Bitchiness & Jealousy In The Elite Circles

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Many of you have been asking me if I can write a post about how to deal with bitchiness and jealousy in the jet-set world. As many of you are aware, it’s a competitive bubble where women sometimes are not the friendliest. So the question goes straight to: How to tackle that, and most of all, how to survive?

For those who have never mixed with jet-setters, I want to start by clarifying the myth of; In the upper levels of society, girls are bitchy, stuck up and unfriendly. That’s not entirely true.

Yes, you will find women who are like this, especially in certain elite circles that are competitive. But you will also see there are many down to earth girls that you can become friends with and trust. Not all girls will want to stab your back; some actually want to have a partner in crime.

Bitchiness & Jealousy with women

It takes two to jet-set

It’s hard to do things solo in the Jetset world. Girls know that no matter what their agenda is, they need to have a sidekick. Whether it’s because they want someone to talk to, someone to do fun things with or someone to play the jet-set game with.

Outings, dinners, trips abroad, etc. are more challenging if you’re alone! You need to have a friend to bring along, whether it’s for your own pleasure or just so that it looks better (we all know going alone to a bar never looks good if you’re a woman).

Bitchiness & Jealousy with women

The bitchiness

There are many reasons to why women become bitchy. One of them is of course competitiveness, which is sadly a genetic trait women have for reproductive purposes. We want to snatch the best possible mate, and that brings out our competitive spirit. When women feel this, they can become bitchy towards other so they can feel superior.

Secondly, you have the “No status? Not interested” type of ladies. Women who see that you have nothing to offer them will seldom want to waste their time or energy on you. That brings out an icy vibe and bitchiness because they don’t approve of you.

Lastly, you have the perhaps most obvious reason: bad manners and terrible personality. Women who are negative, flawed and insecure are usually not pleasant to be around. They are bitchy, and for them, it’s the norm to be so. From a psychological perspective, it can sometimes be a defense mechanism that is working hard on self-protection. Or it can be a matter of unhappiness in life that makes a person behave poorly.

Bitchiness & Jealousy with women

The jealousy

Jealousy, however, is a killer. It’s toxic, and it can drive people to madness. With women, jealousy (just like competitiveness) is everywhere. Not for all women of course, but for many! Over the years I’ve learned a lot about this because I’ve seen it develop in people in my circle I never thought it would be possible.

Most of the times, jealousy occurs when you lack something in your life, it burdens you emotionally and then it appears in front of you – but through someone else. Psychologically, it’s an extremely common trigger to jealousy, even in the most stable and good-hearted people. The competitive gene in women can also cause resentment when someone is doing better than you, and you feel lack of something.

Bitchiness & Jealousy with women

How to survive all this?

It’s fully possible to create a circle of girlfriends in the Jetset world that have good intentions, and that you can trust. But you must think of a few things…

Sharpen your intuitive skills because you will need them! It’s the only way to guide you to the right people. Make sure you surround yourself only with people who give you good vibes! You can have a feeling about a sketchy person who is fake and doesn’t have the right intentions. Learn how to see through fake smiles and actions.

You don’t need the bitches! No matter how interesting or influential someone can be, if she’s got the wrong attitude, she’s not worth your time. There are so many women out there to befriend, and it’s better to invest your time in those who are friendly and genuine. But if you have the energy, become friends with the enemy because if you’re a game player, it can help you further on…

Bitchiness & Jealousy with women

Protect your aura from the evil eye of jealousy. You can befriend the most amazing girl and become best friends, but any second that can change, and you’re left with someone who no longer wishes you the best. Because of the natural ups and downs of life, people go through less fortunate phases that can spark their jealousy towards their friends, and that can kill a friendship. It has happened recently in my circle, and it’s extremely sad as it’s out of your control. The only thing you can do is to take a step back and let go of that person because the relationship is now walking on a very destructive path.

Unfortunately, it’s so common in the jet-set world. Girls love your company when you’re below them in the hierarchy when you’re less pretty or not a threat to their game. But once you level up, once you start doing well and have success in life (maybe even doing better than what they are doing), friendships get destroyed…

There isn’t a way to predict this or even prevent this from happening. It can happen to anyone and sadly, nothing you can do about it. You just have to hope for the best, that the people around you are stronger than that and it will not interfere with your relationships. But if it does, be willing to let go of that person because it’s an energy that is too toxic and damaging in the long run, and you don’t need that kind of thing in your life.

Bitchiness & Jealousy with women

The strategy

▸ Be friendly, be outgoing, be nice and you’ll attract the right people into your life.

▸ Be street smart, and protect yourself from energy vampires, bitchiness and jealousy.

▸ Never be afraid of letting friendships go. It can cause you so much harm if you stay in a dysfunctional friendship, it’s never worth it.

▸ Don’t be afraid of having fewer friends; there are other important things in life to also put your focus on. Have fewer friends, but make sure all of them are 100% genuine.

Bitchiness & Jealousy with women

▸ Let your intuition guide you, energy never lies! If you have a hunch about someone, it’s usually true.

▸ Friends come and go, and it’s natural and something to accept. Not everyone can be with you from day one and until you die. Life takes people in different directions.

▸ Grow some thick skin and use it when you navigate in the high-society. You will come across mean people, backstabbers and all kinds of negativity that you can’t take personally. When people are unhappy, they will try and bring you down to feel better. Don’t get sucked into that. Don’t give them this energy to feed off.



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  1. Love your posts, Anna! Could you please make a post about moving to another city and getting in with the right circle of friends there? How to get into the Jet Set scene when you know no one? How did you do that when you moved to London? 🙂

    I´ll be moving to my country´s capital soon as I just got an amazing job offer, but I don´t really know a lot of people there, so this is definitely something I would love to hear your opinion on.

    • Wow! I recently asked the same question. I live in the U.S and also looking to relocate soon. Best of luck to you!

  2. I saw and felt jelousy on my skin in much ,,lower” circles…So better to have jelousy people when you are really ,,someone” and have really something good in life , than experiencing that for almost nothing :/
    I used to get ,,schoked” earlier, now when I have much more I really don’t care what someone jealus&unhappy says about me, unfortunately those people harm only themself, can’t do anything bad to me 🙂
    Love your posts for 3 years now Anna, keep doing this 🙂 We are lucky who found your blog 🙂

  3. Interesting topic. I dealt with this a lot at work from other female coworkers and its so pitiful. It can be hard to deal with it.

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