Being married to a millionaire

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Yesterday I met up with one of my older female friends. She is a proper Jetset wife, with 2 failed marriages in her baggage but currently happy married to her 3rd millionaire.

Not many friends of mine know I’m writing this blog, but I had to tell her as I wanted to interview her for a post about how it is being married to a rich man. She is truly an expert, as she’s been through a lot, both good and bad. I’ve taken notes of her own words but I’ve also summarized our conversation in my way.


Being married to a millionaire

“Many girls out there dream of marrying a rich man and live happily ever after, but I’m not sure they understand how the reality actually is.

Many girls don’t seem to realize that marrying a millionaire actually puts more pressure and testing to the relationship, in comparison if they would marry an average Joe.”

Let me tell you the most common truth, the other side of the coin jetset wife’s usually don’t talk loudly about:


The Rich Man Syndrome

* A successful business man earns his wealth because he is constantly pushing himself to aim higher. That’s how he makes more and more money. He never satisfies with what he gets, there is always something better to be achieved. Unfortunately many successful business men think the same way when it comes to their women.

Women become as exchangeable as their financial goals, they always aim for something better once they get what they want. This is a well known “rich man syndrome” everyone knows about it.


Probably one of the biggest issues trying to be married to one, as you end up with a cheating husband = he gets bored with having only a wife and he knows he can get away with cheating because he delivers the $$$$$ to the household.

If you’re only dating and not being married to a business man you will notice how he will pamper you until your “honeymoon phase” is over, then you will get exchanged to someone new.

Some guys are even worse; they won’t even bother dating girls as they prioritize spending their time by continuing building their wealth (working) so they just sleep with girls and exchange them like toys when they feel like. Again, Welcome to the “rich man syndrome”.


The Goldiggers will become your enemy

* Like mentioned above, the cheating rate for rich guys are higher. It’s just a fact even though I don’t have any stats for it, but you can try and see for yourself. However there is always a very small percentage of rich men who actually don’t cheat (but yeah, good luck finding them) – but you will still get faced with another problem: the Goldigger Homewreckers.

Golddigging women turn in to hungry hyenas and will hunt down every rich man they come across to any prize. These girls are everywhere, you would be surprised! Where your man is, they will be too. Simply because they know where to hang around, they go with their girlfriends to all the expensive / elegant venues/bars/restaurants/clubs you name it where your man most probably also will go for business lunches, client outings etc.


And the rest you can figure out yourself.

When you’re married to a millionaire you always have to be on the look out for the homewreckers and believe me, it’s damn stressful! Some jetset wifes manage to switch off, but I still believe it’s in the back of the mind of everyone, no matter how much you trust your man.

The truth is that even if you’ve got your rich husband and you think “yes finally, my life is now sorted”, it’s actually not the case as the marriage can be taken away from you any second. Now you probably think “but it’s like that in any marriage”. Well, let me tell you this – not necessarily.

For us jetset wifes, we actually have an army of sabotaging women waiting around the corner and willing to do anything to steal our man away from us.


These women have absolutely no mercy and they come well prepared, ready to do anything to win. I’ve seen many happy marriges fail due to this, and this will be the constant battle.

Because this is the reality, and you will have to live with this. It will be up to you how to handle the issue and unfortunately jetset wifes become very paranoid and fights at home surround a lot around this topic.


Many Lonesome Nights

* Get prepared to spend a lot of time on your own. If you think that a wealthy man will have a lot of free time on his hands, then reality check please. Do you think a man becomes rich by hanging around at home? Erm, no?

Even if he will be totally in love with you, he will always prioritize the big bucks. Sure he will say, “baby you’re my number one” and all that crap, but honestly you should prepare yourself for many lonesome evenings at home, not to mention when he is away on numerous business trips.


Being a millionaire is not a 9-5 job, it’s a 24/7 always on duty mode.

This will affect your relationship, it will test your relationship to bits and pieces. He will be constantly getting phone calls in the most uncomfortable situations, he will constantly be checking emails as his mind never really switches off from work and “sudden emergency work stuff” will be the reason of many cancellations of your plans together.

That’s the sad reality and that’s the acceptance that most jetset wifes have to take. If they want to live in wealth then the breadwinner will be gone a lot, working hard for their lifestyle. This is the law of nature, nothing comes for free, not even the good life.


