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Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney

– The Love Story

Amal Alamuddin is a perfect example of an inspiring Jet set Babe. She’s got beauty, brains, business and married the bachelor of Hollywood – George Clooney.

Who is she? Why is she so perfect?

And how the heck did she manage to marry – after only knowing the person for a year – a guy who is famous for his saying that he will never get married again? Let’s find out.

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

Amal Alamuddin Basic Factsbottomline

Age: 36

Born: February 3rd, 1978

Zodiac: Aquarius

Place of birth: Beirut, Lebanon

Grew up in: Buckinghamshire, England

Currently living: London, England

Family: Father “Ramzi Alamuddin” – University professor, Mother “Baria” – respected journalist and foreign affairs commentator. Sister Tala and brothers Samer and Ziad.

Occupation: Lawyer

Languages: Fluent in British english, Arabic, French


Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story


  • Girls grammar school (where she won a scholarship to attend Oxford)
  • Law degree at St Hugh’s College at Oxford University
  • Law school at the New York University School of Law
  • Internship for the supreme court justice, Sonia Sotomayor


Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story


Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

Career: After graduating law school Amal joined the litigation department of New York law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, where she practiced US and international law for three years.

She is now working for the Doughty street firm in England where she specialises in international law, human rights, extradiction and criminal law.

She is also a published author with the book “The Law and practice of the special tribunal for Lebanon”.

Amal has in her work represented important clients such as Julian Assange, Kofi Annan, former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, king of Bahrain and others.

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney StoryAmal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney

– The love story


George has been married once, in 1993, and has sworn to never get married again because he described himself to be a “lousy husband”.

Since then he has been in the dating scene non stop, covering A-listers, models, waitresses and other women of showbiz.

But what made George fall involve with Amal and only after one year of knowing each other – end his promise that he kept to himself for 21 years to never get married again, to actually walk down the isle for the second time?

 Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

Amal is not like the average woman out there. She is far away from the attention seeking girls that Clooney seemed to continually encounter.

She is described to be a woman who has both brain and humour. She carries an important job role on her shoulders yet have the time to not take life or herself too seriously. People describe her as a humorous but extremely intelligent woman, simply a man’s dream!

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story


Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story


They got introduced to each other by a friend in common, at a charity fundraiser in September 2013 while Clooney was dating model Monika Jakisic.

A the event Clooney got interested in Amal and asked her for her number which she refused to give him, saying she was too busy.

According to Amal’s girlfriend, Amal has very high standard for the man she was looking for, almost non existing high! Like a mr too perfect to ever find.

With Clooney’s reputation of being a bachelor and not able to commit for long, was not appealing to the 36 year old successful human rights lawyer.

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

She turned him down twice, but George did not give up. He managed to somehow find her email and started to send flirty messages to her.

He was being very up front and jokefully wrote things as “I think the reported hottest man in the world should meet with the hottest human rights lawyer in the world.”

Amal found his emails to be funny, but she waited a few days before she replied. Once she replied the ball started rolling and it has never stopped between the newlyweds.

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

February 2014 was their first official appearance together at the White House screening of Clooney’s movie The Monuments Men.

Besides important guests like Barack Obama, it was also the first time Amal met Clooney’s parents.

A month later, it was George’s turn to get introduced to the family of Amal.

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

“Fun fact”

Amal was actually not 100% perfect when Clooney finally got her to be his. She was a full time smoker and according to friends – dropped it immediately after Clooney asked her. A few months of cold turkey an Amal is now completely smoke free. Good job!

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

Clooney proposed to Amal after making her a home cooked meal in his house, nothing fancy but casual just the way their relationship is.

The ring has en estimated value of $750,000 being a 7-carat, emerald cut diamond set in a platinum band.

On September 27th, 2014 was the big day in Venice when Amal Alamuddin became Mrs. Clooney.

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

What we can learn from Amalbottomline

 – Amal played hard to get – hey it worked! Especially with men “who are hard to get”

– Amal refused to give out her number – and because Clooney was truly interested in her, he did not give up but found a way of contacting her anyway.


– Amal waited a few days to reply to George’s first steps of initiating contact – another cliché of keeping the men hanging and waiting, seems also to be working extremely well.

– Amal has a life of her own – she was never desperate for a man even though her biological clock was ticking. Men find this to be attractive because it is different type of behaviour compared to the average woman.

