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An Important Tool For Success

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When you start a new year, it’s important to take the opportunity to do a big clear out. I’m not only referring to a physical one where you go through your stuff and throw away the things you don’t need anymore. I’m talking about both – physical, emotional and also energetical.

It’s not a myth, but everything in life is energy, whether it’s people, things, thoughts, etc. – and all of them can be holding you back. If you want for something new to flourish, you’ve got to clear something out in your current space, to make room for the new energy to grow. Sounds logical, right?

“Letting go of what’s no longer is serving you,” may sound like a cliché from a dusty old quote you found on Instagram in 2012, but it can’t be more accurate in this context. Most of us are continuously evolving, and time never stands still. It’s normal that things run its course; relationships end, things break, memories fade and so on. And it’s good that it does, because how else would we be able to fit in the next chapter to be written in our life? I’m not talking about that disposable is something to strive for, but its certainly not something to fear if life is pushing you towards that direction.

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Let’s look at the most important things to declutter in your life.


It can be any forms of relationships; Lovers, boyfriends, friends, family members or anyone who is not contributing anything to your life, but only blocking your path. It’s alright to let go of these people. You’re not a bad person, and it’s fully normal to accept that relationships come to an end. Sometimes, of course, it can be difficult to do so, especially if you are very emotionally involved with someone (often men fall into this category). You know this person is not ideal for you, but you hang on to the relationship because you’re too afraid of the unknown that will await you if you break it off. We hang on to so many bad choices in our lives for this simply reason: we prefer the safe option that we are familiar with, rather than taking a risk and gamble with a chapter we know nothing about.

With relationships in general, it’s important to remember that few people in our lives are supposed to be with us from the beginning towards the very end. Relationships outgrow very easy as people change, and it’s important not to cling to them too much because that’s when it becomes destructive.
Everyone is walking their own path, and our paths will not always be in line with each other. A hard thing to accept at times, but we must… Life goes on.

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Some people have a difficulty throwing things away, and some people can depart with things easier. The latter has a more prominent advantage in life; fewer attachments and no load that’s only holding them back. When you surround yourself on a daily basis in a clutter-free environment, you often feel better. You have less of emotional inner chaos, you feel lighter and have clearer thinking. It’s incredible what power it can hold over us!

But if you go back to my previous statement; physical things are energy, just as our thoughts, for that reason one can penetrate the other. Our minds get easily affected by the energy of things, so that’s the reason why you should keep it simple around you.

If you want to start fresh in 2018 and write a new chapter for yourself, you will find it easier doing so if you clear out any old memories that are no longer adding benefit to your life. Having a regular clear out at home will do you good and give you that energetical release that sometimes is very symbolic but puts you on the right vibration of your new path. I have a clear out at least twice a year, and every time it makes me feel amazing after! In fact, just thinking of it now makes me want to dig into my storage and get rid of some stuff I never use!


Decluttering your mind is the most important one, but it’s also the hardest. Most of the times we have no control what we’re thinking of, and if we take some form of control, it only lasts us a few minutes until we back to the old thoughts. On top of it, a majority of us have heaps of parasites living for free in our minds without paying rent or contributing to anything good. It can be negative thinking, obsessive thoughts, useless analysis, overthinking and so on… But how to get rid of all these parasites?

The anti-parasite cleanse for the mind is free, and we’re all capable of it: Awareness. Being present and being aware of your thoughts is the starting point of cleaning out the mess.

Therefore, Meditation, mindfulness, the law of attraction and other practices are great when you need to take control of over your brain activity. Therapy can help you resolve all the subconscious rubbish, but in the end, it’s about your ability to plant better and more nurturing thoughts to your mind.

Your mind is where everything starts; it’s the creator and the operator. Without it, no dreams and goals can come true. Outdated beliefs or negative thinking will only be in your way and cripple you. Don’t self-sabotage. Self-nurture instead.

So let go of things, of people, of memories, of anything that is holding you back to 2017 and before. Release the old and make space for the new to come. You don’t know yet what the new is, but you’ll find out eventually. Your mission right now is to cleanse, to detox yourself and start fresh.

2018 has just started, and we have an amazing year ahead of us. It’s the year where everything can happen, and everything WILL happen if you become that person who is serious about being on a mission of making your dreams come true. Be that person who has had enough and has chosen to do something about her life. Be that person who finally takes action instead of only talking about it. Be the person who wants to be in a different place in 2019.

It’s one year until then. During this time, so much can happen…
But it’s all up to us how much we want it and how much we do about it… Let therefore 2018 be the year where you’re proactive and productive. Where you are taking charge of your own life.

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