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  1. Emilí Céline on

    Dearest JetsetBabe,

    I absolutely adore your work on this site and I love reading this blog every single day to get my daily dosis of inspiration. I love how you portray the jetset life as something good and positive and don’t want to gossip about all the fabulous jetset babes. Anyways, I was reading through your old posts and got to the Jetset Diet, which I loved. I just got to thinking… On most of your posts (like for an example, posts about the jetset life) you post pictures of the jetset babes and their food, which mostly consists of croissants, coffee (including lattes and cappuchinos) which kind of conflicts what you told us in the Jetset Diet post, that they don’t eat carbs at all. I know you don’t know exactly what they eat and stuff, but from what I can see they seem to eat a lot of carps, all of them.

    Please explain!

    Lots of love from a daily reader,

  2. frank fischer on

    Dear fellow reader E.
    You have an idea how many calories a glass of champagne has? Carbs or no carbs, the looks of these girls don’t come out of nothing. Besides a diet, they need to work out at the gym! It’s that simple. Enjoy reding.

    • Emilí Céline on

      Yeah I figured. If only one could look like them and still eat carbs and drink champagne all day long.
      Thanks for the answer! E

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