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Another jet-set story

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I’ve got a reader to share her jet-set story with me. She wants to remain anonymous but I took the opportunity to ask her some questions and create an interview out of it.

How did you get in to the jet-set world?

I was working as a hostess in a nightclub after I graduated high school. I wanted to take a break from studying and make some money aside while I was figuring out life and so on. Somehow a friend got me in to this high-end club where I live to work as a table hostess and I guess that’s how it all started.

I met a large number of people as I worked there for almost two years, mostly men of course, but I didn’t mind it as their attention was giving me loads of confidence. I would exchange numbers with guests whenever there was an opportunity. I think back then I was quite naive and would literally grasp anyone descent who wanted to get to know me. Once I gave my number to an older man who turned out to be quite wealthy and that’s how I began my jet-set story.

What is your experience with the jet-set world?

This man showed me the way forward. I was only an average girl working in a club and he was a bit of a jet-setter. At least in my eyes he seemed to be a billionaire but today I know he wasn’t actually that extravagant or rich. It was more my naive eyes who never seen a man with status before, I had nothing to compare with.

But I still had a good time with him. It was like he was my first investor who bought me a new wardrobe as I didn’t own any labels or handbags. He took me on some trips abroad and showed me some amazing bars and restaurants. When I was with him I felt I discovered a world I wouldn’t want to let go off as my taste buds got quite acquainted with the good life.

In a way I guess you could say that the older man was my sponsor but we never put any definition to our relationship. Yes we slept with each other, I liked him as my mentor but it was never a case of me feeling obligied to him or repay him. It was all emotional based of true liking, plus I did care for him. He had gotten divorced and felt lonely, probably a middle-age crisis on top of that – and there I was young and innocent.

While seeing this man I was still working at the club. Little by little I began to acquire good contacts with both girls and guys/men. After a while my relationship with the older man started to fade as he got more busy with work and I changed my circle of friends.

I was lucky to get introduced to a quite high-level of people, but I know it was kind of thanks to my personal transformation. When I looked like an average girl I didn’t get the right attention, but after the pampering of the older man, I had invested money in my appearance and got more exclusive clothing – people started looking differently at me. I know later it was not pure luck, it was like some formula had worked.

Now it’s been 6 years since I started (I’m 25) and I can say I’m so happy to have done it. I would say I’m a bit of a jet-setter right now.

The first 5 years were quite crazy. A lot of party, travel and socialising. I did the entire bit of Ibiza, south of France, Paris, London, Vegas and L.A etc. Often through promoter friends, rich guys who invited or girlfriends who were invited by rich guys and wanted company. I’ve also been dating wealthy men and got some pampering and opportunities that way.

How is your jet-set life today?

Through friends in common I met my current boyfriend who is quite well off and we live together. It was thanks to those high-end friends who introduced me to him. We’ve been together for a year and I travel the world with him on business trips etc. But he is also a guy that pushes me to do my own thing so he has invested money in to my studies (a very good university) so I’m studying at the moment.

I miss the party-glam-days a bit, but I know at the same time I’m very fortunate to have met my current boyfriend, as it has only changed my life to the better.

What do you think contributed to your “success” in the jet-set world?

For sure my first job in the high-end club! I didn’t know anything about the luxury life until I started meeting people there who took me under their wing. The older man of course and my jet-set friends who I got to know after.

But if I would look at myself I think I’ve been fortunate to always look like a decent girl, I’m naturally slim and have long thick hair which gets attention from the guys. My face is alright too, although it has become slightly better over the years once I started investing money to it. But not to forget an easy-going attitude and a fun approach to life. People have fun with me and I’m always positive, that’s helped for sure to expand my social circle.

Story of a Jetset Babe

What have you learned and what advice would you give aspiring girls who want to get in to the jet-set world?

