Cannes Film Festival 2018

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In my private facebook group, I’ve been posting some of my observations and experience with Cannes Film Festival. 

This festival tends to get glamourized in the public eye. Going there as an aspiring JetsetBabe may seem like the best investment of the year because you think you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the elite.

The truth is, Cannes Film Festival is very divided.

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If you go to Cannes and you’re not VERY well-connected or a fashion model or influencer (who’s there partly for work, partly get invited because they’re that hot and going to be someone’s arm candy) – you’ll probably have to be in the second team: the hustling one.

The hustling team is everyone else basically. All the people who are not invited to the best events, make the best out of the film festival by going to all the “easier to access” places. Such places are Vip Room, Nikki Beach, Baoli, random yacht parties and so on (where you only end up meeting wannabe men & random rich sleazy guys).

The “cool crowd” on the other hand are the celebrities, models, influencers and important people that fly down specifically for the private events.


In my facebook group, I posted some videos which show the differences between the atmosphere of the events of these two groups. The point I’m trying to make it with it all is that reality is sometimes different than how we imagine it to be.

Maybe you’ll be lucky to end up at some fancy event. But the majority of the times, you’ll have to circulate between the more accessible places, like the ones I mentioned above. Nothing wrong with that, but the quality of men is so-so, and the crowd can be tacky.


However, like I always say; when you have no other options, you have to start from the bottom and work your way up sometimes. This is why I don’t want to discourage anyone from going to Cannes during the film festival because I still think it can be a great learning experience.

It’s great for networking if you’re a beginner JetsetBabe, because you’ll be able to meet likeminded girls there and maybe some other interesting contacts. One thing sometimes leads to another, so plants as many seeds as possible! That has always been my strategy, and that strategy has always worked! 


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The film festival has now come to an end for the jet-setters, as the tradition of Amfar on a Thursday is usually the last big event, and everyone leaves after. Here come some snapshots and great outfits that I spotted on Instagram during the event.

Cannes Film Festival 2018


Cannes Film Festival Guide

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