If you’re planning on a big family life then really prepare yourself of raising the kids on your own, with very limited time all family together. You can still make it work, but it will rarely be as ideal as you’ve probably imagined it in your head as a little girl.
But yes, your life will be comfortable in other ways.

Money messes people up

* You might have fallen in love with someone who seems like the most amazing man in the world, but if he’s rich then there might be a lot of hidden secrets you should know about.

Being a millionaire is not an easy job, imagine yourself running a billion worth company(ies) with a heavy load of responsibility. This causes a lot of pressure and stress for the person, which in some cases results in abusive behavior like alcoholism, drug abuse etc. Of my own experience, alcohol & drugs are the most common “stress reliefs” for rich guys. It’s also fairly accepted in this world as lavish parties is a part of the scene.


If it’s not any abusive behavior there is often some darkness in the picture. A common one of my friends is the man thinking he is the boss because he is the breadwinner. He will like to influence you, in some cases control you, a powerful man will be acting with power in his private life. And not in a sexy way.

When you don’t have your own money, you have less power. Never forget that. So marrying someone who is rich, and you’re not will mean that you will always be the one that will have to surrender, who will be  the follower never the leader. 

Sure, every person is different, every relationship is unique. I’m talking about the most common rich men and the most common issues in these type of relationships. Take this with a pinch of salt, but most im     portantly. Do a reality check while you’re riding those pink dollar clouds, thinking life will get sorted once you marry a rich man. Don’t believe everything you see. 


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  1. Thanks for sharing this 🙂 This is why I love your blog!! I can imagine all the golddiggers, how they would be so annoying…

  2. Another Jetset Babe on

    Hi il love your blog it’s fantastic i ! 🙂

    oh something i want to mention… in the first picture the woman looks like Gisele Budshen !

  3. Anonymous on

    It was good reading this. My husband works 80+ hours weekly and I never see him! Good to know this is the standard for driven, wealthy men. (:

  4. happiness doesnt come from possessions, id take a broke man who truly cares whom I can trust over a filthy rich self important arsehole anyday. Nothing is free in this world.

  5. You didnt mention the fact that when they decide to have an affair and then divorce you they subsequently have you nailed by hiring the best lawyer and hiding their wealth so you end up with nothing. Then they “buy” your children hearts and steal them away from you 🙁

  6. I had my own money in the bank when I met my husband. Jetsetbabe – you are doing the right thing. The good multis adore women who can take themselves to St Trop or Bart’s. Follow your financial dream. You will stand out in the millionaire Man’s environment!

  7. I usually read your blog as it’s a good source of fashion inspiration in a down to earth way. And, honestly, I’m working in an environment that brought me to see much of what you show in your blog.
    But what I actually think is that there is a point not very clear in your posts: jet set girls are SURELY attractive and gorgeously dressed up women, but reality tells me that, in a bigger view, they end up being losers after they turn 35 years old (and many times, even in their younger years). I mean, let’s face the truth: apart from good looks, what man would fall in love with women who want to be loved for just what they look like, spending their life posting pictures of luxury and clothes on instagram? I mean, it’s great to take care of your looks (and everybody likes beauty, so if you can afford expensive stuff, it’s ok for you to buy it – me too!), but an excess of attention for looks instead of attention for some brain/art/whatever, doesn’t really make you interesting once a man took you out for dinner for pure narcisism. And, in the worst of the cases, used you like a sock and threw you away, so that you have to struggle and find someone else to buy your new Loboutins or to go on a French Riviera 5 star hotel as next holiday.

    Most of the rich men (and I’m talking about real rich, not upper middle class) I met, married and had children with normal women. With normal I don’t mean ugly, but I mean “averagely” smart, nice and brilliant. Some of them are very pretty too, but it’s like it’s not their first and only feature. Some of them, still, love going to comfortable resorts and shop amazing clothes, but it’s not about pure exhibitionism and posting everything on instagram! That part is much more related to the “sugar daddy girl”, the one who ends up being not very respected nor happy in life further.
    Sugar daddy girls are the ones who just one on fifty married or/had had children with superwealthy guys. Most of the times they try to take as much money as possible to an ugly old lad who uses them sexually/for their image in return, and that’s just sad.
    Just look at a good compromise between taking care of looks and having brains: Dasha Zhukova, partner of Mr. Abramovich, may look not as physically flawless as some of the Jet set babes shown here, but still is very fashion-conscious and cool, and FIRST OF ALL, she’s intelligent and independent. There’s no trace of lavish exhibitionism in her public behaviours, even though she carries birkins, jewels ecc.