It’s hard work at times! You need to be a bit superficial, it’s part of it. Everyone is! I’m still grounded as a person but of course I’ve gotten used to a lifestyle which has spoiled me a bit. The problem is once you get a taste for this life, it’s very hard to go back to the basics you came from. I’m not a diva, just being honest….

My advice is to take it slowly, stay grounded and don’t get carried away. You will lose yourself if all you see is dollar signs and you will actually start a journey of self-destruction. I do care for money but money is not everything. Sure I want a high-end lifestyle, but I know I can go back to my old basic average lifestyle anytime and make a good life out of it.

Thank you! 

If you as a reader who is part of the jet-set world would like to share your personal story or let me interview you – please email me. You can decide wether you want to be anonymous or not. 



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  1. This interview is such a great idea! I think having more of these would be wonderful!
    I would have a follow up question to this guest jet-setter. She mentions how she has invested in her face as well as changed her wardrobe which helped with getting noticed . I was wondering if she could share the 3 changes she’s done to her face that she thinks were the most important and the 3 important changes to her wardrobe.

    Thank you!

  2. I wish i had gone this way.
    But in witch country should i go n where to look for high end people or clubs where can meet them?

  3. l just want to say l love your blog l started to read it 2 years ago and l check in every day, but there is one subject you never really talked about and its the height of a jetsetgirl? does it matter? we know the jetset life is very superficial but how big impact does the height of a woman have? l am 162 cm and wonder is it too short? is it very important that you have to be like modellheight?

    • yes height absolutely matters. Most jetsetbabes are really tall because most rich men like model-like tall girls. Heels is the only thing that can help you but it may not be enough.

      • Not true. Many men prefer petite women as long as they have long looking legs that’s good enough too. I know because I am currently with a man who owns hotels in Europe and dubai. His friends are all with petite women. As long as your a slender small woman who can wear sky high heels it does not matter. A lot of these girls aren’t very tall. Maybe average height at the most 5’5 but it is the angle In which they take the photographs.

  4. I agree. I wonder the same about my height.. Im 162cm and 44kg.. Sometimes i wonder if men would notice me and not think im too young even im 28.
    People still ask my ID for alcohol or to enter the club.

    If i wear ysl platform higheels and vandage dress, men turn heads.. But i dont wear heels or mini skirts on daily bases..
    Sometimes i feel loss of selfconfidence cause of my height..

  5. When are you going to start naming the things with their real names? What is that “jet-set world”-entering you are talking about with eufemism? It`s prostitution… So say it. Of course she would like to stay anonomous. Go figure why! 😀 OMG! And here all the aspired prostitutes who are so fascinated by this KNOW-HOW KNOWLEDGE and want “more of this interviews” calling them “a great idea” cause they want someone to make their way… And why? Cause a life with some overprices shit that look glamorous looks to them so good. It`s pretty sad. For the n-th time I convince myself that the grand part of women that enter this site are aspiring-prostitutes who want so much “to start with a very old, very wealthy gyu” who`s gonna introduce them to the…. ok, let`s sugar it – to the “jet-set world”. You girls are so delucional , it just sad. I mean .. really! But I am sure you wouldn`t even be able to know what I am talking about, so I won`t waste my words. And you all here like group – the writer and the readers are pretending like you don`t know about what this article actually is, cause it just doesn`t sound that good if you call it what it is. So deluded…

    • this is such a demeaning comment. its not black and white. and who are we to judge? my mother was a stay at home mom and my father shared his salary with us – does that make her a pro** too?? Get real, there is always a great symbiotic potential between people, especially girls and men. So dont judge. Sounds more like jalousy from your behalf.

  6. To the above comment- it does not sound like prostitution to me- i call a spade a spade too but this to me is something different. i actually have a very nice life and own some beautiful clothes and worked hard myself for all of it so its not like i aspire to her life but i respect that everyone has a different path.

    I think as women we do need to stop cutting each other down (i often need to remind myself of this too!) and just accept that we cannot know someones story or motivations. i say good for her!

