Classy Must Have Pieces Part 3

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We continue with my series “Classy Must Have Pieces.” If you have missed the previous ones, you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Today I will add more items to the list of classy must-haves to have in your wardrobe if you want to dress like an elegant JetsetBabe.


Old money fashion often involves pastels, and I understand why. It’s a subtle and classy color that works on most skin tones and hair colors. It’s also the number one fashion trend when spring starts, as year after year the fashion houses produce apparel in lovely pastels as it carries a summery feel. It makes pastels timeless fashion that works year after year – well worth investing your money in!

To describe what pastels are, think of it as a neutral shade of its original color. So we’re talking baby blue (instead of blue), soft pink (instead of bright pink), mauve (instead of purple) and pale yellow (instead of yellow).

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Black Coat

The one and only coat that must be in every chic woman’s wardrobe = the black coat. If you don’t have much money and you have to get something classy (and you live in a cold climate), the black coat will save your fashion life! It’s important to have a coat for when you go out at night, as with dressy outfits and cute dresses you can’t wear a normal jacket – a coat is mandatory for these occasions if you want to look classy!

But the beauty with black coats is that you can get a versatile one, one that is dressy enough for the evening, but still casual to be worn during the day with your usual jeans or other comfortable clothes. Luckily these days, Zara does excellent coats for about 100$ if your budget is tight!

Classy Clothes Inspiration

White / Light coloured Coat

A black coat is a must, but a white coat is the “advanced JetsetBabe fashion.” This one is for you who wants to take up your look a notch and really look high-end. It’s much harder to maintain a white or light colored coat, so you need to be careful or afford regular trips to the dry-cleaning. The beauty though is that is exactly what will give you that classy, sophisticated look without you having to do much! Also, white/light colors are very flattering if you’re age conscious because they are not as aging as black, and will make you look younger.

A white/light coat is necessary if you want to do the “all-white” trick where you look expensive just by dressing yourself all in white/light colors (just like I’ve written about in this post)!

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Black Sunglasses

How can you be as classy as Jackie-O without owning a nice pair of black shades? It’s such a must-have piece for sunny days, preferably all-black, sophisticated and maybe a bit oversized black sunglasses. You wear them together with your classy outfit, and it will look like you’re hiding from the paparazzi on the way to your jet.

No, but seriously. Black sunglasses are so classy and timeless, it worked in the 50’s, and it still works in 2018. Invest in a designer one, they cost around 250$, but even if you get a knock-off, it’s not the end of the world. The JetsetBabe in this photo is wearing a pair of Gucci I think, they do some amazing sunglasses and I own a pair myself!

Classy Clothes Inspiration


It wasn’t long ago that I made a separate post about the turtleneck, and of course, I had to include it on my list once again! Unless you’re living in a country where it’s too hot for turtlenecks, I would be wise and invest in several ones in multiple colors! White, black, beige, pastel, grey or similar! The good news is that you can get turtlenecks anywhere, even in high street shops for 20$ and they will look expensive!

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Pumps with closed toe

Every woman MUST own a pair of black or neutral colored pumps (nude/brown depending on your skin tone). Almost all my heels are either black or nude, and it’s very easy to match with clothes plus they are subtle and classy. I also like it when the shoe has a patent finish, so it looks more interesting and is less easy to scratch or get dirty.

I recommend everyone to invest in a pair of pumps because they are versatile and work with many outfits. It’s good for colder climates too, to go out with, because sandals/open toe is only worn during summer months. Pumps can be worn with casual clothes, for business, with skirts or dresses at night. The only time you cannot wear pumps is if you wear a long evening gown, then you must wear sandals or open toe.

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Light Blue Shirt

In part one of this series, I wrote about the white shirt, in this post I want to mention the light blue shirt. It’s such a common garment to wear during the summer months, that its popularity has made it a classic must-have item! Like you see in the picture, worn with a pair of white trousers (or jeans). It’s an effortless way of looking classy on casual days (when worn without heels), or you could add a nice pair of heels to it, and you would have a perfect look for an elegant lunch or brunch.

Looking classy is easy if you have the necessary standard pieces. Invest your money in simple things like white and black trousers, white and blue shirt, etc., because you can mix and match and create many sophisticated looks out of simple pieces.

Classy Clothes Inspiration

Pencil dress

If you’re a frequent follower of my blog and social media content, you must have heard me X amount of times promoting the pencil dress. I will do it once again because it’s the best way for a woman to combine classy and sexy without looking vulgar! This dress below is a great example how you can look sexy without having your breasts or butt out, while still making the men turn their heads as you walk by!

It’s effortless fashion, but that carries a lot of femininity and classiness. You have pencil dresses that have decollté and give you plenty of cleavage, but I would try to move away from them and instead find classier models that have a bit more coverage on the chest.

Natural colours

If I promote pastels, white and black colors – I also need to give a big shout out to all the natural colors. With those, I’m referring to the colors that are more inclined to nature and are quite neutral. I’m talking about beige, brown, taupe, ivory and grey.

Wearing these colors in more high-quality materials like wool, cashmere, linen, silk, etc., will make the clothes look very expensive and elegant. It’s very old money feel to this look, and these are colors that work all year round! My favorite is to combine beige with ivory or grey with white. There is plenty of room to play around, but the beauty is that you will look classy and sophisticated just by sticking to these neutral colors.


You don’t need to be invited to a ball to wear a clutch. I think everyone must own a small bag for formal occasions, as bringing your bulkier designer bag for party events can feel a bit out of place. You should get either a black or a beige/neutral clutch to be able to wear them with most outfits.

Below is a great example when the clutch would be handy. As you can see, she is wearing a gorgeous red jumpsuit. It’s kind of difficult to add a bag to this outfit to make it match, and you don’t want to do an overkill by adding a red bag to this ensemble! A Chanel flap bag here on her shoulder would look kind of ridiculous, so a neutral clutch does the job delicately placed in her hand.

I think one should never think that the clutch is only useful for party events, and instead take it along even at dinners when it sometimes can be difficult to have a good place placing your handbag. The clutch you can easily tuck in next to/behind you on your chair and problem of placing your bag will be solved!

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