Why Cannes Film Festival Is Not Worth It

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Cannes Film Festival has just started for this year! It’s a popular 10-day event for people in the film industry. It attracts celebrities, models and the nouveau riche type of jet-setters. If you’re out to party and mingle with this crowd, the film festival might be just for you! But I’m personally not a big fan of this event…

I’ve been to the Cannes film festival and thought it was a fun experience to “have seen once,” but not something I would waste my money or energy on in the future to re-live again. The reasons for that are many:


The true story of Cannes film festival


1. You do find a lot of “high-rollers” there, but not necessarily the most elegant ones or the ones with the best intentions.

2. It’s all about the party and superficial networking; if you’re there to meet your future husband, you’re in the wrong place.

3. The competitive vibe is high! You have thousands of women pilgriming to Cannes Film Festival hoping to score gold. Don’t be surprised if you’re one of those “who don’t make it,” because you need to be a hardcore advanced JetsetBabe to succeed (or just be incredibly lucky!)



4. The weather is extremely unreliable. Many times Cannes is cold and wet during this time of the year, which ruins a lot of the experience. But you can be lucky if the weather gods are on your side!

5. If you think that you’re going to go there and get into all the best events without any connections – you’re in La La land… Some are lucky that they manage, but it’s more of an exception than a rule.

The prices per ticket are insane, just take a look at the price list below. Many rich people do think twice before spending such amounts on someone they’ve just met, so don’t expect it to be easy to be someone’s “plus-one”. Plus, pre-booking is always required and unless you know the organizers, getting in last minute can be tricky to the most exclusive events.

Cannes Film Festival Price List

6. Cannes film festival can be a fun trip if you go there with someone who organizes everything (like a man who is also going to pay for it all). Trying to get into places, make reservations, etc. is a headache under such a popular event.

7. Do you know how expensive Cannes is during this time? All hotels, Airbnb gets sold out 6 months before (minimum) and the prices for everything is sky-high.


Cannes Film Festival



8. You might be able to get away more affordably and more fun if you go there well-prepared and with connections. Networking before Cannes is a must if you want to be relaxed about the trip that you have people to meet and invitations lined up.

9. Be prepared that a lot of the men you will meet during this festival will be mostly “for fun only.”



10. Be prepared that the festival turns in to a haven for escorts as this is one of the weeks where they can make some insane amounts of money. Make sure you don’t dress/look/act like one, as it’s easy to get mistaken for one during the festival unless your classy game is polished to perfection.

11. If you think it’s going to sound good when you tell people you’re going to Cannes Film Festival, I would say it depends who you’re telling this too. Sophisticated and elegant people don’t get impressed at all by this event, and some men will get the impression that you’re not a serious girl (instead, a party girl or golddigger). So think twice who you share this with.



12. If you actually do get into some of the cool private events, you’d be surprised how stiff and cold the environment can be. People are not the friendliest; nobody will bother trying to get to know you unless you have some form of status or they want something from you. It’s all about what you can offer them and never about who you are. People are too stuck up to waste time on nobodies, so if you’re the light-hearted, you’ll feel like an outsider.

The only exception will be if you manage to befriend someone who is totally wasted and turns “nice” only because of the alcohol or drugs they’re on.



But, if you don’t care about all this and just want to do it for the experience, I would say go for it!

As I said, I’ve been there, and I’m happy I got to experience it. I had loads of fun, but I feel it was very overrated! Some might think that Cannes is the perfect place to go to score a rich man or make connections that will take you somewhere in life, I strongly disagree. Maybe, you can find all that there. But, there are so many better places and events where you can do all this, that might land you better quality connections and feel more rewarding.

To those who are going this year, I don’t want to discourage you! Just be prepared and try to make the most of it!


Cannes Film Festival


Cannes & Monaco 2014



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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit SchoolOfAffluence.com for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. What are some events or places that you would recommend to make better connections instead of Cannes?

    • I would say just travel in general and stay/hang out in 5 star hotels, luxury bars/restaurants world-wide. You will have less competition, it might be cheaper and a more organic way of connecting with someone, rather than doing hardcore hunting during the film festival. Just my own experience and preference.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Cannes is a money making spot that caters to the super rich. Young girls in heels looking for a “rich man” will be laughed at and probably turned down by the gate. Be smart, go to events in your locale, become known there. Go to events for your career and stop making your every move known. These events become too saturated eventually.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience! It totally opened my eyes about Cannes… Can you do an article about events or places that you would recommend to make better connections, please?

    Cool blog! Keep going 🙂

  4. Hello Anna,

    I thought I was the only one thinking so about Cannes.
    Last year I went through Marché du Film during the day and cocktails, then at night every top party through invitation.
    Even so, it was stressful staying in G.Hyatt Martínez for 10 days, where all the celebs and L ´oreal teams and showrooms etc…
    I met people in film industry for my network on future projects, but as you told, people is in a rush to buy or sell, or just get what they want. Everybody wants the most of it, wich become a too high and frenetic mood of business/party 24 hours.
    And yes, for the first time, I´ve never seen so many escorts in my life.
    Fortunately they weren´t allowed in Hyatt Martínez, specially at night, wich was a plus to be relaX and joying friends for a drink, even playing piano and singing some nights (quite great memories)

    I really did pretty well with all outfits etc every day, though poor sleep and yes quite stressful to organize perfectly timing with events, private cars etc… you need help to get to top events.

    Is it eXclusive or selected about people?… just staying on top two best hotels, Eden Roc and Hyatt Martínez, with premiere tickets and events confirmed.

    About finding your husband… it looks much more for fun, the women market is massive, brand replicas are everywhere, definitely authentic jet people are somewhere else ;)))

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