Thursday, February 20

Buy a coat on SALE

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During winter Sale is the time to buy all those larger items that may be more expensive but thanks to the SALE are heavily discounted!

My tip (if you live in a cold country) is to buy a coat during this sale period! Especially now when the 70% is on!

You still have many months left to wear it and you will be using it for future seasons because a classic coat never runs out of style!

A coat is also something I think it’s better to invest some money in, rather than buying the cheapest thing at Zara, Why not upgrading to a nice designer piece while the sale is on? Even if it’s not a well known brand, buy it as long as it’s in high quality.

A high quality coat will last you a life time so take this opportunity to hunt down some amazing bargains!

What coats to look for:


Classic Camel Coats

No matter what fit or material, a thick coat or a simple trench – Camel colour will never go out of style so it’s well worth the investment. If you spot one at a bargain price, grab it and run!




Black Coats

Possibly the most obvious color of them all to really invest in, and why not do it during the sale? Having a black coat in the wardrobe is essential for every winter, because it goes with absolutely everything! This type of coat is also very suitable for the night time events as the colour is more elegant and brings the rest of your clothes in focus.


Black Coat



Colourful coats

…or anything with patters that catches your eye! Colours are always welcome in the dull winter greyness as sometimes being always dressed in black can be so…boring! Bring out the feel of summer by adding some colour to your everyday coat and outfit.


Colourful coats


Happy Sale Shopping! 🙂



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