    Least but not last, what I can personally share with you all, to make you think, is the incredible intelligence of a girl I know. She looks stunning, like most jet setters. But, instead of trying to hook up with a disgusting sugar daddy, she has been helped by her family to start up a small company, in a very strategic place for meeting rich people. Obviously a rich one noticed her and talked to her. And not a common rich one, he’s an oligarch and doesn’t live in Russia. Do you want to know why he let his wife with two sons for her? Because apart from being beautiful and fun, when he told her when they first met about the death of his mother casually, she cried! It was the first or second time they met and as he talked about his loss, she let him see her in tears and this was the first reason why he got interested in her. She didn’t really talk about lifestyle, expensive cars, and all that shit. She admitted she appreciated comfortable life, but she’s just shown a very sensitive and humble part, a serious worker and on the other side, a great look. And she is a winner. I asked her about her secret weapon, and this is what she told me: if you look great but you say superficial and focused on the external things, it’s hard someone who has a lot of choice like a super rich will take you seriously. But if you take care of your body but show a sweet, bright and humble personality, and will make him feel like he immediately estabilished an human contact with you in a world of cynism he is used to, then a super rich will fall for you.
    I didn’t write names because I didn’t want to touch others’ privacy, but this is what I wanted to say about the topic.

    • Thank you for sharing this long and interesting comment.
      I’m just talking about how you can be a jet set babe yet have your brains together and adapt for an independent life when there is more to it than hunt for a sponsor or rich man. Thats simply what big aspect this blog is about, but if you mean the fact that I post pictures of girls who are no those types of girls in reality, well Im not posting pictures of role models here, Im posting of their fashion and lifestyle. Not their private relations. Maybe thats whats making it confusing 🙂 Hope I understood your question mark correctly 🙂

    • Diana, that was beautifully written. I understood you perfectly. I thought the original post was good too, very insightful, but your comment… I will be saving. It was very thought provoking, and I agree with much of what you said.
      Having grown up surrounded by children of conglomerates and celebrities, I laughed and clapped when you said, “Some of them, still, love going to comfortable resorts and shop amazing clothes, but it’s not about pure exhibitionism and posting everything on instagram!”
      Instagram really should be the new tabloid. Your perspective was so refreshing, and balanced, acknowledging both sides of what could be and what is the reality.

      Anyway, I just want to say thank you for commenting. It was encouraging to read, and I’ll definitely be thinking about it after 🙂

  8. O.K, amazing piece, so informative 🙂
    I am only 18, so don’t be offended as this is only my opinion. If I had to pick between a 9-5 job with minimum pay or a wealthy man who comes with a large extension of contacts, some golddiggers at his heels and a good life, I will surely pick the latter 🙂
    Men are bound to cheat, rich or poor, not to say all rich men cheat.
    I do consider you to be my inspiration, even though I just found this blog, it is a fun distraction from my everyday life as a college fresher .

    Sending love your way xoxo
    Btw just another thing, I have no respect for those women who hunt down wealthy (or not rich) married men, that is the lowest of the low, because if a man left his wife for you, he will damn well dump you for another chica. And mostly these types don’t leave their wives, so those women are just a side dish.

  9. is being a millionaire really that hard?? and have guys really changed that much?? my dad came from a wealthy family and grew up on the north shore and then went on to make about $2 million a year as a trader, so i guess he’s pretty rich…my mom is beautiful but she’s nothing special or a size 2 and my dad never cheated and my parents never got divorced…this whole marriage thing now a days just confuses me

  10. I would love to know how these act or behave with these men. Do they behave like doting wives or real submissive ? Never saying no. Must they treat him like he is number one in their household ? How must these women be in this type of marriage? I have been trying to find blogs of women married to such men and came across this one but I can’t find the answer anywhere?

    • You be yourself and you stand up for what you believe in. You be a real woman.
      I am not submissive, but I let the man be the man. I am the woman. That is how it should be and that is how it works.
      These men like a lot of respect, but you still have to be a strong woman and know where to draw the line and tell them when something is not right. Then you have respect.
      I liken it to King and Queen. My King knows it is the Queen that protects the King.. and we have had many situations to experience this, and that has strengthened the respect for each other.

