Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

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Festival De Cannes

Cannes Film Festival

14th May – 25th May 2014

Cannes (French Riviera), France


Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014


Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

This is the ultimate guide for the Cannes Film Festival 2014.

Today it’s exactly 10 days left until Cannes will have it’s busiest event of the year. This is also an important event for many jet setters as it’s one of the few times of the year it really gathers “everyone who is a somebody” in the jet set scene.

It’s also a fun opening event of the Summer season as after Cannes people continue to Monaco, Ibiza, St Tropez. Summer has for that reason officially begun and jet setters will be there to celebrate 🙂


Cannes Film Festival Top Hotelsbottomline

Where to stay during the film festival?

I will list the Top 4 most exclusive hotels where the buzz will be at! Unless you afford to stay at one of these luxury 5 star hotels, I recommend to go there at some point for a drink or dinner as it’s perfect to do some people watching & general networking!

Hotel du cap Eden Roc (Antibes)





Hotel Du Roc Eden Cap

Hotel du cap Eden Roc is a 30 min drive from Cannes croisette and this is the “it hotel” to stay at during the film festival as many of the private events will be held here. This is also where most of the celebrities choose to stay as it’s slightly away from the city of Cannes which gives more privacy.

Hotel Majestic (Barrière)

Hotel Majestic Barriere Cannes


Hotel Majestic Barriere Cannes

Hotel Majestic is located in the middle of the croisette – next to the location of the famous red carpet. This is probably the biggest (in size) luxury hotel where most of the people connected to the film industry will be staying.

Hotel Martinez (Grand Hyatt)

Hotel Martinez Cannes


Hotel Martinez Cannes


Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

Hotel Martinez is located on the promenade of Cannes, overlooking the sandy beach & it’s popular beach clubs! At Martinez you will find the Chopard Lounge (great place to grab a cocktail) and don’t be surprised if you often see the entrance of the hotel blocked with paparazzis! 

Hotel Carlton (Intercontinental)





Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

Because of it’s “in the middle” location (literally in the middle of Hotel Martinez & Hotel Majestic) I would say this is one of the “more busy hotels”. Besides the fact this is a big hotel, having private black tie events on a regular basis and being a popular spot for jet setters – people tend to use Carlton as a meeting point & networking hub! You will always run in to someone “you know” when you hit the lobby bar! Last year I spent most of my time at Carlton, wining, dining, after partying, networking, attending black tie events and just killing time in this gorgeous hotel.  

Where to Eat during the Film Festival?bottomline


I must say I’m not the biggest expert of the dining in Cannes, as during the film festival I did not have much time to run around and exploring the various restaurants in town. From my end I was usually dining in any of the top hotels, during private events as they usually serve food and often we were invited for dinners at private villas & yachts.

But if you still need advice of where to eat out, I recommend Baoli, Fouquet’s Cannes, La Cave Croisette, IX Nove.

The Best Bars & Clubs in Cannesbottomline


Le Baoli – This is a restaurant/bar/club and is a must to visit if you are in Cannes! Everyone goes there, so it’s a very good crowd!

Chopard Lounge – Located on top of Martinez Hotel, this is a perfect chill out or if you wan’t to grab a cocktail in style.

Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

Nikki Beach (Day Club) – This is the day time party playground! You won’t be seeing any film stars here, but everyone else who is ready to order some big bottles of champagne will join the fun and party like it’s Ibiza.

Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

Gotha (Club) – This is a proper big (in size) club and Cannes only have 2 of these! I would say this is the Top choice if you feel like you want to go clubbing during the filmfestival. Note that the really classy people won’t be seen at the clubs as they stay at their private events and villa/yacht after parties.

Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

VIP Room (Club) – This is the second club in Cannes and although they seem to be getting some celebrities in there, the crowd overall is very “champagne show off” type. Not my favorite choice if I would go during the festival, but if you go you’d still have fun I’m sure.

Overall I would not put my focus to spend the nights at the clubs due to many sleezy guys & wannabes. But if you want to go be prepared to see many towers of Cristal being ordered as a manifestation that the rich kids are there to play. 

Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

Top Private Events

@ Cannes Film Festivalbottomline

Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

The main reason why all the jet set people gather to go to Cannes Film Festival is due to the large amount of high end black tie events that will occur. Because of publicity & networking reasons they see this as an opportunity for them to combine some business with pleasure.

