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Anna Andres – Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Her

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Who is Anna Andres?

Many of you know her already from the early days of JetsetBabe. I discovered her back in 2013 when she had just moved from “vKontakte” to Instagram to use that as her main platform.

Today she’s got almost 700k followers and is classified as a social media influencer. Many of us in the JetsetBabe community are following her success, as she is an inspiration to us with her impeccable style and classy appearance.

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When I wrote my book “How to be classy,” one of the people I always had in the back of my mind was Anna. She is elegant, almost effortlessly. She never seems like she’s trying too hard. Instead, that’s just how she is – a classy woman by nature.

But it’s not only that, what I find to be so captivating with Anna, besides her beautiful appearance, is the kind and positive energy that she transmits. While many woman love to play on being provocative with an aggressive touch, it feels like Anna has nothing to prove. She is just herself, sweet and normal, which is what adds that high level of class to her. I love it. I think she is one of the most inspiring women on Instagram out there today, and we need people like that in a less-classy Kim Kardashian era.

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A few days ago I got the chance to meet Anna.

She is currently in London for work and personal reasons, so we decided to meet at the Dorchester hotel in London for some tea. As she walked in with her gorgeous Vetements boots, metallic jacket, Chanel purse and cool jeans, I knew that was Anna. She looked exactly like her pictures on Instagram, and yes she is as beautiful in real life – no photoshop abuse what so ever on this girl!

As we said Hello, I could feel a positive vibe about her, she was friendly and open, just the impression I had got from social media.

Basic info about Anna Andres

Born: November 17th, 1993
Zodiac: Scorpio
Nationality: Ukranian, Born in Lviv, Ukraine
Lives: Based in Kiev, Ukraine, but is often traveling
Height: 177 cm – 5,8″
Education: Law and interior design
Occupation: Social Media Influencer, Model, TV presenter
Family: Annas parents are divorced, and she is an only child. From her dad’s side, she has got one-half sister. Her relationship with her mother is very close; they are like best friends.
Social Media: Instagram @ann.andres Facebook

The life of Anna Andres

It all started with modeling for Anna.

She was discovered in a coffee shop at the age of 15 in her hometown, meeting a woman who worked with beauty pageants. Anna got her foot into the model business this way, and it continued as she started doing pageants and going for castings.

Eventually, she took herself to places like Shang-hai and Milan working full-time with modeling and doing quite well. In 2014, she won the title Miss Ukraine but later resigned, with the reason that she wanted to focus on studies.
Anna admits, the modeling industry wasn’t her cup of tea, as it was too stressful and she quickly understood it wasn’t how she had imagined it to be.

Today she only does occasional modeling, only on projects that she feels passionate about and not because it’s her main pursuit anymore.

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15 years old young lady))) 👶👶👶 #2009

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Having already a degree in law from University, Anna took one year off when she lived in Milan and studied interior design at the Instituto Marangoni.

Her English skills are excellent due to this experience, but she told me she has also taken English month-long courses in both London and at Cambridge University.

As her social media presence took off five years ago, Anna has got numerous work opportunities thanks to her Instagram. She worked for six months as a TV presenter for a Ukranian TV channel, covering stories from Cannes Film Festival, Milan Fashion week and jewelry expos. Perhaps Anna got a feel for being in front of the camera, as she was mentioning she would love to do acting and work with movies.

But her most significant plan right now, although it’s only in the planning stage yet, is creating her own jewelry line. For now, she is trying to put together the right team, but having well-known friends in jewelry like Grisogono, I’m sure there won’t be anything else but success when this project launches! I’m excited, as I feel it would suit Annas brand very well!

On her free time, Anna has multiple hobbies. She loves equestrian sports and skiing. In fact, she’s been skiing since she was eight years old, making her an experienced skier. She loves hitting the black slopes in her favorite ski resort “St Moritz.” When I ask her how come, she says it’s beautiful there, calm and less Russians. She is not so much into the whole Courchevel thing, although occasionally she goes there too.

