Budget Babe is Back!

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Budget Babe Bargain Finds


After many requests I’ve decided to bring back my “Budget Babe” category where I recommend budget items that Jet set Babes would wear. There are tons of clothes & shoes out there in high street fashion stores which look more expensive than they are – if combined properly or selected with an eye for detail. Although I’ll continue blogging about the designer gear Jet set Babes are wearing, I will also share my bargain finds!

Budget Babe Bargain Finds

How Budget Babe is judging her finds:

– Material: There are really cheap materials that you should just stay away from buying because they will simply not last for long or they will look super cheap on you. However high street brands are also using fabrics which are more long lasting and have a more exclusive feel to it. But you need to learn how to spot them 🙂

– Stitching: Items with poor stitching will scream “CHEAP”. With poor I mean threads poking out, uneven or rough stitches.

– Design: The more effort put in a design, the more expensive it usually is. Very unique designs from high street shops can therefor look similar to designer clothing. You’ll have to look really close on the quality to notice it’s not.

– Fit: Poor fit, low price. Yeah you know the deal. It’s harder to find clothes with the perfect fit in budget stores, for that reason many buy people the items anyway ignoring the fact it’s not fitted properly on the body. For this reason girls with model like bodies (tall & very slim) can wear many items from the high street shops without looking cheap. The rest of us with regular bodies we have to be more aware of how clothes are fitting us.

Budget Babe Bargain Finds

All in all, it’s very hard to be 100% accurate with the bargains you find online, as the material & look of the item can vary so much than from the images. I know some shops heavily retouch the pictures of their clothes making it really hard to recognize items sometimes when they get delivered to you. I will try my best to give you as accurate bargain deals as possible, but just so you know I have not actually seen the item IRL myself. It’s all by judgement of the images.

Let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like Budget Babe to find for you! Happy Shopping! 🙂


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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit SchoolOfAffluence.com for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Personally, i would like to see your suggestion in cardigans and trousers(not jeans). It’s already getting cold in my country 😀 but it’s always hard to find nice trousers. Xo

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