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Being Trendy Or Being Classic? Which Do YOU Prefer?

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You probably all know by now that I’m very much about classic fashion. I adore simple pieces that scream quality and are made of materials that make you look high-end.

I find simplicity in fashion to be what makes an outfit classy, and I’m not so much into the latest trends. I prefer the old money look and philosophy over the nouveau riche, and my heart is about investing money in clothes that will last you for years. I’m also considering the bigger picture of fashion; its impact on the environment and our share of responsibility with our shopping habits.

Classy Timeless Fashion – So classy! A typical JetsetBabe look!

I understand that people have different tastes. I’ve also accepted the fact that my taste has become a minority in today’s Kim Kardashian world. The mainstream fashion is far from my vision of what classy and elegant is. Instead, it’s a mish-mash of 90’s, logos, poorly fitted clothing, sportswear and a “more is more” approach.

As I’m writing this post, I feel kind of like a grandma. Complaining about the teens, shaking my head, not understanding why they wear such “strange clothing.”

Haha, don’t worry, I’m an open-minded person, and I respect that most of the people just go with the flow. They follow what’s trendy right now because they keep seeing it everywhere, and their brain and liking adapt very easily to what they see unless they have a strong personal taste.

Sporty Chic Fashion Trend 

Me personally, I’m not able to adapt to the sporty chic and contemporary fashion trend that’s going on right now. My eyes hurt when I see yet another “Balenciaga,” “Vetements” or “Givenchy.” Most of all, my hearts breaks a little, when a majority of the JetsetBabes I follow, all transition themselves to this latest fashion hype.

I’m not going to namedrop, but 90% are wearing all that now, and I miss seeing their old classy outfits.

Sporty Chic Fashion Trend

I thought making a comeback with JetsetBabe in 2017/2018 would be like back in the good old days when I was overwhelmed with the number of good outfits I saw on Instagram. The good outfits still exist of course, but they’ve become a rarity.

I spend a lot of time gathering great images from Instagram. Daily I probably check my feed like 100 times. The women on Instagram are very talented with their images; the quality had certainly gone up x10 since two years ago when I stopped blogging. The beauty, the creativity, and the inspiring factor still exist…. it’s just these damn sporty clothes and logos everywhere.

Sporty Chic Fashion Trend

I don’t want to insult anyone’s taste, but can someone help me understand this trend a little? The only positive I see in it right now is that it’s finally a fashion trend that doesn’t objectify women so much and doesn’t imply on sex… It’s comfortable and laid back (a bit too laidback perhaps?), and it gives room to be different.

So I’m being positive here, but I would still never put my feet in one of those horrendous Balenciaga shoes…

Classy Timeless Fashion – Yes please! Love this!

Although it might sound like this post is all about me whining about the current fashion, it’s actually because I want to talk to you, my loyal readers about what’s your take on this?

I want to hear your voice.
What’s your personal taste?
Do you think classic, timeless, classy and elegant fashion is boring?
Is it more fun to follow the latest trends because it offers more variation than what classic fashion does?

What do you think?

Classy Timeless Fashion – I Love Elegance…

Please share with me even if you don’t agree with me. I don’t take any offense, on the contrary, I want to hear as many honest opinions as possible! I will also post this question in my private Facebook group (for ladies only), as I want to hear as much feedback possible from you guys….

I’m also going in thoughts of starting to post pictures of myself more. Produce more of my own images to use on Instagram, or on the blog, or both. Is that something that would be interesting to you?

Feel free to leave a comment here or join the conversation in our facebook group. Looking forward hearing your take on this.

Classy Timeless Fashion – Timeless, simple fashion… Love it!



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  1. I think classy & chic is always the way to go. Kim K can’t dress to save her life! I think adding one trendy piece can be good sometimes. But overall when you keep it simple you always end up looking more luxurious and put together!

  2. This opinion is exactly mine! I always classy and add some “trendy touch” only if they are matching my classy style (for example satin and silk are very trendy there days and are also very classy!)
    For us (ladies who are still dressing classy), it’s a bit of luck because people noticed us more. In world full of “Kim K”, we are only few “classy/old money ladies”!
    Your idea of posting more pictures of you and your style is a very good idea and I look forward to see them soon!

