Breanna Youn, the Jet set Baby

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Thought to share this article about Breanna Youn, a jet setting baby girl who became an internet sensation with her 1million followers:

Brianna Youn


Brianna Youn

Brianna Youn

The reason I find this story to be interesting is because,

1) It took 7 months for this regular child to become an internet sensation with 1+ million followers. That’s quite impressive!

2) Because of her popularity, she has internet benefactors who are sponsoring the entire lifestyle of her and her family. That’s like being a proper “sugarbaby” (if you get my joke). No but really, what are the odds for having online sponsors of this kind?

3) She is damn cute though I must admit. I was going through her Instagram account and her personality and charisma just shines through. Someone should sign her with a modelling/acting agency because this little girl got that wow factor.

Thanks Lea for sharing this xx


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  1. Terrible, she is 5 years old. I can’t stress this enough. She is five years old.

    She couldnt be easier to mold and she is right now being taught that her selfworth is reflected in how many followers she’s got.
    Plus to think a child should worry about what they are wearing and which brand it is….Let her be a 5 year old child and not a show pony.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you. When I read about her I felt so sad. She is 5 years old, the least thing she should be thinking about is designerbags and followers. I cant believe how a mother can use her little baby like this… Out of 1 mill followers there must be so many people looking at her in the absolute wrong way and I would never expose my child like that, espesially not with a million people to see… 🙁

    • haha “show pony”, you nailed it 😉
      I mean the point her parents are trying to make is that “Brianna loves to do this”, but I guess if we dig deeper than the question is “Does she actually understand the bigger picture of what she is doing and how it can affect her in the future?”.
      The tragic part is that most probably this fame will stop at some point and then the question is how prepared Brianna will be to take that hit. Is that something her parents have prepared her for? Doubt it.

  2. Ehhhh … the benefactors thing sounds super creepy. Look at her sitting on that dudes lap in the Daily Mail article :/

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