Classy Must Have Pieces Part 2

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Part 2 of Classy Must Have Pieces continues! If you’ve missed the first part, you can find it here. There will be a third part too, so don’t miss!

We continue…

Designer Handbag

It’s difficult to feel like a true JetsetBabe when you don’t own a designer handbag. For women, handbags are status symbols and what groups the luxurious women together.

I personally don’t think that it’s a must to have a designer handbag, but I do feel it’s important to have a high-quality leather bag. Basically, to appear like a classy lady you can’t have a basic bag from a high street shop, you need something that adds some luxury to your outfit. That’s the job of the handbag to do, so see this as your biggest investment.

Classy Clothes Inspiration

The Little Black Dress

It may be the most common standard piece of clothing in most women’s wardrobes, but it’s also an important figure in the classy woman’s clothing repertoire. While the LBD can come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, I would strongly recommend getting one that finishes below the knees (pencil version). It’s classier and elegant, and will work for any occasion!

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Pencil skirt

A classy woman must have at least one pencil skirt, if not more and preferably in all kinds of different colors! Skirts are great to have many of, as you can style them endlessly with different tops and color variations. So handy when you want to make the most out of all your basic items! Pencil skirts are great because they are classy yet sexy and can work both for work and evening, all depending on how you style it!

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Beach Tunic or Kaftan

A classy woman should wear appropriate clothing on the beach. You can get away by wearing “normal clothes” when you want to cover yourself up, but that’s not what true JetsetBabes are about. Getting a long tunic or kaftan for the beach is perfect when you want to be covered up yet look like a classy goddess.

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Long sleeved dress

If you want to look as classy as Jackie-O, you should consider investing in a long-sleeved dress. Very simple design to a dress, but it makes it look extremely elegant without having to add too much styling to it. I like them in black, red, pastels, or natural colors. Think classic without any patterns or added details; less is more!

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Sleveless Dress (like in this picture)

I don’t know how this type of dress is called, but it’s a common model fashion designer Alaïa makes. A sleeveless dress without any decolletage. White is a winning color, but can work as well in any other classy color! The most important when shopping for a dress of this kind is to get a heavier/thicker material. Rayon or viscose blends are often quite nice and gives a luxurious look.

Classy Clothes Inspiration


A black blazer is a must in anyone’s wardrobe, but consider getting a blazer in other colors too! Navy, white, brown, red, etc. – all work very well, and you can spice up many outfits this way! The blazer is perfect for when you want to look classy because it makes anyone look smarter. If you feel too hot wearing it, you can also hang it on your shoulders which has become a very fashionable thing to do when you want to look fashionable.

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Black Jumpsuit

It’s easy to forget the existence of the jumpsuit, but let me be the person who will remind you. I spoke in the previous post about how important the trouser is in the classy wardrobe, but jumpsuits carry the same level of chicness, if not more! They are great for evening attire, as it feels more dressy wearing a nice jumpsuit than just putting on a simple pair of trousers. Black is a given color, but I’ve also seen many gorgeous white or red ones.

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Anything silk

In the previous post, I’ve mentioned how the silk blouse is a must for classy women to own. But I do want to add the importance of having silk as a common material in your wardrobe. It’s probably the most classy material out there (same goes for cashmere), because it’s delicate and expensive and signals elegance. Blouses, shirts, tops, camisoles, and dresses are perfect to wear in silk. The downside is that it gets easily ruined, wrinkled and must be dry-cleaned, but so worth it because it raises the value of any outfit when worn!

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Wrap dress

Diane von Furstenberg was the one who gave the wrap dress a name, but did you know it’s an amazing piece of item to have in a classy wardrobe? For women who struggle to be feminine, should definitely invest in a wrap dress! It’s also a perfect piece for any body shape as it’s flattering and covering and works for anyone!

Classy Clothes Inspiration

If you enjoyed this post, make sure not to miss the rest of these series (next one coming in a few days). If you want to learn more about how to dress classy and how to transform yourself to become an elegant woman, don’t miss out to read my ebook “How To Be Classy”. It’s a step-by-step manual on polishing yourself and upgrading your life to the next, classier level. Don’t miss!



