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I’ve been slagging off skinny jeans for the last 3 years now, claiming it’s only for skinny model type bodies with long legs. Instead I’ve only been wearing long bootcut jeans and trousers as they extend your leg and make any body shape look hot. However I’ve come to realisation that no matter how much I like the essence of bootcut, it’s not the most practical jeans to wear if you often run around without heels, as it looks better with some added height to it.

Someone gave me the advice to try some skinny jeans, and at first I was hesitate, but recently actually got myself a pair. And I love them! Can’t stop wearing them together with heels, flats, t-shirts, blouses – you name it!













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  1. Thank you for sharing! Love your posts as always – it created a big smile on my face, when I saw in my inbox just now that there is a new post on your blog 🙂 I had a similar relationship with skinny jeans until I managed to find a pair that actually appears to ‘fit’ and ‘flatter’ the figure…would you mind sharing which brand and ‘type’ you got yourself and /or which ones you eye for the future (if any)? Also, given that fall is on its way, any inspiration/ideas regarding overknee-boots would be amazing! I’ve got myself two pairs, but they keep ‘coming down’ at least when I wear them on ‘skin’ with a flowy dress ;( sorry to use this comment to ask for advice, but if there’s anyone out there with a similar problem, please let me know of any ideas to remedy the problem (apart from fashion tape if possible…)
    Jetset-babe, thank you very much once again for a lovely post! wishing you an amazing day ahead!!

  2. Cath, what my sister does is war a sock that’s not too thick on the inside of the boot. And the sock is never higher than the height of the boot. This way there is pressure from the inside that helps the leg to stay up. She doesn’t like the feel of the sock on her feet so she also uses thin leg warmers (these don’t covr the feet), which are great if you’re wearing open toed boots too. 🙂

    I’m curious, Jetset Babe, what do you thhink of ‘mom jean’ shorts a.k.a ‘high-waisted jean’ shorts? I think they only semi pass if you hava butt. 😛

  3. My problem with jeans and almost all pants that aren’t Ralph Lauren or hand made is finding a pair that stays on my hips. 🙁 I don’t know if it’s because my hips are too narrow or if I’m too skinny or if I need to have a bigger butt.

    But anyway, I’ve found that the best way to have any clothes fit perfectly is to have it made exactly for my measurments so it fits ME and not just the particuar model wearing it. Or I tailor it myself. 🙂

    Do you ever do this Jetset Babe? (I feel odd calling you that but I may have forgotten your name if I ever knew it.)

  4. sania from zagreb on

    I would really like that those examples are pinable! Since all examples are from Instragram, none can be pinned so there is no purpose to watch it if I can’t save for further reference. It is nice to watch and be inspired, but I will forget all of that without the means to pin on my pinterest boards.

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