  3. I totally agree! I’m only 21 and if it was up to me I would dress like a modern Audrey Hepburn everyday. Ofcourse that’s not always realistic, but I try to keep my wardrobe as sophisticated, classy and timeless as possible. For example, I principally don’t own jeans or sneakers. And I despise the fast fashion every girl my age is wearing nowadays, they all look the same. Also, fast fashion represents everything what is wrong with our society. We consume so much and it seems like most people are choosing quantity over quality. Not just with clothing, but with every aspect of their lives. It just makes me sad that people like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are being seen as rolmodels today. What happend to the women who where really graceful, charming, smart and ambitious? Like Audrey, Jacky O and Grace Kelly? I’m just glad to read that there are still women out there who actually know what the word ‘classy’ truly means and honor it.

    Thank you for this post!

    Much love

  4. Ps.: I would love to see more pictures of you and your personal life. I think it’s more interesting than only pictures of East European Istagram models 🙂

      • Hey Anna
        I really love your videos in YouTube. I appreciate elegant styles. And I want you to tell us about eastern countries fashion.
        I am actually from India.

  5. I’m in between, since I can’t really afford luxurious staples, I tend to go with basics a lot. Comfort is necessary for me, so when I find a flattering piece that is made of comfortable soft fabric, I’m in. I don’t like oversized anything, unless it’s pajamas. However, the athleisure trend is great for me since I work in the fitness industry and can wear work clothes to and from there and not feel like a slob. 🙂 Cheers x

  6. Hi Anna,

    I agree with you on the subject, and I also prefer classic looks, although I also find that the classic brands such as Chanel and Hermes have lost a bit of their prestige over the past few years, because there are so many unclassy girls wearing them these days. Coco Chanel must be turning in her grave because the garish Chanel look that Kardashian type of girls are wearing is the opposite of her entire philosophy.

    I think that the sporty trend is a reaction to that. Women who can afford the best suddenly no longer wanted to be associated with the “gold digger, new money” look. The sporty casual look is also a clear message that the person does not need to work in order to live well. It says “I’m so rich that I don’t have to conform to what is considered appropriate business attire”.

    This applies a lot to men as well. The new generation of billionaires is not fixated on having the perfectly tailored suit or italian leather shoes. They are all about sports wear which signals that they are the boss and can wear whatever they want. Even Roman Abramovich wears jeans and sneakers with a cheap plastic watch. I’m not saying it’s sexy, as I much prefer my man to dress like Daniel Craig in James Bond films, but this is a new mentality.

    Personally, I prefer a classic look, with clean lines, black and white, neutrals, etc. Nothing too trendy like the latest “It” bags. My style is timeless, discreet, simple elegance. When I shop I always ask myself: “Would Queen Rania wear this?” If the answer is no, I don’t buy it.

    • Yes I agree with your comment so much. I think you said it perfectly

      “The sporty casual look is also a clear message that the person does not need to work in order to live well. It says “I’m so rich that I don’t have to conform to what is considered appropriate business attire”.

      And depending on how the woman is able to pull of the fashion I personally do not mind it.

  7. Hei Gorgeous! I am so glad you are back! I just found out 2 weeks ago. Since you left your blog I never thought you would re-open it and I had never thought to check if you have come back. And suddenly 2 days ago I don`t know what made me remember on you and ckeck on you on Instagram and than I saw the news! 🙂 SO HAPPY! And so grateful for your interesting blog. It`s very light and easy to digest, very pleasent on the eye. And speaking of that, I think people who like your blog and your style are people who also like you like classy-chic most of all. It`s just that type of site you have so it`s normal that you have united that type of people and I think we are all the same here in that aspect, otherwise we wouldn`t be here and would`t like your blog so much. I just turned 30 (I am from Bulgaria, but living in Spain) and may I say my style was very influenced by Olesya Malinskaya which I found… I don`t even remeber.. probably like 8 years ago or something like that. And although she is 2 years younger than me, it had a big impact on me how young she is and how classy she dresses! It`s very rare to see a woman that young with such a good taste on clothes and so elegant. And than I realized you don`t have to wait to become certain age in order to look classy. Although I think we have all our lives to be classy and very few years to look sexy and provocative. But that only from time to time.. In the right place and always when we are out with a guy who`s our husband – never when going out alone on the streets or on a first date.

  8. I personally like a mix of classic and trendy. But more than anything I believe in making your own style. Like the picture above in the fur or faux fur coat with the Adidas dress is so perfect to me. I just like style that look is her own and she made it more classy according to her own personal taste. That is more important to be than just going over classy or trendy.

  9. Wow
    I been checking back to you and im surprised ur again blogging! Yaaay! Love it! 🙂

    Im for classy yet i still buy some crappy fast fashion pieces and end up not wearing cause of quality.. and unsurenif i not look cheap.

