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  1. How tall is she? I am 155cm and very petite in all ways. Kind of like russian Mira Duma. And I sometimes find it really hard being around all these 180cm model girls who also put on their 15cm heels.

    LOVE your blog btw, I read it every single day!

    Could you please write a post about summer must-have-sunglasses or “jetset sunnies”? I’m looking for the perfect pair of “cat eyes” right now.


    • Another Jet Set Girl on

      Hi , can you tell me who is Mira Duma I saw some pictures of her in google she looks a bit small and she never leave her high heels Lol

  2. AHHH Miroslava Duma is to me an amazing Jet Set Babe. She is very very classy. Comes from a wealthy Russian family (her pops is a senator) she started a fashion magazine. She is a fashion ‘It Girl’. She also is married and has a baby so it make her so much more down to earth. I love her style it is effortless classic and real. No noticeable surgery, no garish makeup Very attainable even though she wears VERY high fashion brands (Celine, Chanel, Givenchy, YSL etc). She had a more sophisticated look compared to many of the other Russian Jet Set girls. While they have style that looks nice but predictable, she is on the cutting edge. I hope you find and post more pics of her as she also flies all around the world taking beautiful pictures.

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