Breast Augmentation Facts & Research

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I got the opportunity to talk to a girl who is planning to do her first breast augmentation. She’s based in London and has done an incredible job researching the surgery and surgeons. I thought it would be of interest to you if I’d share the insights she shared with me because I know many of you might be thinking of doing a boob job.

Loads of JetsetBabes have done it, and I think this must be the most common surgery women do. Regardless, one thing to keep in mind is how important it is to do your homework prior. Whenever you go under the knife, you must always do extensive research. Not only about the surgeons, but also about the surgery itself.

You need to really be aware of the risks, of what happens after and the details of this procedure. Breast augmentation may be extremely common today, but that doesn’t mean it’s a quick and easy thing to do. Here comes some facts and research that you should know:

How old are you and how long have you wanted to do a breast surgery for?

I am 20 years old and I have wanted breast augmentation since around the age of 14/15.


What is your reason for this surgery?

My reason for this surgery is to make myself feel better and a little more confident when looking in the mirror. I am confident in myself, however, I hate wearing push-up bras and this surgery would prevent me from having to wear padded bras, which in my opinion are unattractive.

Furthermore, I am not having breast augmentation to wear really low-cut revealing clothes, I simply feel that it is more for the outline and silhouette of my body. Showing a silhouette, in my opinion, is far more classy and sexy than displaying a ton of skin, and the areas I prefer to show are my back, legs or stomach; of-course depending upon the occasion.

For example, wearing a backless dress means no bra and because I have a smaller chest I would feel more comfortable to have a larger breast size. There are clothes that I am unable to wear due to my breast size merely.

Ladies, please make sure breast augmentation is for you because you are inserting a foreign substance into your body which you will be living with for a while! So make your decision carefully!


What type of implants are you going for? What results do you want?

This is where I had the problem because my end goals are a natural result. One thing my mother said to me that is important is that it depends how you decide to wear your new breasts, to make them look classy.

There are two types of implants, one being anatomical which is also known as the tear-drop shaped implant and the other being a round implant. These implants have different types of projections that are known as their profiles and are from what I have researched; low profile, moderate profile, moderate-plus profile and high profile.

The lower the projection the wider the implant (I believe), and this is why some implants may look ‘stuck-on’. But a good friend of mine has larger high profile implants and she looks amazing, it’s honestly how you wear them also and your desired look! These profiles play an important part in how natural you look as well as the size chosen.

The implant can be positioned in 3 different positions, which are subglandular (above the muscle), submuscular (beneath the muscle) and dual-plane (part under and part over the muscle). They can be inserted via 3 different ways which I believe are transixiallry, through the armpit or through the areolas.

There are also new implants you lovely ladies may want to look into such as the B-lites and Motiva implants. The B-lite implants are super light, meaning that over time they won’t really ‘sag’ as much as the typical silicone implant, however they do not feel as soft as silicone so for this reason I opted not to choose them. With these implants, I think risks of rupture and rotation are super low. I don’t know much with regards to Motiva implants, but you have the anatomical shape.

Each implant has its pros and cons, but for me, regardless of what anyone says I will always prefer the anatomical shaped implant because of the smooth lines they create, for example when wearing a suit without a bra beneath it would ‘hang’ more.

The other implant is a round shape, and these can sometimes look natural. I am a super active person and if I could workout every day I would, so, for this reason, I have chosen the smooth round moderate-plus profile implant in a dual plane position (but I will be asking my surgeon about his opinion of a lower profile).

My reason for choosing this implant is because if a round implant rotates, no corrective surgery will be required as my breast won’t look distorted if the implant was to flip with an anatomical implant. Moderate-plus also gives you a little bit more cleavage! If the anatomical implant was to flip corrective surgery would be required which would be at a cost of course, and also I just didn’t want the worry whilst working out because I’m a bit of a stress-pot! Health over vanity remember!

The result I want is a breast augmentation that is proportionate to my body shape, and I do not want people to see my breasts before they see my face. I have never wanted large breasts because it just doesn’t suit me, my style and personality as an individual. But ladies do what makes you happy and pick what you feel confident with regardless of what anyone else says (apart from your surgeon of course); a confident woman is an attractive woman and your happiness is your priority. Just consider the health risks and associations!


How did you do your research for clinics/surgeons?

