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I’m looking for a contributor to and a moderator to the facebook group. As I’m getting more & more busy with The School, it would be wonderful to have someone else who is passionate about the jet-set topic, to help out either with blogging for JetsetBabe or being a moderator for our popular FB group! (or both!)

The person I’m looking for should:

– Have some form of experience or knowledge of the jet-set world
– Enjoy writing/creating content
– Have the time to contribute regularly
– Have knowledge in all OR some of the areas: Beauty, Luxury Fashion, Luxury Travel, Personal Transformation, Diet/Fitness, High-society
– Either willing to do this for pure pleasure, or because she benefits of the exposure for herself or her business. Please note, to not conflict with each other, I would prefer NO bloggers, coaches or teachers.

If you’re interested please email me with answers to following questions:

1. What’s your availability, weekly or monthly?
2. What topics do you have experience and expertise in That would be of interest to the JSB community?
3. Do you have any experience of being part of the high-society, jet-setting etc? If yes, please specify how.
4. Are you interested in writing for the blog or being an admin of the FB group?
5. What will you get out of contributing? Is there any business you wish to promote?

Please note, it’s not paid but instead an opportunity for someone who wants to do it for fun, for the experience or the exposure. I’m happy to chat about it more, so DM me on Facebook or send me an email by clicking here. 


About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.

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