On a daily basis there will be tons of events happening literally everywhere!

Type of events are charity events, Gala Dinners, Sponsored events/parties, various Black Tie events, Cannes Opening & Closing ceremonies, Cannes Movie Awards (Palme d’Or), The Art of Elysium event and much more!

Here I will show you the TOP most exclusive Private Events during the entire Film Festival. (Presented by the order of their occurrence)

Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014


Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

De Grisogono Party

Sunday 18th May 2014
Location: Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc

Every year, the Swiss brand throws a party mid film festival at the exclusive Hotel du Cap Eden Roc. This black tie event gather all the beautiful people of the jet set scene to spend an evening in the glamour of Cannes.

Chopard Party


Tuesday 20 May 2014
Location: Savarona Yacht, Port de Cannes

On the legendary Savarona yacht, sailing off for a night, overlooking the iconic Cote d’Azur – the guests gather to indulge in a luxury yachting experience of the more traditional kind while being showcased beautiful jewelry by Chopard.

amfAR Cinema Against AIDS


Charity event
Thursday May 22, 2014
Location: Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Cap d’Antibes

I would say this is the ultimate black tie event during the entire Cannes Film Festival. With models, celebrities and anyone rich or famous attending, this is one of the very last important events of the film festival. Last year Leonardo di Caprio threw an after party in his villa after amfAR which was a big hit!




Amfar Cannes Film Festival


Amfar Cannes Film Festival


Amfar Cannes Film Festival



Amfar Cannes Film Festival


Amfar Cannes Film Festival


Paul Allen Yacht Party

Friday 23 May 2014
Location: Octopus Megayacht, Port de Cannes

Paul Allen is throwing every year during Cannes Film Festival his famous private party on his “monster yacht” – Octopus Megayacht. Always filled with celebrities and with a strict “no pictures or videos” policy on board the yacht, making it a comfortable zone to let lose for the very rich & famous.

The Crowdbottomline


There are 4 different crowds that come to the Film Festival:

– The people in the industry (Actors, Actresses, Producers etc)

They come because of work and this is one of the best networking opportunities of the year for them. They will mainly be seen at the red carpet, film screenings, award events and private film after parties in the top hotels.

– Other Celebrities (A-listers, Singers, Models etc)

They come to the film festival for publicity, attending private events & party. You will mostly see them at the red carpet, private events like amfAR and exclusive after parties in villas/yachts.

Amfar Cannes Film Festival


– Random Rich People (Russian oligarchs, arabs, americans etc)

They come with their friends or with their Jetset Babe type girlfriends, mainly to party and to attend one or two of the private events. This is more of a holiday opportunity for them where they can shine with their wealth, but also doing a little bit of networking.

Most of them stay on their luxury yachts during the film festival (however they only come for a few days, never the entire time). You’ll find them in the various clubs, bars and some privately held parties during the festival.

Some of the wealthy arabs like to visit Cannes Film Festival as it’s always a few weeks before their Ramadan start. So they go to Cannes, then head to Monaco, continue for the opening parties of Ibiza and finish off in St Tropez before the 2 months long rest from alcohol & parties start! Hence the splurge of Cristal everywhere you go!


– Everyone else

Many go to Cannes Film Festival simply to party, network and have some fun. Especially for beautiful girls this is a golden opportunity to fly down, either for the entire 12 days or a shorter time and try getting some valuable connections & experiences. For guys, I’d say you better be rich or well connected to try this game.


To Find Love in Cannesbottomline

Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

If you’re here to meet your next Mr Love, then I don’t think Cannes Film Festival will be the ideal place where to obsessively start hunting. People are simply here to either network or party and have a good time. So you will meet guys who are either in the industry, various rich men, wannabe guys, sex buyers and promoters. It’s a weird mix and you have to be careful not to waste your time (film festival time is damn precious let me tell you)!

But who knows, maybe you’ll still find your prince charming in Cannes? Just be open for whatever happens!