I took forever with research for clinics and surgeons. The website Realself is extremely useful to see surgeons work, their reviews as well as asking people questions about their experiences, and also Harpers Bazaar list of the top surgeons!

I believe it’s also important to know about the warranty of the implants, rupture issues, associated costs and etc with the type of implant and clinic you decide to choose. Reading online is the most helpful advice as well as being prepared before your consultation! When going to my consultations I had a list of questions prepared to ask my surgeon.


What location are you looking at and what surgeons have you found that you are choosing between?

I have friends that have had breast augmentation abroad and are extremely happy with their results but I was advised by a family friend (who is a surgeon) to do breast augmentation in the country I reside. Therefore I decided to opt for London and my skin clinic is on Harley Street so I decided to typically search in this area.

There are numerous surgeons I have stumbled upon online but with regards to cost and expertise, the best surgeons for me were Christopher Inglefield and Dan Marsh. Both of which are based on Harley Street.

Dr. Dan Marsh works at The Plastic Surgery Group at 100 Harley St and was super nice and took his time with me in the consultation, I loved that he was conservative with regards to size because I desire the ultra natural look. Not that I care that people know I’ve had breast augmentation but I would rather the ‘has she? Or hasn’t she?’.

Breast augmentation with Dan Marsh is only £4900 and he works as NHS breast reconstructive surgeon too, furthermore his terms and conditions are amazing with regards to ruptures and etc. Dan does not offer teardrop implants and this was a disadvantage of him for me, his experience in the field is 14 years worth and all his augmentations he showed me and I have seen online look fabulous (the scar is only 3cms)!

I trust Dan completely also and he is friendly, also enables you to come back for sizing appointments to ensure you make the correct decision.

Christopher Inglefield is amazing also and honestly, I found it so difficult to choose between the two! My advice here is that if you have the monetary funds available to choose teardrop with the worry of the implant flipping, choose this surgeon.

Implants flipping and rotating are meant to be super rare regardless and his expertise is 20yrs worth and I trust him completely, but I don’t have the funds available if it were to happen, so, for this reason, I didn’t choose him.

Mr. Inglefield’s team is extremely supportive, calm and caring. He offers B-lite implants and surgery is around 5k with him, so pricing is great ☺ The consultation is £250 but the examination is extremely thorough, you spend ages with him and you get to see yourself in 3D with your implants on/in a bikini which is very helpful! £250 very well spent.

Mr. Ingelfield uses drains with surgery, which are necessary for anatomical implants but not so necessary for round, I think these help prevent blood clots and etc. Furthermore, you have a lymphatic drainage massage included which will help decrease swelling faster and decrease potential scar tissue! (all included in the price of surgery).

He also opted for subglandular anatomical as this lowers the risk of the implant rotating/flipping because it is placed in front of the muscle (with an implant behind the muscle whilst working out the implant would be applied more pressure from the muscle causing it o flip more). But bearing in mind I know numerous women that have anatomical implants, work out regularly and have had no issues.


Are there any risks that you’re aware of?

▸ The potential my body could react negatively to silicone and having to have the implant removed

▸ Rupture risks

▸ Blood clots (I think also known as hematoma)

▸ Implant bottoming out (this I think normally happens if the implant is too large)

▸ Not being able to see your breast as clearly through a mammogram scan (with B-lites you have a clearer visual)

▸ Implant flipping/rotating with anatomical and my breast ending up looking distorted and having to have corrective surgery to fix this (as well as the cost of the corrective surgery depending on the surgeon’s terms and conditions)

▸ Rippling implants appearance

There are many more I think but these will be visible in terms and conditions, also ensure you follow post-op instructions.


What advice can you give other girls who are looking into having breast surgery?

Ladies learn to love yourselves, all my surgeons said to me I have perfect breasts and they also said why would you want to put anything inside them because they look so good? Although I am doing surgery I love my small breasts and wish I wore them more confidently because we never learn to appreciate what we have. On holiday I would wear linen shirts without a bra slightly undone and it looked so beautiful and natural!

Please really think this through as even today I feel like canceling surgery and wearing the smaller breasts for another year and then booking the surgery! Also, remember that less is more, the world we live in today strives for perfection and imperfect is perfect because that is what makes you unique as an individual.