      You attract the person that you are ready for. Just be yourself, be confident, look after your body and health. Yes you do have to look after yourself. We both train in the gym every day and eat immaculately, but it is just our lifestyle, but it is not a rule.

      Always expect respect. And always give respect.

  11. I have found through experience that this very same scenario runs through those in upper middle class as well. A man who is always striving for his worth in his work has a tendency to reach certain achievements and find that woman are as exchangeable as the clients and products they work with. The relationship of family and wife become much like another chore or jib and one of here gold diggers are always there to catch the eye of your an and breathe sweet relaxing words in there path. Daily as are dose of fresh are it they are seduced until your become are it source of burden. A constant fight and battle. It seems that the man is always on the track of filling his self respect through means of his own areirchievements that he controls. Reality is they are spiritually weak men and are self driven to think they need nothing else. There view of women becomes much like anything else if they aren’t careful. Let’s face it. We all need to know we are safe and successful..but scathing women and men who lose their moral priorities to self sufficient wealth males everything truly valuable a loss to there selfishness.

  12. I am in this situation and a lot of what you write is very true.
    You become a REAL woman in this situation and you have to deal with situations that most people do not. It is very stressful and yes you have to learn to ignore some things, and yes it can be very lonely most of the time and yes he works a lot.
    So many people think I am lucky to travel all over the world.
    Let me tell you this.. do you think he can switch his mind off on ‘holiday’, only to realise that most of the time he planned it because it was at a location where there is a business opportunity.
    Do you think it is easy with ex-wives? Let me tell you.. it is not. There are ex wives that cause problems.. it is very stressful. and you have to learn how to switch off and deal with it.
    Do you think it is easy to not be able to have someone there when you need them because they are travelling on business? It isnt. You learn to become very independent.

    It isnt all bad though. You get treated as a woman with respect, and at least in my case, I can remind him that his ego is up THERE because everyone else is too scared to tell him otherwise. I keep him grounded and remind him when he is taking advantage of his position.. but it has not come to this point easy. It was terrible in the beginning trying to understand this type of life, but after a couple years we are strongest we have ever been – but ONLY because I am involved now in his business.

    I work in an industry of all men, an I know what it is like to always have men throw themselves at you, as he experiences with women, so you really have to just switch off and know that it is the women being disrespectful when they offer sex, and it is up to the couple to have integrity and be honest.

    Sometimes I dream of the simple life.

    • I married a multi millionaire three years ago. It’s hard work! The problem being a lack of team spirit, joint thinking, building the wealth together as normal relationships do. His ego is so large there is little space for me. He does what he likes when he likes how he likes. He arranges my life, dictating what I do, where I go etc. He demands and expects respect on every opinion and thought. We go to every function he wants to. Don’t get me wrong we go on fab holidays, eat in gorgeous restaurants and I drive a lovely car. I have no financial worries. However he’s mean. Doesn’t buy me jewellery, clothes etc but expects me to look good all the time. Sometimes he’s taken me to a jewellers or a clothes shop to treat me, but I’m expected to pay half (to prove I really wanted it). He shows me little respect despite the fact I was a pretty successful independent woman when we met. The problem as I see it is that they’re so used to getting their own way, money speaks louder and everything is disposable. They’re hard wired to make money and being caring and emotional doesn’t add anything to the bottom line. As you can probably tell I’m not in a very good place at the moment. I’m currently having tests for cancer and yesterday he fell asleep whilst waiting five minutes for our appointment. I went on my own. No apology. He was tired. The saying, “if you marry a rich man you’ll earn every penny” is absolutely true! Of course this doesn’t apply to marriages when you’ve been together years and built it together. This would be a more equal respectful relationship. Make your own wealth and marry for love.

      • I’m am sorry to hear to that. Thanks for the advice, hope your results come back negative. Stay strong!!

      • I am hearing you 🙁 I am sorry too that you are going through this
        The ego is very difficult to deal with – I feel for you.

        You were SOMEONE before you met him. Never forget this. You are still that person – he just has a cloud over you, but you are still that successful independent woman. You had many things before you met him. They still exist. Your had a life before him – this is never lost.