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

– Because Amal has a busy lifestyle, she is never 100% available. That makes her even more interesting because her time is very limited and exclusive, making her entire essence feel “exclusive”.

– Amal is intelligent, funny, clever yet quirky. Non stereotype girls of this kind keep their men interested, because they can never become fully figured out which men adore.

Amal Alamuddin Casual Outfit

How Amal is dressed casual, a nice surprise and the opposite of her usual look!

– Amal know’s she is a good catch and is not afraid of keeping her standards high. She truly knew what she could get and sticked to it until she found what she deserved.

– Interestingly enough Amal is not the one who will be running after George. He is moving from the states to London where she is based and have a career going for her. Usually it is the other way around, where the woman is adapting to the man’s lifestyle.

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story

I find Amal to set a great example for the modern women.

It’s not inspiring seeing all the clingy, naive, lazy, ambitious-less and desperate women ruining the image “of the average woman”.

The average women can be ambitious. Successful. Confident and beautiful with a large dose of self respect and humour. This is the new generation of women making an entrance and I get really proud of people like Amal setting an example.

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Story



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  1. amen my dear =] great summary at the end, but one thing to add, there is a theory and i do strongly believe in it, the biological one, look at the pair who are great together, their facial expression is almost like brother and sister, especially their noses… so i guess that those two must to have amazing chemistry, but she still managed to refuse him at first (men are really simple creatures =]), and coming from her side, i can completely understand, she is a scholar, woman who had to work hard to make it in men’s world which being barrister especially in England is extremely difficult, for her he must have been “just” some actor who fools around (another reason to refuse him, or ground him – and yes men, lets bring the cliche how they love to catch…) and she also has reputation to maintain, not just for her job but for her very traditional parents, foremost coming from Lebanese culture where traditions are still strong,
    she as a persona she looks great let’s admit that, she must have had many suitors, but so limited time, work like ours is very demanding time wise, so you need to be picky with whom you spend time with when you manage to get some
    also in that age you are not naive anymore, and i guess she already figured out her way with men, even i suppose she is deep person (she defends human/international rights after all) so yes being unavailable and not taking oneself too seriously would be the key
    but this added value and self-respect (having life on her own, and successful career) , respect from others (cliche after cliche =] men like to show off and to feel they have the best catch what there is =]]) and confidence is what got him running for her

    i am glad that you write about babes like these


  2. Somehow I am not sure if this pair will ever make it last…. it sounds like a mind games 2 people at same level are playing and 1 year is the prime time after the games figured or about to be figured… seriously

    • i also wander if he really gets her or he feels like without armor with her where just charm doesnt work, so it attracts him even more,
      but one yr …isnt it how it was done decades ago? I mean ppl played games before their marriage and than …kids and who cares… than they realized that they are 2 different ppl or that they grew apart, but for now goal was marriage and brood

  3. btw. who would think that old fox who seen it all would fall for the simplest game of it all, i guess it depends on who it plays, not how it’s played (if you follow the hard to get game of course, but i would think that it needed something more creative something master mind game or what but apparently men are really simple creatures =]]])

  4. In essence, she’s nothing like the good for nothing Russian layabouts showcased on this website – and they never will be like her.

    Whilst they spend their time daydreaming of lounging on yachts she actually works 100 hour weeks making things happen and shaping her own destiny – the rest falls in to place.

  5. “Amal Alamuddin is a perfect example of an inspiring Jet set Babe. She’s got beauty, brains, business and married the bachelor of Hollywood – George Clooney.”

    Why on earth would you insult Amal by calling her a jet set babe? She is definitely not a jet set babe and to even state that or compare her to the cheap Russian and other low life, lazy, good-for-nothing jet set babes makes me sick to my stomach.
    There is no doubt Amal worked hard in a way that most people who didn’t educate themselves to a higher education will not at all understand. And whatever she has is due to herself only, not some sugar daddy like the jet set babes you clump her in with.
    Don’t trash her name by calling her a jet set babe.

    • Who has ever claimed Jet set Babes to be only money oriented Russian girls with sugar daddies?
      I have many times mentioned in this blog that a Jet set Babe can be other types of women, not only the stereo type you are referring to.
      For me a Jet set Babe is any form of women who enjoy the finer things in life, dress stylish and travel (jet set) a lot.
      If that’s trash to you then it’s your own opinion.