Girls please do your research, and ensure you know everything necessary to help you make the right decision for yourself. If you’re going to do something do it properly and never hesitate to ask any questions, I also think it’s important to know all the health risks associated with this augmentation.

I did look into having a fat transfer but firstly not all of your body will take to the percentage of fat extracted from your body, secondly the cost is high and thirdly if you workout regularly fat burns regardless, so for me it was pointless.

When looking at examples of surgery online always find someone with a similar body type to you because implants look different on various body frames! Some surgeons say you have to do your breasts every 10 years but two surgeons said to me that your breasts should actually outlive you, and only if you have issues you should change them.

I heard that your implant position shouldn’t actually determine whether you can breastfeed or not (Christopher Ingelfield’s nurse), some women say they choose under the muscle to be able to breastfeed. This is an important decision everyone should have in mind in my opinion!

However, sometimes I do feel you have a higher chance of breastfeeding if your implant was submuscular or in a dual-plane position as opposed to subglandular? This is why many women have augmentation after children so please consider this!

Remember it’s how you choose to wear your breasts. For example, if you feel they look fake-ish in the middle and you don’t like it, wear a bandeau bikini as opposed to triangle shaped! Different shapes and items of clothing can compliment you more or detriment you more, know how to wear them and wear them with confidence! Ladies do not live your life thinking about what other people will think of you because your happiness is the priority and your partner/friends will love you for being you!

An important point Mr. Ingelfield made was that for example if you have 200cc naturally if he was to insert a 200cc implant or less than that, the shape wouldn’t matter because I have enough breast tissue to cover the implant.

This would be a completely natural augmentation where no one would ever know. If this appeals to you ask your surgeon about this! Furthermore, all surgeons have said to me that implants look smaller once they are inside you than what they actually are so consider this also. Moreover, teardrop implants flipping is also due to the accuracy of the size of the pocket made for the implant to slot into!

Don’t forget that some images online are at about 6weeks post op and your breasts will drop and fluff over time looking their best at 6months and then years later (particularly with round)!

Also, don’t visit too many surgeons because you will get confused! I think no more than 4 surgeons and also everyone will say different things! Moreover, I think your result also depends on your surgeon and how your breasts look before surgery. Make sure they are with the correct surgical boards!

Best of luck with your surgeries ladies! Stay healthy and I hope this interview was of help to you!

A list of surgeons I contacted/researched/looked at in London
The first 4 surgeons are the ones I visited.

Christopher Inglefield – London Bridge Plastic Surgery

Dr. Dan Marsh – The Plastic Surgery Group

Adrian Richards

Navid Jallali

Allen Rezai

Davood Fallahadar

Dirk Kremer

Surgeons I researched in Australia (I think these guys are the best)

Dr. Tavkaoli

Dr. Miroshnik

Some links I found useful:
Baring in mind some of these links contain explicit images ladies!

Round moderate plus-profile examples:

Round or teardrop?

250 cc moderate plus round

250cc anatomical (scroll down to the 7th)

The two links above are nice to compare side by side! But please remember surgeons expertise, the month the photos were taken post-op and other factors.



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  1. Dear Anna and all the other girls!

    Yesterday I watched a video by Karissa Pukas, a youtuber i watch for years now, talking about removal of her implants because of health reasons.

    I am neither for nor against breast implants but I think, the more information we got the better.
    Its also not meant as a discouragement just added information that is rarely talked about.

    See you in the facebook group!

  2. I think it’s important for anyone looking into getting breast implants to do some research on what is being called Breast Implant Illness (BII). I myself suffered from this for years after getting mine. I didn’t know ahead of time to look into this, like most women, I was only told the general list of possible complications which were all risks I was willing to take. I didn’t know anything about BII, and it took years to connect the dots of all my symptoms. Crystal Heffner among other celebrities also suffered from BII and have since ex-planted and healed, or at least began the healing process. Make sure you are well informed, ladies. Most doctors don’t know about BII and/or won’t acknowledge that it’s a thing. Denial keeps business booming, but your health is worth more. I wish you all the best on your journeys. xo

  3. There are lots of reasons why women opt for this treatment, including when they have significant asymmetry or have experienced loss of breast volume due to weight loss or pregnancy, or generally to enhance their breast shape and volume and create more balance with the rest of their body.

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