17 Reasons Why You Must Own A Turtleneck

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Do you want to look classy in less than 1 minute? Put on a turtleneck!

Someone asked me recently what I consider to be the 5 must-have pieces in a classy wardrobe – the turtleneck is a given top 1. It’s one amazing piece of clothing that is very basic and standard, but it signals high class when you wear it!

But let me try and convince you with 17 more reasons why you must own – and wear one!

Classy Turtlenecks


1. Turtlenecks can be bought in highstreet shops (like the one in this picture / ZARA) because most of the time they will look expensive.


Classy Turtlenecks


2. They are warming for fall and winter weather!


Classy Turtlenecks


3. They don’t belong to a particular style, you can wear them with anything!


Classy Turtlenecks


4. They are perfect to wear on daytime outings…


Classy Turtlenecks


5. …or even at night!


Classy Turtlenecks


6. If you have matching pants, you can even make it your “casual cozy clothes”.


Classy Turtlenecks


7. Colour matching with your camel coat just signals luxury…


Classy Turtlenecks


8. They are perfect on days when you want to be comfortable and cozy, yet looked kind of dressed up.


Classy Turtlenecks


9. On “in between day” (when it’s sunny but still cold) they are perfect heaters without being bulky.


Classy Turtlenecks


10. The black turtleneck will make anyone look intellectual and smart. A must have if you work in the arts scene…


Classy Turtlenecks


11. Perhaps the turtleneck is the best to-go item on casual days when you want to look representable, even if combining with a pair of jeans!


Classy Turtlenecks


12. It will protect your throat from catching a cold. Great on those days you don’t want to wear a scarf!


Classy Turtleneck Sweaters


13. If you have large breasts, the turtleneck will certainly tone them down and bring out a more “serious” impression of you.


Classy Turtleneck Sweaters


14. Turtlenecks can be figure fitted, slightly larger and oversized, yet look equally chic!


Classy Turtleneck Sweaters


15. You get away more with wearing a short skirt with a turtleneck, than you would wearing a short skirt with a normal top. It just looks less provocative, and may work very well if you style it correctly.


Classy Turtleneck Sweaters


16. If you go skiing, make sure to pack at least one turtleneck. It just goes so well with the whole mountain look.


Classy Turtleneck Sweaters


17. Whenever you want people to take you more serious, wether it be on a job interview, at work, going out networking – a turtleneck will help you leave a professional impression on people. They just always work and you can always count on them!

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  1. Dear Anna, thank you for this post! I absolutely love turtlenecks!

    I have an office job and turtlenecks and buttoned-up cardigans are my top Monday-to-Friday garments. Also, I think turtlenecks made of thinner material can be a very good undergarment as well, if you have a dress which can be worn as an everyday garment, but it is slightly over-revealing on the top. I think that monochrome outfit like that paired with flats or ankle boots can be very classy.

    I am very happy that you are back. Lots of love! 🙂

  2. Hi Anna, love your posts! Turtlenecks are such a timeless classic. Where would you recommend that I find a nice fitted turtleneck?
    Thanks 😊

    • Hi darling! Thank you so much! There are so many turtlenecks in cashmere around, all kinds of brands. Search on shopstyle app and you will find plenty. Luckily, there is still a lot of sale going on! 🙂

  3. Hello Anna! Thank you for your post ! What do you think of a body with a turtle neck and long sleeves ? I am starting to see those everywhere, so I was wondering if it was classy and elegant…
    Thank you 🙂

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