Besides sports as her hobbies, she reads a lot of Russian literature and enjoys watching old movies. But whenever she is traveling, she makes sure to visit as many galleries, museums, and exhibitions she can, as he have a big interest in art. Her mother is an artist and a designer, which could be where Anna gets her creative gene from.

Anna is a JetsetBabe in my opinion, and she travels a lot.

She calls herself to be a Citizen of the world, and I think that suits her! When I asked her about her favorite places in the world, she mentioned London and LA. Her favorite hotel in the world is “Hotel du cap Eden Roc”, located in Antibes, which is also one of her most desired destinations for summer travel. There are yet many places for Anna to discover; she would like to see more of northern Europe, like Scottland, Ireland, Scandinavia and Iceland. She describes herself to love activity vacations as she gets bored only being on the beach.

For New Years she is thinking of going to Cape town (a popular hot spot for jet-setters during NYE), and making a safari trip in South Africa. She seemed excited about it, and I can imagine as the wilderness is one of the most beautiful things on earth

During our interview, I didn’t touch very deep on personal questions because I could sense in Anna’s energy that she’s a private person. Anna told me how she doesn’t like to talk so much about her private life, and would only do so with the few people that she trusts. She says that she’s an introvert and careful, she doesn’t want to give people things to gossip about and I understand her completely.

We touch briefly on her civil status, and she shared that she’s in a relationship. When I asked her about future plans, if she wants marriage and kids anytime soon, she answered in a relaxed way “I’m still very young.”

I like that; Anna has the modern woman’s mentality.
She explained, “Everyone in Eastern Europe stresses to get married and have kids by the age of 20-25, but I’m in no hurry, maybe until I’m 30. Right now I don’t feel ready although I would love to get married and have children in the future”
I get her, she has everything going for her now, with great business opportunities and a bright future, and plenty of time to get both a family and a career.


Anna Andres and her looks

Now perhaps to something that many of us are keen to know more about. What does she do to look so incredibly polished? Does she have any beauty secrets? What about her fashion?

Let me break it down for you…

Annas Beauty Secret

As cliché as it might sound, but Anna must get her seven or eight hours of sleep per night. Otherwise, she claims it shows immediately in her appearance. She gets dark circles under her eyes, a terrible mood and she doesn’t function properly throughout the day. According to her, no creams, beauty treatments or makeup will ever make her look good if she doesn’t get her sleep. She aims to go to bed latest by 11 pm, to wake up sometime between 7-8 am. For her this is ideal, and she tries to stick to it as much as possible.

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Annas Skincare

She says her skincare routine is very standard, but she has since several years back, only been using products from Biologique Recherche. She loves this brand. Telling me how she started off by trying their famous facial tonic P50, but now has the entire line. In the past, she’s had problems with acne due to lactose intolerance but has now excluded all dairy from her diet, and her skin then cleared up. The use of Biologique Recherche and treatments of the Italian peeling brand “PRX-T 33” has contributed to getting perfect skin. She loves this treatment and also has the home kit. It helps her smoothen out the skin tone, remove any outbreaks and fine lines.

Besides Biologique Recherche, she uses additional products as masks. Once a week she puts on for 15 minutes the Night Repair Facial Mask from Esteé Lauder before going to bed. It gives her a lifting effect while making the skin perfectly smooth.

The other one is “Masque Creme A La Rose Noire” from Sisley. It’s a transparent mask that does plumping, lifting and hydrates the face. A favorite thing to do for Anna on long-haul flights is to wear this mask and some eye patches. The skin gets tired from the altitude, so why not killing two birds with one stone when she’s bored on a flight.

