The Best Personality To Have As An Elegant Lady

To become an elegant lady, you must raise your standards. You have to be able to play comfortably with the best of the best by being the best version of yourself. Raising your standards and your image will improve your lifestyle and status.

To some degree, some might manage by just tweaking their looks. They get in shape, buy the right clothes and groom themselves to perfection. But there’s still this element about them that feels so plain. Their looks can take them far, but it’s never the one thing that leads to success. The formula for mastering includes many things.

One big part of the formula is personality.

Improving your personality


Personality, Character and Charisma

Who are you? What’s interesting about you? What story do you have to tell? What’s your persona? What’s so special about you? What impression do you leave?

What many tend to lack is charm and charisma. In a world where women are more suppressed, it’s understandable that ladies’ personalities never get the same chance to “bloom” like men. It starts already when we’re kids; boys are allowed to roam and express their lively energy while girls are encouraged to be “good girls”.

The lack of character can also come from the many insecurities us ladies accumulate over the years. We don’t manage to connect with our true identity because of inner blockages. There are also cultural and social guidelines for “how a woman should be” which we adopt and let shape our personality.

Improving your personality


So what do I mean with personalities that are plain?

We’ve all come across people that don’t leave any impression on us. They are like empty shells. They might be nice and polite, but they don’t spark interest in people because they are either too mellow or just dull. They might not know how to form an opinion or over abuse the phrase “I don’t know”. Or when you talk to them about something, they talk in clichés and generic terms.

Improving your personality


What personality should a successful elegant lady have?

There isn’t one personality type that’s better than the other! Successful elegant ladies leave an impression on people, regardless of what’s in the mix. It’s about authenticity, being yourself and embracing your character. This will make you a high-value woman who oozes class.

You can have your flaws. You can be loud, quiet, edgy, quirky, mysterious, shy – you name it! But it has to be authentic to you and you have to have the confidence to showcase your true colors. There is nothing sexier than a woman who is so at peace with who she is.

Confidence stems from self-acceptance and being yourself. It’s all about letting go of protective defense mechanisms and incorrect beliefs of how a lady should be.

Improving your personality


What about the negative personality traits?

You will never appeal to everyone. I will never appeal to everyone. We all have traits in our personalities that will clash with the personalities and taste buds of others. It’s therefore impossible to be a person that will be liked by everyone.

Once you accept this, it will be easier for you to relax into your own essence and just be who you are. When you don’t take others into account, you’re free to be who you are. That will include the negative traits in your personality.

You can choose to work on them, because that might benefit you. Always work on yourself with the goal of refining yourself into the true elegant, classy lady you are and not becoming a different person.

Improving your personality


The philosophy behind an interesting persona

Not all women should be picture perfect. That’s just dull and very Plain Jane.

It’s about who is hiding inside you that we want to see. Get rid of the obstacles hindering your personality and be the REAL you!

Improving your personality


Confidence is key and the main ingredient to an interesting character. Work on that because it will upgrade your personality to a higher level.

Charm and charisma will take you far in life. Make sure you settle well into your positive attitude and confident skin. People who are charming and charismatic can lift an entire room and leave a remarkable impression on people.

It’s all about being a genuine person, full of empathy and compassion. The mission is to make people feel good and develop trust. It’s done with 100% authenticity and vulnerability. By not being afraid of putting yourself out there, you’ll have the skills to read people and situations correctly.

Improving your personality


The benefits…?

Men will adore you, and people will get drawn to you because you’re unique.

If you have a charismatic personality, you can get away with not being the prettiest lady in the room or the one of highest status. People will appreciate your presence because of who you are, not because of what you can offer. Knowing that in such a superficial world might be the best feeling ever…


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