Thursday, February 20

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  1. This girl looks beautiful, but for me I think that she is to skinny… I definitely think she has some kind of eating disorder, look at her legs, it kind of freaks me out a bit!! As you said that you have been hanging out with the jet set crowd for some years now, do you think that this is the ideal bodytype for guys? Do you remember any guys that have described their “perfect body” on girls?

    • My personal opinion is in the same area as you’re pointing out, she is a bit too skinny in my opinion. That can be due to an eating disorder or that can also be the way her body is build, who knows! I don’t want to speak badly about any bodies out there (unless it’s my own of course, hehe) as we never know what’s the reason why people look the way they look. And it’s not really our business either 🙂

  2. You are sooo right! I am my whole life very thin and I do not to do anything for it! Plus I am a really healthy and can eat everything. I am happy about it, but every day I have to hear how people are bad-mouthing behind my back because they think I have anorexi or I go vomit. It is really sad that they cant accept that they are fater than you or unhappy or or or. So please don’t judge.
    Your Blog is my passion:-)

  3. Hi Maria, your comment makes me smile:-)
    All are thinking, that I’ll order a salad or just an appetizer and I eat steak instead. Plus dessert. So we are lucky I guess..:-)

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