Answer to a comment regarding my Plain Jane Post

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A Comment that was made on my post on How to Transform yourself from Plain Jane to a JetsetBabe:

“I agree, but in the JetSet world people (men) value a pretty face more than personality.

At the end of the day, I swear you can develop a personality. I used to roll with many Russian/foreign models/exotic dancers/escorts (that is a lot of slashes) in NYC and many of them were beautiful and had amazing bodies FIRST.

Then they started to know how to ‘ACT’, then how to dress. Be the life of the party (while not overdoing it), know how to flirt, know how to be mysterious, how to appear interesting. I swear they all had a handbook because when I first met them, they had 0 personality and were awkward. I feel when you are around the right people they can help groom you or if you are smart you will adapt your personality.


I have seen girls start off looking like awkward teenagers in an adult world and within a few months turn into the most worldly and classy women you will ever meet. Down to their conversation choices. When I first met them they were spending weekends on the New Jersey shore or Brighton Beach and the next month they are bragging about attending a polo match in the Hamptons !

I remember being invited to a private event at a very very exclusive club at the rooftop of a hotel in NYC when I first moved to NYC. My girlfriend who invited me (who I considered a Jet Set girl) texted me a bunch of pointers regarding how I should dress (nothing to tight, nothing to short, classy not trashy), what I should talk about (travel, art, food). It was eye opening and I had a great time (while trying to balance on my new Louboutins).


I just came back from traveling in France and met this very nice French gentleman. I had girlfriends there who were more attractive that me BUT since I had so much to talk about just coming back from France I was able to talk to him all night and also practice my French. I guess I am agreeing with this post. Also, having a benefactor helps. I mean how else would a Plain Jane afford all the manicures, plastic surgery, waxing, facials, makeup, hair do’s, designer clothes and shoes. If you don’t have one you better get real good at doing your own makeup and hair and find an excellent consignment store and local gym.”


My Answer:

Great input and interesting comment! Personally does count and there is a lot of acting you can add on to it if you wanna go hardcore and succeed in the Jet set world to any prize like those girls you mentioned in your comment – but I feel then you’re losing yourself. And by losing yourself is a prize you will eventually pay – to yourself.

True that some men value a pretty face more than a personality, but usually this group of men are men you want to stay away from anyway. Believe me! There are a lot of weirdos, assholes and negative people around, usually this group falls in under one of the categories.

The point I think you’re clearly making in your comment is the fact that you have to put on an act in order to blend in. And it’s very true, there are many do’s & don’ts in the jetset world. It’s normal to have to adapt your behavior when you want to enter a group of people – but that’s the reason why I want to make a point how important it is to do so –  TOGETHER with your own personality (by being yourself).


Blend in, adapt to the rules if you wish BUT stay who you are, and don’t be afraid of showing your true colors!

To finish off your last point, I must say it’s hard in the beginning to get the JetsetBabe appearance since it requires a lot of investments (money). It takes time to build up, but it will come eventually. Sure those girls that gets sponsors, can built everything up much faster, but I personally rather choose the slower but self sufficient road.

The only thing I can actually say, is that it takes time, but meanwhile there is so much you can do yourself and still look amazing. Plus not everyone need to have surgery, designer items etc to look like a JetsetBabe 😉



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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Great post !! It’s cool my comment sparked this post 🙂 I love this discourse we have on this site. I sometimes consider myself going from Jane (i was never plain) to JetSet so I had a lot to say and was speaking from first hand experience. I was glad you got what I was trying to say. I had friends help me along the way and luckily I didn’t lose myself.

    Also I think it would be great to do some post about being a budget friendly JetSet babe. I do stress a lot about designer items as I live and work in a fashion obsessed city where people will LITERALLY judge you on your handbag. When I first came here consignment shops were my best friend. I loved the posts about home eyelash extensions and at home spa treatments.

  2. “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  3. I agree with this post. Witnessed myself the real life of jetset babe’s , the good side and the bad side. From all my girlfriend jetset babe’s only one has succeeded the rest failed after they got into their mid 30’s . It’s really sad to see how their beautiful jet set life fades just because they haven’t prepared their retirement ! But more about their stories I would share with you via your email. I hope it will be interesting and helpful for readers and fans of your blog.

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