    • I don`t blame her for living her life the way she wants. I just don`t like sugar-coting things and dleuding stupid girls that things are much more innocent when we`ve all picked-uo what she is talking about. Old guys, giving her number to anyone “decent” in “search of OPPORTUNITIES”… “Investing” in herself, like she is some kind of item to sell… Just say it upfront and openly and don`t think we`re THAT naive and stupid and we`ll be falling out of emotion cause you`ve got some lable-rags. I mean she obviuosly wanted to be a prostitute but looked for people who were willing to pay the hiest possible price and now this embelished story is so exited for “aspired” girls like her. Have the courage to live in your own truth.

      • Well, as there is still a freedom in speech in Europe (hope it will last, but I’m not so sure with all those terrorists here who want to make a new Muslim continent) I would like to comment.
        I believe that the interviewee and the girls out here who want to be so called jet-setters aren’t broadminded people. No offence, but to me sentences like “I was invited” “companionship” “friends” etc. mean that the men who invited you were just looking at you as a sex object. Treated you like a stupid girl, who is blinded by the glittering world and would do whatever it needed to experience yachting or flying in private jets.
        Men look down on you because you can’t earn your own money. They treat you like a toy. And what do they see when they look at you? As I said before: sex object, stupid girl, toy. Nothing to be proud of in my opinion.
        And then all the girls complain about how men earn more money and how badly they treat their wives cheating etc.
        A Jet-set world is a shitty world filled with new money people who want to impress and do not care about fine things in life like true friendships, spending time with family, going to operas etc. I know a lot of new money people and they treat themselves (in families!!!) like enemies. They lie and fight among each others because of money. But I believe that nobody here would even look the way I look at it because nowadays people just want to have things, live their false internet lives and do not care about the things that matter in life. (As a little reference to photos from Black Friday in the US, that I have seen.)

        • World is not black and white on

          You do not automatically gain respect by working your ass off in this world and obtain excellent career, a good family or good friends if you behave like a good tax payer. The fact that someone meets people who want to pay for her living or lifestyle, does not mean that she is sad, disrespected or in a some manner a failed person.

          There are thousands of working and average people who meet your definition of a “normal person” who have friends, partners or sex partners who just take advantage of them, but do not pay for their living or would not be ready to help them in a difficult situation. Disrespect, taking advantage of someone, violence etc. other negative problems do not occur only in high income disparity relationships or especially in relationships of jetset girls.

          The world is also not black and white. Also a “jetsetgirl” can have an university degree and a job living a completely happy life. Many of those who do not have a career are married to a millionaire.

          • I think I didn’t express myself clearly. What I meant was that I have never heard and I am sure that I won’t hear about jet-set girl who herself invites her friends on her yacht or on board of her jet.
            There are always men who do such things. Why women can’t have boats or air-crafts? Here lies my problem.
            Jetsetbabe author spreads the idea of jetset girls being independent whilst they spending vacation being dependable of some men’s finances. Unfortunately, I have lost my respect towards author of this blog because of certain things you can read between the lines – moving to her parents’, no job=no money, just part-time school=little scholarship, trip to Asia and sleeping in 5 star hotels, trip to Ibiza twice, second time with a MAN (definitely sugar daddy or “boyfriend” paying for everything), Asia again, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, (again 5 star hotels) then London (“stroll in Harrods” did I write not having job???), and finally moving to London, which is extremely expensive. In meantime you can read a lot of shitty posts about how I hate my job/being business oriented/self-improvement/being emphatic/let’s stop negativity in this world. Real business takes a lot of time. I know it personally, I was growing up while my parents was building their company. I know that being business man/woman means TRICKING and LYING. If you can’t be manipulative, if you can’t make people do things in the way you won’t – you won’t do anything in business. So, I’m saying that it’s impossible to have a company and be on vacation at the same time. Jetsetbabe author works and is lying/has sugar daddy – okay has “so called boyfriend” and is lying. I’m not a hateful person I used to love this blog but now I’m here only to look on some outfit posts because I can’t take how this author is lying and setting a “great” example to all those really young girls here. I want to motivate more women, do what you love, even if the whole world is against you and you will flatter yourself in the future using your own money not some men’s. And believe me it is the most rewarding thing ever.

