Being married to a millionaire


I want to give you all a little story time. This story is about a proper jet-set wife, with 2 failed marriages but currently happily married to her 3rd millionaire.


Being married to a millionaire

Many ladies out there dream of marrying an affluent man and living happily ever after, but I’m not sure they understand what the reality actually is. It’s not always classy, elegant and luxurious.

Many ladies don’t seem to realize that marrying a millionaire actually puts more pressure and tests the relationship.

Let me tell you the most common truth, the other side of the coin jet-set wives usually don’t talk loudly about:


The Affluent Man Syndrome

A successful business man earns his wealth because he is constantly pushing himself to aim higher. That’s how he makes more and more money. He is never satisfied with what he gets, there is always something better to be achieved. Unfortunately, many successful business men think the same way when it comes to their women.

Women become as temporary as their financial goals. They always aim for something better once they get what they want. They constantly want to improve.


If you’re only dating an affluent man, you will notice how he will pamper you until your “honeymoon phase” is over, then you will get exchanged for someone new.


Grasping women turn into hungry hyenas and will hunt down every rich man they come across. These girls are everywhere, you would be surprised! Where your man is, they will be too. Simply because they know where to hang out and they go with their girlfriends to all the expensive and elegant high society venues. Not all ladies have elegance and practice good manners and etiquette.


And the rest you can figure out yourself.

When you’re married to a millionaire, you always have to be on the lookout for homewreckers.


I’ve seen many happy marriages fail due to this, and this will be the constant battle.

It will be up to you how to handle the issue. Unfortunately, jet-set wives become very paranoid and fight at home around this topic.


Many Lonesome Nights

Even if he will be totally in love with you, he will always prioritize the big bucks. You should prepare yourself for many lonesome evenings at home, not to mention when he is away on numerous business trips.


Being a millionaire is not a 9-5 job, it’s a 24/7 on duty mode.

This will affect your relationship, it will test your relationship to bits and pieces. He will be constantly getting phone calls in the most uncomfortable situations.

That’s the sad reality. If they want to live wealthily, then the breadwinner will be gone a lot, working hard for their luxurious lifestyle.


Money messes people up

You might have fallen in love with someone who seems like the most amazing man in the world, but if he’s rich then there might be a lot of hidden secrets you should know about.


A common behaviour is the man thinking he is the boss because he is the breadwinner. He will like to influence you, and in some cases control you.

When you don’t have your own money, you have less power. Never forget that.

Sure, every person is different and every relationship is unique. I’m talking about the most common affluent men and the most common issues in these types of relationships. Don’t believe everything you see and stay focused on being positive, classy and elegant.



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