Anna Andres Skincare and Beauty Products

Biologique Recherche creme contour les yeux
Biologique Recherche Gel Adn Silkgen
Biologique Recherche Serum Placenta
Biologique Recherche Serum Amniotique E.
Biologique Recherche Creme Placenta
Biologique Recherche Lotion P50
Biologique Recherche Lotion Pigm 400
Biologique Recherche Lait U
Rexaline Hydra-Shock Hyper Hydrating Rejuvenating Mask
Sisley Masque Creme A La Rose Noire
HL Always Active Alpha Complex Rapid Exfoliator
Bioderma Sébium Global (She uses this as a face wash)
Bioderma Sébium H2O (She uses this if she get breakouts)
Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Mask
PRX-T33 Peeling


Annas Make Up

Her favorite makeup brand is Tom Ford. She uses mostly his products, like a highlighter, eyeshadows, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and so on. But she says she also likes Dior.

Her usual makeup routine is relatively basic. She wears a BB cream or tinted day cream as a base, a little bit of mascara, rouge, lipstick, and fills in her eyebrows with a pencil. When she goes out at night, she adds eyeliner, eyeshadow and a little bit of highlighter.

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For @vierobridal in Paris ✨ by @vicoolyasaida

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Annas Hair

Her hair is all natural, no extensions and you soon understand she is cautious with how she treats it. She washes it every second day, although she wishes she could wash it every day, as she loves the feeling of clean hair. Most of the styling she does herself, she is not the girl who will be running doing blowdries at salons all the time, and perhaps it’s because she has her own system for this process. She only dries with cold air, admits it takes her forever, but she wants to avoid taking the risk of damaging it.

With this, she uses a volumising powder like Cutrin or Osis (see images), she puts it in the roots and brushes her hair upside down with a gentle, high-quality brush.

Once a week she puts DSD de Luxe Anti-Hairloss Restructuring Keratin products on her hair for protection. She swears by it, claiming it seals the hair, making it stronger and feels much fuller.

 Anna Andres Hair Products

DSD de Luxe Anti-Hairloss Restructuring Keratin
Osis+ Dust it Flex
Cutrin Dust Matt Powder


How Anna Stays Fit

Minimum 3-4 times a week, Anna trains. She usually does it first thing in the morning. If she does cardio, she will train before breakfast, if she does strength training, she will eat a small bite beforehand. Anna loves running, and most of the times she jogs to her gym as a warm-up. She finds running to be the most effective on her when she wants to burn any excess fat on her stomach or sides after an indulging weekend.

Each morning she also does 60 squats, 20×3 reps and she feels by investing a few minutes every day, you end up getting great results if you’re consistent.

Overall Anna doesn’t train to lose weight; she does it so she can look toned.

She says her metabolism is fast and she doesn’t quickly gain weight, which is why she can allow herself to eat her favorite cuisine (Italian) one or twice a week. But most of the time she would eat healthy, as she knows what an impact correct nutrition has on her skin and how it helps her keeping her body free from cellulite.

She does, however, drink coffee in the morning, which she knows is not very healthy. Her standard breakfast is usually porridge with banana or blueberries, and sometimes scrambled eggs with salmon. For Anna breakfast is the most important meal of the day, she instead has a big breakfast than a big dinner.

Anna and Fashion

Anna tells me, back in the days she used to love wearing all the luxurious garments. Today her style is more modern and minimalistic, wearing contemporary Russian designers and famous fashion houses like Balenciaga, Celine, and YSL. Anything that is simple and minimal, without any embellishments or extras.

She wears high-street brands too, claiming she can find great bargains at Zara, Topshop, and H&M. For bags, however, she would only buy anything that is of very high quality, and that is an investment. Her favorite designers are Hermès and Chanel, and she admits that she collects bags amongst Chanel Tweed Jackets. For her spending money on anything classic, is never a waste, because she can keep this forever and perhaps pass on to her kids one day.

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The doors for inspiration – please

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When asking about her unique style, Anna says she doesn’t have a particular fashion icon, and neither is she trying to look in a particular way. She feels fashion is a reflection of how you feel on your inside and portrays your inner self. For that reason she doesn’t put any thought behind, what you see is just who she is, as she dresses with her own taste and that creates her unique style.