How to get in?bottomline


Black Tie Events / Red Carpet / Film Screenings etc

Unless you have a direct invitation on a piece of paper (which you probably won’t) your only chance is to be someones + 1. Every person who’s got an invitation can bring one guest with them, but don’t think it’s easy because of this! You have to be really lucky or really well connected in order to succeed, as many people are fighting for this opportunity. Alternatively you have to be seeing a guy who asks you to be his plus one. Best thing (if you know people) is to ask around if anyone is going and if you can be their plus one. Annoying, but true.

Another option (I wouldn’t recommend) is to try and crash one of the private events. I mean, I would never personally do it, but I’ve heard of people who’d done it, some managed, some failed miserably. The security is usually very high, and I don’t know how the “crashers” succeed to get their way in, but it can be a very embarrassing moment so please be aware! (I must say it’s not very Jetset Babe-esque, but if you don’t give a fuck..well up to you really…)

Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

Bars / Clubs

If you’re a pretty girl it won’t be very hard to get in, as long as you try when there are no long ques! For that reason come early and look confident. Also you have to be very nice to the door people and try making friends with them. They will remember you for the next days, so don’t screw up your 12 days by being rude on day 1.

What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival

After Parties in Villas or Yachts

Connections! Staying in touch with everyone you know who is in Cannes during the film festival is to recommend. Your Whatsapp will be going hot! This is the best way if you want to attend any after parties, especially the more exclusive ones – stay in touch with everyone, on a daily basis, asking what their plan is for the night, where they are etc. Do it without becoming annoying of course 🙂 Also every new person you meet, ask them same questions, what their plan is and if you exchange numbers make sure to follow up & stay in touch!

What to wear for Cannes Film Festival?bottomlineFollowing Images are examples of looks I recommend for the film festival. These are examples of how the crowd of the festival will be dressed:

What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival?

Designer & Brands

– Nobody who is a somebody will be seen wearing high street brands. So try and leave Topshop etc as much as possible at home. Unless it looks really expensive. Bring all your branded clothes as long as they look sleek & high end.

What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival?

Long gowns will be everywhere…

– You will see often girls in long gowns, even in clubs sometimes! That’s because they usually are on the way or been to a black tie event, hence the dress. But I’d still recommend to try and bring as many of your maxi dresses as possible, as people will take you slightly more serious than if you run around in a mini bandage dress.

What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival?

Leave your Bandage dress at home!

– Nobody will look weird at you if you are wearing it, but you might have some sleezy guys asking you what’s your price for the night is and you might also feel looking “cheap” when you walk around in the lobby of Carlton hotel. I’ve done the mistake once and never again!!

What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival?

Be Fashion Chic

– During the festival, think as a general rule to look more “fashion chic” rather than “sexy bombshell”. Trust me it would be an advantage for you, as there are many idiots around during the film festival, and you want to attract the right people to waste your time on. Going out like Little Miss Slutty will only get the biggest sex buyers of the Film Festival after you. And there will be many of them during the event so be a smart girl! 😉

What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival?

Day time Preppy

– During the day it’s important to dress up just as much as for the night. As it will still be May, not the warmest weather I’d recommend to always have a little boucle jacket handy or cute cardigan. I’d say try and look more preppy and elegant during the day. Think wearing stylish shorts, wide trousers, cute day time dresses or anything else that feels Fashion & Chic.

What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival?

Simply Be Less is More

– Accessorize only if you have REAL jewelry (leave the plastic stuff at home), don’t show both cleavage and legs at the same time, actually try and show as little of your cleavage as possible, Don’t wear too much make up – try and strife for the natural beauty look. I’m saying all this because it’s very easy to over do things and instead end up looking cheap.

What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival?



Maxi Dresses, Gowns, Jewelry, Boucle jackets, Stylish Shorts, Pencil Skirts, Pencil Dresses, Any mid length dresses (when they are not mini length but still finish above the knee), Elegant trousers, Jump suits, Tuxedo Trousers, Long skirts etc.



Bandage dresses, mini dresses, body con dresses, hot pants, plastic jewelry, jeans, anything with a poor fit or scruffy appearance (don’t bring clothes that are worn out or damaged somehow) etc.

What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival?


What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival?


What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival?


What to Wear for Cannes Film Festival?


F.A.QbottomlineIf I cannot come for the entire 12 days, when is the best time to go? 