        This ego is like a muscle they like to use to make themselves feel better. It is very hard on us and even if we are strong women, it wears us down.
        The only thing I can suggest is for you to start your own business and slowly build up your own self esteem. Protect it because you are not there to sacrifice it for someone else. You are powerful and you are important.
        Please look after yourself. Please you do not deserve this stress.
        If you had a daughter, and she was feeling this pain, what would you tell her?
        Take care and please let us know how you are going xoxo

  13. I am currently in a situation, where I left my millionaire husband because he was so controlling. I could not make any decisions pertaining to anything including remodeling our 25 year old outdated kitchen. He told me NO! However; when he wanted it done and the idea was his, it got done. I left with nothing except my clothes. I was a stay at home mom for 29 years and trying to get a job at 55 years old sucks. I sleep on an air mattress and I am definitely going through the stages of grief. I think I should go back it was easier than I like not being controlled. I will take any suggestions from others.

  14. Pussy smooch on

    Honestly life sucks I’m at male 36 never married no children thank God I really could care less about being married honestly I’ve never had anything I think it’s cause from depression and anxiety I’ve never really been able to hold a job . but I sit back and I hear about people all the time that are worth 50 and $100 million sound even worth 10-20 even $30 billion or more that’s almost satanic , sinful even to have that kind of money. I could not imagine having that kind of buying power . I don’t care what anybody says money does buy happiness yeah it sure as hell does. Anytime I’ve had money and was able to accomplish something I really wanted I would lose sleep at night because I was so excited . And I would love to be a multi mega millionaire and have a $50 million home or for five maybe even 10 homes scattered across the country and a 500 car garage stacked full of cars like Jay Leno but I could never feel what that kind of buying power feels like I’ll never be able to taste money and I’ll never know what a Rolls-Royce feels like to own . Trust me being poor and living in a home that leaks and is rotting down no car and barely can put food on the table it makes me sick to my stomach at the people that are so greedy and have anything they could ever want . So fuck the Rockefellers fuck the Waltons and fuck the Hiltons fuck the gates and any other rich or stupidly rich multi mega billionaire . it’s a flat out fucking sinful shame it’s like Tupac said before he died you got billions of dollars in the bank and these motherfuckers don’t even have a roof over their head food on the table or a car to drive and you can sleep at night you can drink you can go party how can you live with yourself knowing that people are suffering and you’re living in a lavish lifestyle . Anyway I just wanted to put my two cents and not trying to start a war but I just thought I’d give a males point of view as far as me if I had that kind of money I would be on total radar I would not be married and if I even had a woman even sniffing like she wanted to be with me I would have a prenuptial agreement signed and notarized at an attorney’s office in front of the Attorney . And that’s after she was with me five or 10 years there is no way in hell having that kind of money I would marry someone . But anyway I just want to add my two cents and give my faults of this whole unfair world .

  15. German Shepherd on

    I don’t want to marry anyone , but having a kid these days is so expensive. I think only rich people should have kids.

  16. Brooklyn Bagwell on

    Hey Everyone! I’m currently casting for a new documentary series that some of you may be interested in!

    I’m looking for men OR women who are currently engaged OR in a serious relationship with someone of a much higher OR lower income bracket!

    For more information email
    Please make your subject line: MILLIONS

    • Great idea, I’ve been with my ultra for 7 years through serious illness (his), death of his mother and a nasty divorce that took 4 years. I would have to remain anonymous though because we are very private. We are engaged but have not set a date. He is younger than me by 3 years, I’m older but still considered a beauty, highly educated in law, business and politics. He had been looking for 15 years without success but he pursed me after hearing me argue a legal case. I make him laugh and understand even his most complex business dealings though I’m rarely apart of them. He makes me feel loved and understood, when he is available – which is not daily or even weekly. As far as I know though he is very faithful and his only mistress is his love of business and success.

  17. Oh well, she is generalising every rich dude

    She think that her husband represent every rich dude lol

  18. Man, all those movies and shows make it seem like its so easy. I’ve always known that millionaires surely can’t have a lot of time on their hands to play around and love their wives. The reality of it is highly distorted and I’m glad I got to see this from the perspective of a millionaire’s wife.

    • I agree and have been hoping to find a place to discuss and share this unusual life style with others who can understand. My fiancé loves me dearly, however he is not normal but then I don’t want him to be normal.

  19. I have my own however... on

    She hit the nail on the head with this article. I have my own money, however my husband has much more. He’s a very successful businessman and I’ve struggled for years with his climb up the ladder. I know a lot of you are saying “Oh these poor women married to these rich men”, but money isn’t everything. Money makes the physical life easier but can’t take care of your emotional happiness.

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