Curious about what she wears for travels, as we rarely see any airplane photos in her feed, she tells me she is extremely casual on flights. Always without makeup, wearing a sports costume or jeans with sneakers and just extremely relaxed. Her focus is more on comfort, especially is she is doing long-haul travel.

Anna and Instagram

As I mentioned at the beginning, Anna began posting images of herself on the Russian version of Facebook called “vKontakte” (also known as VK). She managed to get a large following there, which built the foundation for her Instagram presence which she created in 2013.

It was easy to get followers for her, as she already had a fan base and her images were already popular and shared amongst people. She says never had a strategy or purpose with her social media. She simply enjoyed uploading beautiful, high-quality photos and people seemed to like it!

When asking who takes all her photos, she says it often happens spontaneously with friends or by her own mother. Sometimes she posts pictures from fashion shoots, but she never schedules shoots just to use as material for Instagram.

In fact, she tells me she knows she could have much more followers by now if only she was the type who uploaded several times a day and treated her account as a full-time job, but she doesn’t want to. She feels she’s already too much on her smartphone as it is and she rather enjoys life than obsess about Instagram.

I’m curious to find out the secret to her stunning photos, and she says she sometimes instructs the photographer to take it sitting down, from an angle slightly from below. It makes her look proportionate and tall.

She uses her iPhone camera a majority of the time and does not use any other fancy equipment or cameras. Anna is very simple in that way; you would have thought she has people managing her account too for example? But no, she does everything herself.

Like any other social influencer, she gets a lot of offers for collaborations and free products. Anna is very selective, and if you look at her feed, you will rarely find any promotion.

In fact, she tells me that she most of the times only help family and friends to promote something, and it’s always free of charge. Sometimes if she loves a product from some brand that reaches out to her, she can agree on collaborating, but that’s very rare.

I like Anna; she is so down to earth!

I’m very happy I got this opportunity to chat with her, and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. It will be exciting following her journey in social media and with the various projects that are in the pipeline for her.

Most of all I wish her all the success on her journey, and I can’t wait for more, beautiful content that she regularly spoils us with on Instagram. Thank you Anna for this interview. 

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Marrakech , u r amazing

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  1. What a wonderful interview! I’m so surprised that she doesn’t have professional photographers and managers. An amazingly girl. And Anna, what a great job you did putting this together. I really enjoyed it.

  2. I do miss the old Web site a bit although I understand why you might have wanted to change it.

    At any rate, Anna is very beautiful and her plastic surgeries, very well done, have helped.

    She stays in the nicest hotels in the world, shops at the finest stores, pursues expensive sports and hobbies and skincare. She is a kept woman or a mistress of some powerful possibly married man.

    I wish her the best, she is very lovely and elegant

    • What is it about the old website that you miss? Excited to know.

      Anna is not kept mistress to some power married man. She has a boyfriend 1 1/2 years back who I think is in her age

  3. I love the new Web site and I am very very glad it is back and that you are posting again Anna!

    I do miss the fact that the old Web site, which was also full of beautiful pictures and great articles / travel, beauty, fashion tips, didn’t always gloss over the fact that some of these ladies are kept women, some are escorts even.

    It’s a bit unusual to be “classy” “elegant” woman like a “countess” yet not include one single photo of your boyfriend or partner in your Instagram. Especially when the person is clearly supporting you with millions € € €

    It’s okay, I’m not offended by her Instagram and I love looking at her beautiful clothes and travel and smile.

