, as anything overly expressive reduces the classiness.

Confident & Elegant Body Language for Women

This topic is fascinating and is a must to master for anyone who wants to become more confident or reduce their aggressive/dominant traits.

None of us are born perfect, and there is always room for improvement in all of us. If you feel that you haven’t acted in your most classy self, it’s never too late to start making a change! Anyone can upgrade their lives and transform themselves into a woman of high-class, you just need the right tools and knowledge for that!

In my course, I will be teaching you all the important traits you should adopt if you want to position yourself well and claim your authority as a JetsetBabe. Join my community of likeminded women who are on a mission of transformation!


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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.

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  1. When I was younger my confidence depended on how I was dressed. If I wasn’t dolled up you would notice an immediate change in my behavior (hiding, frowning, fast paced walking). Another point that resonated was the “smilng but not overdoing it”. There are too many times I could count of moments I’ve been surrounded around girls who had very strong personalities and I always remembered smiling like a chesscat to keep them neutral. It became mandatory that I stop myself from displaying this false sense of niceness which only led to years of bullying and lack of respect from my peers.
    Now that I respect myself confidence became water under the bridge!

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