  7. Attention readers aspiring Jet Setter!!! Hi guys! I’m here to invite you to download the Luxy millionaire dating application. Luxy was made especially for the rich and beautiful people. This app has members as entrepreneurs, investors, designers, lawyers, athletes, actors, fitness models, beauty queens, heirs and others. The Luxy designer material is simple and sophisticated. Between to millionaire elite Luxy and be a successful member. Download the app for iOS or Android in the application store.

    • and sell yourself to fat, old men for a purse . GOOD LUCK! Remember don’t forget to post a picture on instagram saying how bless you are!

      • Lol you sound like a bitter man whose upset that the best looking girls who know their worth will never settle for just an ordinary guy and will rather be with a man who is able to invest in her future than one whose only going to take her on a cheap date and get a free bang after wards.

        Your just upset that this is another form of women taking control as to who they share their bed with. If all women were like us on here. The world will be full of promising men who are successful because they know they won’t get no honey other wise.

        Unfortunately it is not and there are too many women letting good for nothing men ruin them

  8. I like the blog – please ignore some bad comments here on this page. To all these girls, i’d say: dont visit the blog if you dont like it.
    Keep up the good work jetsetbabe! X

  9. Lets all please be real and take a long long look at the women featured on this site. I would not flat out call anyone a prostitute BUT this lifestyle is ABOUT SELLING YOURSELF TO RICH MEN. Unless you come from money or are married or seriously dating a super wealthy person, you are just arm candy for the season. I was involved in it for a brief time and had loads of fun. I was more of a tag along friend as many people (especially women) don’t want to take trips alone with strange rich men. I even went on a JetSet trip for a whole season with one of my gay guy friends. Some super rich guy flew 6 of us out to St Tropez just to hang out and party on his yacht ! I did some modeling in NY and met some very very wealthy much much older 60+ foreign business men/bankers who always wanted to have my friends and I hang out at clubs etc.. This is always how it starts. A few of my friends eventually started having ‘relationships’ with these guys and this is where the real money/adventures began. The most extravagant gift I have seen someone get was a freaking CONDO bought for her. I guess they were boyfriend and girlfriend but is it TRUE LOVE when a bunch of 60 year old men have 19 year old girlfriends. We were all being used/using each other. We want trips clothes shopping sprees, money, the guys wanted to feel young again. I personally never slept with any of the guys but definitely flirted. Eventually we all got OLD (LOL). Some of the girls got stuck in the JetSet lifestye and are now DEFINITELY escorts. I saw one of my girlfriends who I lost touch with end up on Tag the Sponsor 🙁
    I don’t think any women should aspire to this lifestyle unless you really know about it. Drugs, Drinking, Sex/Rape, Orgies, Crazy Unbalanced people I have seen it all. Unless you are truly a part of the ‘Jet Set’ I would stay away. Save your own money and travel with your true and real friends.

    • Wow. I kind of guessed it would be somewhat this way so I don’t know why I’m so shocked. But thanks for this comment anyways.

    • Yeah you have to be aware of the game

      What Anna is making a reference is there is a way around the jet set world in which you have to be in set stone with thick skin.

      There are some men who will respect a young woman if they don’t do these type of things, not all men are perverse but as mentioned you have to have an impeccably strong mind and be on top of your game and “the” game, sort of like a young woman with a mind of a 40 year old almost fully fledged woman lol……. a mind of steel? otherwise you will get used and abused and used like tissue paper

      At least this girl is utilising and obtaining an education , if she’s smart young woman she will get PHD level 😃👍🏻

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