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  1. The wrap dress is very flattering on every body type! Diane Von Furstenberg actually designed it during her Studio 54 days to easily open it to have sex at the disco and then wrap it again to keep partying haha

    • Goood! That is so incredibly gross and disgusting – those 54 studio days when there were cum all over the walls and they were all full of STD. So disgusting to live a life where the center of it is to get drunk, be drugged, fuck all night like a horny animal with strangers and that get back at the dance floor like nothing happened. These people were the the scum of the human race.

  2. Love it.

    Where can you get the kaftans from?

    It would be really good if you could put examples of where to buy.

    For example blazer high end Chanel or Balmain

    Affordable good quality options… whatever this is

    Same with handbags if you can afford it and what designers are good as I’m sure most people that read this would want the designer or second best options where to get them from…

    Thanks so much for your content though it’s very inspiring.


  3. italian_glam on

    Hi gorgeous,

    Im back from Singapore, It was a really nice trip.. I will let you know about the story

    I do think all these items are must-have, I would also add a nice watch (which brand do you prefer : Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet …?), and also some must-have shoes like pumps, high-heeled sandals, wedges for summer..
    I also think good quality jeans are a must have !

    Take care sweety

  4. I want to purchase a caftan for the summer to wear to the beach. You can also get a good quality designer bag from a resale site online. You can add a little luxury to your look for a fraction of the cost.

  5. Hi Anna

    I love this website. I am a curvy girl and short. I love those styles but sometimes it fits different and looks different on me. Whats ur advice for curvy girls who want to be jetsetbabes ?


    • You don’t *have to* be a curvy girl, you know?
      If that’s what you prefer, great, but if you don’t – there are obviously many ways to change your figure. Much love xx

  6. Hi Anna! I just started following your journal and I love your blog! Your comments in response to the feminist interview was classy and on point.

    You said in one of your videos that you used to buy pre-owned clothes in order to get high-quality items on a budget. Could you please advice me on which brands to look for or any other affordable brand alternatives?

  7. I’d be very interested in hearing what you think about using duplicate or “dupes” of famous designer handbags. I don’t see any thing wrong with it if it doesn’t have the logo on it. Most people don’t know what it is anyway.

  8. I’m so glad you suggested “wrap-style” dresses, which are so flattering for hourglass- figured ladies, like me!

  9. Hi Anna
    A nice selection of must haves. I just don’t get it about the jumpsuit. I hate being out and having to strip off to use the bathroom, or horror!! my jumpsuit going on the floor. It’s just not practical for visits to the toilet, I stick with good trousers and a top!!

  10. Hi Anna,

    I’m new to your influence and am enjoying your work here. I have a question. What is your opinion about trading navy for black. Black just seems to bring my coloring down.

    Thank you,

  11. Hi Anna, I have watched so many of your YouTube videos and enjoyed them all! I’ve always had a conservative fashion sense. Since I learned to sew many years ago, I can spot inferior quality easily. So, I know labels don’t matter per se. However, it is rather difficult to find high or even good quality pieces these days without spending a lot. I am especially interested in what brand(s) of knitwear you recommend. I’d love to have a couple of good lightweight cashmere sweaters, but have sent so many that I’ve ordered back because they were obviously not high quality. Help please! Thank you for all you do to make the world a bit more elegant.

  12. Hi Anna! I just started following you and subscribed to your Youtube and Instagram. I love your blog! Your comments and knowledge to the subject.

    I am single no kids and never been married at the age of 58 years.
    Honestly, I have the same mind set like yours when it comes to being elegant finer things and finding the love.
    The only difference of course was I never acted on it as I don’t believe I can do it. I have a bit to tomboyish style.
    I would really like to start taking care of myself in this lifestyle that you are offering and hoping for the best.
    But, first I have to sign up at your school of affluence.
    Thank you

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