    I am just not naieve about her

    • Thanks for responding Maddie.
      With regards to including boyfriends etc. I understand why you have this view, I used to have this too. I always thought that if JSB’s didn’t post with their boyfriends who clearly support their lavish lifestyle, something funny was up.
      Well, I had this view until I got myself a reality check.
      Many Jetset women that I had been including in my blog, I found out the truth about them, and many of them were in happy relationships. I got the insider info to why they never posted anything with their boyfriends, and it was simply to reasons because they wanted to protect the BF’s privacy, didn’t want to provoke jealosy, gossip etc.
      When I got myself a long term relationship, I myself started to keep him extremely private because I don’t want that part of my life to get intoxicated by the bad vibes of social media. Sometimes women want to sabotages the success of other women with gossip or flirting, or even evil eye. I there for keep my man private, but he prefers that too because he has a very serious job and he wouldn’t be able to be mentioned in social media on a regular basis due to this.

      My point of the story: It’s not always a sugarbaby/escort situation behind why someone is being private. When I did the interview with Anna and she didn’t want to talk about her relationship, I knew immediatly why. It wasn’t because she was ashamed of anything, but only because she is a very private person. And to be honest, most classy people are, so I get that 🙂 Hope this makes sense 🙂 <3

  4. I really really love the interview and the fact that you were able to get all the products she uses, but it would have been phenomenal if you could’ve asked her who her did her plastic surgery!
    It’s so beautifully done, I really want to know who did it so badly.

  5. Hy Anna Bey !
    I just readed your article about Anna Andres. I am following her on Instagram. She’s a very nice girl reason why I follow her. But .. Having Crocodile Hermes bags that cost hundred of thousands $ and Van Cleef jewelry and so on … Her parents must be on the same level as at least Bill Gates.. or she’s got a sponsor ! A reason to gossip, expensive lifestyle exposed ..

    But, I am honest, there are plenty of russian extreme beautiful girls that dosen’t have so much exposure like Anna. I think she is overrated and people are following her because, like me, we’re amazed about her uber expensive fashion accesories and clothes. Of course you’re a social influencer if you have an investor in your back, almost any skinny 175/55kg girl can be an influencer if somebody puts her in a private jet, in Eden Roc dressed in the last Chanel collection, with or without plastic surgeries .. Let’s be serious! It’s not about being cool here ..

    • I want to say that context is what is making Anna Andres famous, not her native talent or beauty.
      Take example Dasha.Kina, I consider her top beauty. She dosen’t need Hermes/Cartier/expensive lifestyle to demonstrate that she deserves to be admired. She look “perfect” with no brand on her, she dosen’t need money to gain followers and gossip on her because she seems true and natural, and ai bet nobody care if she’s anybody’s mistress because she seduce by her native beauty.

      Anna Andres it is another girl full of money that she didn’t make, like many other girls around.

  6. I liked this article. I think she’s pretty, but as Anna said before anyone can be pretty these days…
    I feel a bit like Anna were biased doing this article? Either because she liked her a lot, or because she can associate with her in certain things…Idk maybe not…
    Anyhow, I’m not trying to be mean here, just realistic. She is pretty, but there are a lot of pretty girls who can look just as classy as her with all those fancy clothes and Hermes bags on private jets and surgeries and all.
    I don’t think she’s anything special, or as special as you gush about her. Anyone can have a degree and learn English and act humble these days apart from being pretty and acting innocent….while her ex or current boyfriend obviously put her on the map by investing in her (plastic surgeries, skincare, clothes and bags, education, traveling to open her mind and make her a ‘ world citizen as she says’).
    It’s not a judgment, probably that was her only option as she has divorced parents, and there are thousands of other pretty models in Ukraine (which would all look prettier after surgeries)…although now she says it’s not her world…then why enter a competition and model for years? 😀 To put yourself in front of the eyes of wealthy guys I guess and then when u get one, quit modeling and transform yourself into an educated classy girl! Good job, but let’s not make this into something which is not the case here…..
    I don’t believe that she quit modeling and didn’t like it and as innocent as she acts…if she wouldn’t have found a rich boyfriend or sponsor or whoever, she would still do the same probably and not have been able to live the lifestyle she lives right now…it’s not as if she works her ass off…
    But of course, she is quite diplomatic cause she studied law 🙂 and no one wants to tell the truth about themselves…its human nature, everyone paints themselves in a better picture because we would like to be presented nice. They alter or tell their past in a way they like today.