Go for the last 7 days at least, starting on sunday 18th May. Most of the people will leave Cannes on Friday 23rd to go to Monaco for the Grand Prix weekend, so I’d say best time will be Sunday 18th – Sunday 25th with the last 2 days spent in Monaco.

If I’m on a budget and cannot afford to stay in a luxury hotel, where can I stay?

I’d recommend to look on

Cannes Film Festival 2014

How can I make good connections for the Film Festival?

If you’re a member of then you can before hand make some good connections as many people are networking before Cannes on this website. You should also tell everyone you know that you’ll be going, and every new person you meet who might be in the jet set scene ask them if they are going this year to Cannes. Once you’re in Cannes it will be way easier to network as long as you are outgoing.

Cannes Film Festival 2014

If I don’t have any contacts, will it still be worth going?

Yes, because you can make many contacts once you’re there, and in fact it’s way easier like this. Just make sure you’re outgoing, look your best and bring a girlfriend as you don’t want to run around on your own 😉

Cannes Film Festival 2014

Who should I go with?

Bring your best looking girlfriend who is just as outgoing as you. Avoid going as a big group of girls and go out every night together. The chances to attend any private events & parties are less the more you are.

Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

How will the weather be?

Last year it was 50% rain 50% sun. It was terrible, almost every day we had rain at some point so the weather pretty much sucked! Bring an umbrella and be prepared for some unstable May weather! Check the forecast on a daily basis.

In terms of sunbathing & staying on the beach, there will be that opportunity, but I wouldn’t say it will be a lot of it. Still bring your bikini as you might end up on a yacht during the day or at a beach club where there will be action going on and the possibility to catch some sun. But the focus during the film festival is not to get a tan and swim in the sea if you get my point 🙂

Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

I don’t have any money but I still wanna go, What to do?

The only option for you is to be “flown down” by a promoter or concierge company who need girls to stay on the yachts/villas to look pretty. Not going to go in to detail about this topic as I’ve written about it before. A big chunk of the girls at the festival come there with this method, but it can be really annoying and I would personally not do it. Rather pay my own trip in that case! But as all expenses are usually covered this may be a tempting solution for a broke girl.

Cannes Film Festival Guide 2014

Last Advicebottomline

  • Have fun!!!
  • Don’t be a bitch!!
  • Be street smart and don’t believe everything you hear from people!
  • Be outgoing & fun!!
  • Wear your beautiful smile everywhere you go!
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch!!!
  • Laugh often and go with the intentions of having a good time no matter what!
  • Just have a blast and fuck the rest!
Enjoy Cannes Film Festival 2014!! 😀

Cannes Film Festival 2014



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  1. Anonymous on

    Thankyou so much for this post! Was very helpful. I’ve booked the last weekend 23rd-25th, will it be empty then, if everyone is in Monaco. Im interessted in the chopard lounge. Is it open for everyone? Do I need a reservation? I realt don’t want to go there if there is any chance we will meet someone that requires a invitation because theres a event. Are u going yourself this year?

    • Sorry for a late reply! 23-25th there will still be people but the festival hits its absolute peak on thursday night. Friday many people start leaving but there is still for example Paul Allens yacht party which is popular for the celebs so not like the town is empty. I mean you will still also have the closing ceremony and the film industry people will still be there, but all jetsetters who are just there for party would have left to monaco. but you guys can go to monaco too! it’s just 30min drive away! I’ve been once to chopard only and didn’t notice that it wouldn’t be open for everyone. Could be if they have private events its closed.
      No, im not going this year but Im looking forward to hearing you girls stories 🙂 enjoy!!!!

  2. In my experience the coolest parties and the whole Cannes vibe peaks on Wednesday with AMFAR event. From there onwards it’s very much down the hill. By the way anybody has a link to a list of Cannes 2014 events? That would be extremely helpful!

  3. Hey lovely, thank you so much for this informative blog! It is my first time in Cannes, I’m here promoting my film that was selected to screen at the festival. I’m so new to the scene though and don’t know many people here so I was very grateful for the low down. Let me know if you’d like to meet up or need a girlfriend for an event 🙂 Would love to meet some fabulous ladies such as yourself- it’s a rare commodity in this day and age! You can find me on fb and insta as Kelly Pantaleoni, or my email is


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