Anna Bey’s Travel Routine

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I want to introduce my new contributor to – Kayla! She is a creative content writer who is helping me with articles to the blog. Today she has done an interview with me about my travel routine. To contact Kayla, visit her Instagram here.

It’s summertime, and that means that vacation mode is in full swing, while vacationing and jet-setting to your destination is going to make for a great summer, getting there is not always easy and can actually be quite stressful. So here a few carryon essentials and steps I take to make flying more comfortable for myself.

When I travel, for the most part, I use a travel agent. My travel agent is responsible for scheduling my travel arrangements which include checking me in for my flight and sending my itinerary and boarding pass. Using a travel agent can definitely reduce the amount of stress when scheduling flights for vacation. I also travel business class, so one of the perks is having designated, fast-track checked luggage. Overall this cuts down on stress and saves time.

Anna Bey

No smiles for me in the air as I’m a nervous flyer! The only time you see me smile will be to the cabin crew, as appreciating their service is a must for any JetsetBabe who’s got manners!

My Carry-on Essentials

Although we all probably share the same travel necessities such as phone, tickets, wallet, passport, etc. here are a few of my carry-on essentials.


The worst thing is to be bored while flying. So, I like to make sure I have my laptop, iPad, and a nook tablet. I love to have movies, e-books, articles and podcast downloaded, so I have multiple options to keep myself entertained when it’s time for takeoff. Don’t forget to make sure you pack all of your chargers!

Wipes and Sanitizer Gel

Planes and Airports can be a breeding ground for Bactria. I try to reduce the number of surfaces I come into contact with, which is why I try to keep disinfectant wipes with me so I can wipe down my table once I am seated on the plane. No matter what class you sit in the table trays are one of the most neglected areas to be cleaned by previous passengers and airline crew. So, before working, drinking, or eating off the tray table, try to wipe them down before putting them to use. I also carry sanitizer gel just in case.

JetsetBabe Travel

Being afraid of flying means dealing with your anxiety in whatever way you can. Before, I used fly only if I’ve taken Valium, now I stopped with those pills & instead drink a few glasses of Champagne to relax. Lately, I started practicing flying “au natural”, without anything to help with my anxiety. Slowly but surely I can say I’m dealing with my aerophobia but it’s taking time and not something happening overnight!

Settling my Nerves

Although I travel many times throughout the year, I am still a nervous flyer. Therefore, I like to arrive at the airport early enough to be able to sit in the lounge. I have never come across an airport lounge that provided an excellent wine selection, and I don’t drink beer. I will either have a glass of champagne or prosecco to settle my nerves before I board my flight.


However, the most essential beverage I must have at all times when flying is water to stay hydrated. I get especially dehydrated when flying, so I like to keep a large water bottle with me at all times.


Even though I check luggage, I avoid packing valuable items away in my checked bags. Things such as designer handbags, jewelry, and my laptop stay with me in my carry-on bag. Making room in my carry-on for my valuables gives me a little bit more peace of mind, and I won’t have to worry about them if my checked bags are lost.
Change of clothes. I like to carry a complete change of clothes in my carry on as well. That way if my checked bags end up lost or arrive late to my destination I am able to change. It’s best always to be prepared I would rather have a change of clothes and not need it, then need a change of clothes and not have it. Try to bear in mind what you will be doing once you land. If you are going out to dinner soon after your arrival, make sure that you packed an appropriate spare outfit just in case.

Anna Bey

One thing I have learned over the course of traveling, is that if you have a short time between a connecting flight, and the airport is big: There will be a greater chance of not having your check-in luggage loaded on to your flight! Sometimes there is just not enough time sending your bags across from one terminal to another! Best thing to avoid this is to have plenty of time in transit. Here I’m waiting for my connecting flight in Dubai.

Makeup bag

When flying, I like to keep a few makeup products with me. Concealer is one of the few products that I carry with me so I can touch up on the go, I am currently using NARS radiant creamy concealer in Custard.

I also keep bronzer with me I use the Charlotte Tilbury Film Star bronzer, not only does it come with a bronzer but it also comes with a highlighting powder as well. I also like to keep lip balm with me my current favorite is this Rosebud Strawberry lip balm, it is very hydrating and makes my lips so soft.

The last makeup product I like to pack is lipstick. I keep a minimum of 2-3 lipsticks so I have variety and can choose depending on my mood. I tend to use nude lipsticks because they are timeless and classy. Lip colors such as L’Oréal lip pencil in the shade “Bois de Rose and Lipstick Queen Nothing but the Nudes collection are a few choices I carry with me.

What are some of your favorite carry-on items that you keep close by when traveling?

Share in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to send me a request to join the private and exclusive JetsetBabe Facebook Group and sign up with School of Affluence to find out more about Anna Bey’s coaching program.



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Kayla D is a creative content writer and contributor for Visit her Instagram to find out more!


  1. Hi Ladies,

    I like to bring a comfy pair of slides to walk to the bathroom and hand cream. I never travel without a sarong. It’s multipurpose as a wrap, skirt, beach dress, towel etc.

  2. Great tips. Re sanitizer..I also wipe the head rest. And pack my own snacks because I don’t want their super sweet cookies or too salty pretzels. Even if you just pack a little fruit bowl it helps.

      • What is an approximate proper budget for these beautiful locations excluding plane tickets. Would love to visit St.Tropez/Ibiza/Monaco.. this year.

  3. Do you use a travel wallet or any sort of organizing accessories? Would love to know how you organize your things when on the go!

  4. Rosaline Nankam on

    Hey Ana,
    I just started following you on Youtube and to tell you the truth., I have watched so many videos of you in a very short time. I find you very informative except for some few points: I am have been married for 37 years and I am not really looking to seduce a rich man, I am a average Jeanne. i just want to become classy, elegant and confidente in my appearance and how I present myself. You seem to talk with so much disgust about people of average background and this makes me a bit uneasy.I just want to know how to dress beautifully but don’t have the money to buy all the designers clothes. At the end of the day, there is so much more to life than beutiful and expensive clothes and what you characterize as “high society”.Are you also talking to people like me?
    Trust me, I am not criticizing you, I am not bend out of shape because of what you say (actually I am going to follow a lot of your advices) except this emphasis of “doing things because you want to belong to the affluent society” I don’t want to belong there but I wand to look my best.

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