    I follow those fashionbloggers and use their links to buy the outfits i like but ofcorse they re more like h&m zara etc..

    And yes all those fast fashion things u can buy inexoensiveif u want to experient new style but stick to classy and expensive things most.

  10. Dear Anna,

    I completely agree with you! I am tired of seeing slopy clothes designed by unclassy people who pretend to be designers (read it: Yeezy). I find it completely wrong spending these amounts of money on something that is temporary and not complementing femininity and sense of style.

    In my opinion, it is better to invest money in classic, sophisticated pieces, like Chanel tweed garments, Burberry trench, Max Mara coat… This could be a good investment for you as well as for some future generations.

    Anyhow, less is more, and I hope fashion will come back to this soon.

    Lots of love!

  11. I agree with you Anna! The Kim K trend is horrendous… but then some people can make it work I guess. Personally I prefer a classy and feminine style, but sometimes I feel like it makes me look a bit boring and older than I am (I’m 22). I want to dress classy while still looking young, so sometimes I go for trendier pieces with logos and more sporty looks, while trying to look put together. It’s difficult! Does anyone have any tips?
    Also, I love your instagram and blog. You have great taste and I love that you speak your mind!
    Lots of love xx

    • Yes I hear you, it’s a fine line sometimes between looking like an old lady and looking chic. The truth is, having class is always going to age a person a bit because it’s something that is more mature. For outfits, I would try to mix up trendy with classic and find a balance that you feel works for you that doesn’t age you but still look classy!

  12. Being trendy is not same as being classic. These are two different facets of fashion. They might appear to be the same thing, but actually, there exist distinct differences between them. Classic is the most admired look. No matter you are a man or woman, it is flattering on any individual. On the contrary, the style which is trendy brings the attention of a person effortlessly and gives a very clear statement about the personality of that individual. Well, it is up to the lady. She can stay trendy. She can stay classic as well. However, picking the right outfit from a well-grounded fashion house is must to define fashion through her getup.

  13. I think no one could ever go wrong with classy and chic. The reason why I found your blog is because I actually googled “how to look classy and expensive”. I needed my eyes to see something different from what I see on my instagram feed or explore. Lol I am actually tired because all girls/women look the same. So thank God I found your blog. Please don’t stop blogging!!! I love the outfits, opinions and tips you share with us. I look forward to upgrading my wardrobe to more chic & classy. I even found a good tailor who can make clothes for me because classy and chic is rare in stores .

  14. I guess I’m a little late to reply, but I’ll still give it a shot:

    What I love about the sportsy trend is, that it opens up to other labels – sport labels. And a lot of them invest big time in futuristic fashion research and alternative, high tech materials. This is something that not only might lead to good looking, jet inexpensive and easy to deal with materials for the future but also has a bigger focus on saving our planet. Therefore, my heart appplauds to this trend.
    (sure, not all sport brands are the “good guys”, and not everyone else is the “bad guys”, I described a direction there)

    BUT it’s a trend, so people buy a lot of crap and then throw it out 2-3 years later the latest. This argument is the reason I found this website, I was searching up timeless clothing. I am more of a sporty person, I am working in IT and could basicly walk around in joggers if I wanted to – but a nice classy look is something that is relatively easy to maintain and understand and also it just looks good on most persons! so why not do that 🙂

  15. I think that for many people, the sporty look is trendy because it says “I work out, I care about fitness, I eat healthy, etc” A lot of people struggle with their weight and their body. So the people who don’t like to emphasize that they don’t by wearing fancy gym wear, “Oh, look, I just came from a work out, don’t I look healthy drinking my green tea smoothie?”

    Its a subconscious advertisement of their body image and a desire for people to perceive them as healthy and fit. Some times that is the case for people who are over weight too. Maybe, if they put on their expensive work out clothes, they might feel up to go to the gym or sign up for that hiking group.

    In some cases, it might be even more true for people who are not traditionally attractive. They might not have the best skin or the best features, so they focus on something they can control, having the best body.

  16. I like to mix a combination of trendy with classic outfits. I’m 30, so I feel like over the top trendy/sporty style just doesn’t suit me as much as it would have if I were 20.
    For example, a classic yet trendy daytime outfit could be slim fit jeans without rips, a Gucci logo shirt, and a leather jacket with a classic designer bag. Instead of the overdone Balenciaga style sneakers we see everywhere, a classic flat, black leather ankle boot would work..I think this is an example of the best of both worlds.

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