Thursday, February 20

Chanel Brooch

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Chanel brooch is on every Jetset Babe this season!

A friend of mine recommended me this trend, as it’s an easy way to spice up any outfit (and make any low-cost items look more expensive). Put the Chanel brooch on any tweed jacket out there, and it will instantly look like a Chanel jacket.

To buy in store, the Chanel brooch is not crazy expensive in comparison to their other items. You can get a nice one between 300-500£.

Another option if you want to score it cheaper is to buy one in designer second hand shops.  Check also out Vestiaire collection, ebay etc. Too bad Chanel never have sale’s, otherwise I would tell you to wait for after Xmas.

The good thing is that the brooch is a good investment as it will last you for decades! (Meaning buying one used is not really the end of the world either as wear and tear does not really show much…)

Chanel Brooch

Chanel Brooch

Chanel Brooch



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  1. Chanel has sales but never on brooches and bags. Normally it’s shoes and clothes( not timeless) even you can find some jackets which are not bad. But in general it’s everything what will be a bit out of fashion next season. And of course first day of sales everything is sold out before lunch time

  2. Is there any good preowned brand online stores like vestiaire collection and ebay? One vestiaire too high prices comparing to ebay and if i consider sell my own stuff on vestiaire they take 25%+ from sales it a lot comparing to Ebays 10% maybe that explains prices higher for items than on ebay.
    On ebay is mess and not so easy to find brand clothes like on vestiaire.. Wonder if there are some more sites like this?

  3. Jetsetter UAE on

    I generally, do not prefer to have logos or brand marks in my clothing or accessories (even though I typically use only brand items). Chanel is a very expensive brand, but I think logos make clothing just tacky and make it look like that the “person is trying too hard”. If clothes and accessories are high quality, you know how to dress and present yourself, then I think it is not really any necessary to cover yourself with logos.

  4. ebay only sells real chanel brooches and prices like in stores- 300£ up.
    unless I need to search for smthn else in search bar? where do I find a chanel looking brooch not more than 20£?

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