    But good for her that she was smart enough to get educated as some of these type of girls can’t even do that for themselves.

    • If I come across as biased it’s perhaps because Anna Andres has always been one of my favorite JSB’s. I simply like her style and like the fact that she was also very sweet in person.
      I’m aware that some may not agree with everything, think it’s unfair the attention she gets etc. I guess in today’s world people who are good looking / have money / have status / have a reputation etc, will always get ahead of others. People might find that unfair but our world is quite unfair as it is 🙂 It’s just something to accept that that’s how it is and take it for what it is. I still think it’s possible to see the positive in the unfairness. Hope you see what I mean. 🙂 <3

      • Thank you for your reply.
        Although I’m quite amazed how you try to tell me in a nice and ‘classy’ way that I’m jealous and should accept my life 😀 I didn’t expect this from you.
        You misunderstood, I am not jealous of her…probably I would die inside, if I would have to do the things she did to get where she is today….and thanfully I dont have to.
        But ohh well, thanks for the passive aggressive way of telling me to accept my life even though you know nothing about me…and I was just talking about facts. I guess this shows what kind of person you are…which doesnt look so classy to me. But I’m not judging you, just being terribly disappointed in you and your manners.
        But you are right, everyone has different lives and opinions. We do not have to agree on everything 🙂 obviously you are a fan of her…defending her while being degrading to someone else….if its that important to you, good for you 🙂
        PS: I also dont understand how she has a law degree, if she is only 24? I mean law usually takes more than 6 years (people get their law degree when they are almost 30!) she also took a gap year and have been modeling and all that…but ohh well, we must take her word for it.

        • Nora, I’m surprised to read that you think I was passive aggressive to you? Why do say so? it was genuinly not the case. Perhaps communication came across wrong, but I did not say at any point in my comment what you are saying (that you are jealous etc?)

          • Well it came across like that as you kept mentioning that life is unfair and not everyone can have what she has and we should except what we have 😀
            But okay, we can also say it was miscommunication and that you didn’t want to come across so passive aggressive even though that is what you wrote. Lets say I didn’t understand what you meant as I’m so simple I didn’t get the meaning behind excepting unfairness 😀
            Good night and stay as classy as you are!

            • What I meant with the unfairness, was that life is unfair for all of us. It’s just something that everyone must accept, because it’s nothing we can do about it. I personally find it hard to accept sometimes, when you have people who create multimillion business just because they are born in to a family with the right contacts, while others have to struggle like hell just to get a foot in (just as an example). But then I’m trying to use this unfairness and see the positive in it, basically, instead of getting annoyed by it, what in this situation can I learn from that can be of use to me (putting the unfairness aside). Basically this is what I was trying to communicate in my previous message, not sure if it’s more clear now, but it had nothing to do with you personally or aimed towards your opinions about Anna.
              We all have these thoughts and it’s normal, nothing to do with jealousy! <3

  7. I really like her style and how she holds herself but as a law student I’m wondering how she graduated at 24. It’s quite surprising, specially because she took one year for studying design plus years of modeling.. sorry but her life seems shady…
    I agree with Nora I don’t think she looks that good, I mean minus the surgeries and fancy clothes she looks like a plain brunette. Nothing outstanding about her face. Don’t get me wrong, I love brunettes but more the Monica Bellucci type – Natural and sultry.

    • Maybe the educational system is slightly different in Ukraine? Not sure.. I know many girls study law there without becoming a lawyer, so perhaps it’s some shorter education.
      And about her looks. I love it. Yes she is not the traditional beauty, but her gorgeous hair and immaculate way of presenting herself (her grooming especially) makes her very appealing to look at in my opinion! 🙂

  8. She’s got a hard look about her, like she isn’t a nice person… She must have a rich boyfriend/sugar daddy, probably a Ukranian mobster.

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