      • Well my dear that is how YOU define a jetsetbabe. and since your blog is about the eastern european girls who pimp out their bodies, looks and presence for money (aka jetsetbabes) its obvious Amal will be associated with and mistaken for these women and what they do for money when you state that she is a jet set babe. It’s not appropriate to use that word for her and frankly it is very misleading.

        • Ok, so that’s how “I” define the blog you say, but who is writing it then if the blog is about ” eastern european girls who pimp out their bodies, looks and presence for money”? 🙂 Kinda not making so much sense there.
          I have 80% eastern european girls on this blog, simply because I’m having a hard time finding other nationalities since they seem to not want to flaunt their luxury lifestyle too much. That doesn’t mean a Jet set Babe is what you claim it is. In previous posts I have written about how many different types of Jet set Babes I believe there are. If you pay the jet set world a visit, you’ll notice it too..
          And btw, if the entire concept of Jet set Babe is so trashy to you, please remind me why you are here? 🙂

          • I didn’t say that is how you define the blog but how you define the WORD. I am simply here because i find it entertaining, and I am also an appreciator of beauty in all its forms (surgically, naturally, clothes, mentally (self improvement) etc.) but I would never compromise my morals by doing what these girls do for money. Reading the blog and my opinion regarding what these girls do for a living doesn’t have anything to do with the other.

            As for not finding other nationalities that are escorts, I would probably say that it is because the majority of the people who are escorts are eastern european.

            And your other definitions of a jetsetbabe/girl is irrelevant for someone who is new to your blog, like myself, since it is back in the archive and doesn’t really show. Try to google Amal Alamuddin jet set and you will see that your blog will pop up, and “Amal Alamuddin is a perfect example of an inspiring Jet set Babe. She’s got beauty, brains, business and married the bachelor of Hollywood – George Clooney.” is the first thing we see. Not the disclaimer that your choice of word doesn’t mean what the rest of the world believe it to mean.

            Back on topic – using the word jet set babe for Amal is, again, misleading and false. Wether you see it this way or not, a jet set babe/girl/lady is world-renowed known as an escort.

  6. Anna thanks for your post, yes people need to come with better education before they write their opinions here and please stop responding to them, we value your posts, you are spot on – that Amal Clooney is the closest to most nearest example of ‘jet set woman’. You define it very right ‘Jet set life’.

  7. Hey Anna, first I want to say that you are a beautiful lady. You do dress very elegant and I appreciate you teaching young ladies about class. I enjoyed the how to style different pieces of clothing, and also how to hold a glass, how to get in the car.. However, the other ladies you give as examples are not always the classiest. There are some and I do thank you for the inspiration from their IG feed.

    I was going to ask the same thing, why is Amal here on this list among the bimbos and the wannabes. I would like to disclose that I am an Eastern European woman and I acknowledge that some of us ARE escorts and prostitutes, especially the ones who flaunt their ‘luxurious life’. I don’t judge them, they were born in families who didn’t teach them better.

    You want to teach girls how to be affluent but I don’t think you know. My multimillionaire friends in the US wear Target clothes on a daily basis and at their wedding they wore very casual and inexpensive no name clothing. Life is really not fake it till you make it, it’s go about your business, learn something for yourself and try to be a better person. And yes, be a true orthodox! You’ve had the privilege to be born into the religion where the puzzle pieces come together. How many saints and how many miracles does our church have? Not only the Russians but take the Greeks, Romanians, Serbs..take the new ones: John Maximovitch, John of Kronstad, Paisios, Porfirios, Joseph the hesekyast, Abbes Makrina..look at their lives, why do you waste your time? There is a grater purpose in life. Life everlasting. Sure you need to be elegant and pleasing a degree. I say this most lovingly. You are beautiful. And smart. And you have a kind heart. Hugs!

  8. also if you notice in videos she is so feminine the way she moves her hand in soft way not fast slow motion laying her head over his shoulder although she is strong woman with him she is saying and acting as woman not the lawyer

  9. Anne-Sophie on

    I completely agree with you Anna, Amal is definitely a role model to me. She is beautiful, independent, educated, has her own career, don’t settle for the things she thinks she deserves. I have heard too much that women are too picky but when you have worked hard to be where you are and know your worth how can you settle and settle for what? A life with someone who won’t be able to appreciate fully who you are and what you can bring. No thank you. She is over 30 years old and confident she listened her instinct and was right, it never lies.

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