Wednesday, December 12

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  1. Another JetSet Girl on

    When i see all these pictures of girls i just want to have some lip injections 😀
    My lips are actually a lil bit small to me…
    But each day i see your blog i am interested more and more by that surgery

  2. Boring housewife on

    Sorry I normally agree with your choice of jetset girls but this is a very big exception. This girl is just too much. Too much make-up, too much jewellery, too much accessories, too much shouting in your face exspensive clothes put on all together at once and absolute zero class. But what is the worst it’s that unnatural embicile-like pout and absolutely shockingly ugly eyebrows

  3. Another JetSet Girl on

    These girls look beautiful but as boring hosuewife said they are all “too much” and that’s not very nice …

  4. This girl made me eyeroll.
    BHousewife, you took the words out of my mouth.

    The polar opposite of this girl is Maya Zaboshta, who is simply classy and stylish. Never a ‘too much’ girl–my kind of a girl:)

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