Best Fashion Outfits October 2014

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1. Silky Maxi Skirt

I keep seeing these flowy, silky maxi skirts and I love them more and more. Effortless beauty. And you don’t really need to wear heels under! I wish it could be summer again!

Favorite Fashion Streetstyle

2. Embroidered pencil skirt

Not sure if it’s the colour that makes me fall in love or the combination of the stylish Gianvito Rossi heels, who knows. But I love the fact that this model doesn’t add too much sex appeal as normally that’s what happens with a fitted pencil skirt. This one on the other hand simply makes you look stylish and chic.

Favorite Fashion Streetstyle

3. White interesting Dress

It’s cool because it’s unique, original design that you have never seen before. Fashion like this is refreshing!

Favorite Fashion Streetstyle

4. Off shoulder nude dress

Absolutely amazing. This dress by Ramona Filip is gorgeous, loving the off shoulder cut and the dress being in beige/nude.

Favorite Fashion Streetstyle

5. Innocent red

What a cute dress! Perfect for a dinner date or even if you want to feel glamorous day time! A dress like this makes you feel like a woman without giving you that sex appeal which sometimes can feel too much in certain surroundings. Yet a red dress like this looks absolutely innocent yet glamorous! Love it! Cute Miu Miu heels.

Favorite Fashion Streetstyle

6. Sophisticated Lace

Gorgeous! This sophisticated lace dress feels aristocratic and absolutely appropriate for any occasion. Dresses like this makes you also feel covered up without looking boring, a big big plus!

Favorite Fashion Streetstyle

7. Day time dressed up

Miu Miu crystal heels again with a cute day look. Wearing this outfit for a lunch or semi casual drinks with your girlfriends, great choice! The skirt is the absolute centre piece of this outfit, and it being almost too sexy for daytime is good to dress down with a cardigan or jumper that is more covering.

Favorite Fashion Streetstyle

8. The Black little dress

Is this a Dolce & Gabbana dress or am I mistaken? I love the lace detail and the cut of the dress. So glamorous yet classic. This dress could be worn by Brigitte Bardot in the 50’s but it works so well on anyone, simple yet classy.

Favorite Fashion Streetstyle

9. Pastel Green

Another short dress that is chic because it’s covered up and with original design. So pretty. Loving the pastel green or if it’s turquoise? Does look great even if not worn with a tan in this picture! A big plus for the nude coloured heels, do you see how it extends the look of the leg? Amazing!

Favorite Fashion Streetstyle

10. Flowy Maxi Dress

Another dress which has movement to it, possibly to it’s cut and material. Extremely cute shoulders, giving that girly look – almost like a dress made for a doll. It signals purity and elegance at the same time. Gorgeous colour – love it.

Favorite Fashion Streetstyle


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  2. Ha ha, for a girl who is lacking inspiration, you have put out some great posts the last 2 days! I am enjoying your blog!

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