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Alena Shishkova Before & After

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Alena ShishkovaAlena ShishkovaAlena Shishkova Alena Shishkova Alena Shishkova


Who is Alena Shishkova?

I’ve written about Alena before, she is a russian social media “celebrity” who became famous on Vkontakte (the russian version of Facebook) and then spread to the international social media channels.

Born in 1992 Alena is from a small town called Tyumen in Russia.

Having dreams of becoming a model, she started off in beauty pageants in her local town before heading to Moscow for the bigger pageants like Miss Russia.

Miss Russia was the competition that put Alena in the spotlight, after that her following on the internet started to blossom.


Alena Shishkova Miss Russia



Here is a clip from the Miss Russia competition where the jury is asking Alena a question “what her dream career in life would be”. See Alena from 0:35 and onwards.

The audience is laughing at what Alena is saying “I wanted to become a model and travel because I enjoy seeing new countries & cities.” She then takes a break as she is noticing something is not right and asks “Is my answer incorrect, because I don’t understand why people are laughing?”.

She continues to say “I have now left that behind me, started studying and wanting to do something on my own like opening a beauty salon”. The audience continue to laugh and everything turns slightly awkward.


Alena Shishkova


In 2009 Alena went to Milan to try her luck in the fashion world but came back shortly as she understood there was not much work for her over there.

With her height of 1.73cm only, the demanding fashion industry was looking for the tall, anorexic slim girls rather than girl next door.


Alena Shishkova


Her career was not leading anywhere although the social media attention did.

Like most of the Jetset Babes, Alena was hanging out with the right crowd and in the right places and started dating Timati – a famous russian rapper.

He comes from a wealthy family and is very famous all over eastern Europe.

Timati was previously married with whom he had a child with, but it’s claimed that Timati left his wife and started dating Alena instead. This was 2-3 years back.


Alena Shishkova Boyfriend TimatiAlena Shishkova Boyfriend TimatiAlena Shishkova Boyfriend Timati


Earlier this year after being unusually quiet on instagram, Alena surprised her following by posting a picture of her pregnancy. 

Very few people knew about it but soon her baby was born with the father being Timati.

Apperantly they had decided to keep this pregnancy extremely private, so Timati had sent Alena to the Domenician Republic where she stayed with his mother until the baby was born.


Alena Shishkova PregnantAlena Shishkova BabyAlena Shishkova Baby Alena Shishkova Baby


Alena Shishkova Plastic Surgery

Alena Shishkova Plastic Surgery

Alena was a naturally pretty girl, the typical girl next door innocent look. Some people say she was just above average, but I feel she still had a natural beauty to her.

However there is some work behind the way Alena looks today.


Alena Shishkova Surgery


What has she had done?


Boob job

Nose job

Lip fillers

Cheekbone injections (fillers)


Veneers on teeth

Possibly other injections which are harder to confirm.

Add some dieting in to this mix and you get the way Alena looks today.


Before Pictures of Alena


Alena Shishkova Before PicturesAlena Shishkova Before PicturesAlena Shishkova Before PicturesAlena Shishkova Before PicturesAlena Shishkova Before PicturesAlena Shishkova Before PicturesAlena Shishkova Before PicturesAlena Shishkova Before PicturesAlena Shishkova Before PicturesAlena Shishkova Before PicturesAlena Shishkova Before Picturesalena-shishkova-after0


Alena Shishkova After

Today is a similar yet a completely different look of Alena. She looks more mature, sexier and like a blond version of Megan Fox. In fact, that’s how they call her in Russia, “Russians own Megan Fox”.


Alena Shishkova Alena Shishkovaalena-shishkova-instagram



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  1. She is the most OVER RATED blonde on the internet. She WAS beautiful, now she is a plastic DUCK lipped doll. She had a child with a russian rapper Timati – who parties without her, while she instagrams selfies. She is not married, has no career other than a few photoshoots here and there, she has no education. What is desirable?! Her fake boobs, fake lips, bleach blond hair?! The world is full of them fake barbies.

  2. Amazing what you learn about people. I found out about her first on google and then on instagram and was so envious of her slim figure and perfect face. I thought she was a supermodel or something, or had modeled on the catwalks in Paris or Milan in her younger days. She definitely doesn’t look 22 now. She looks around 28 years old. What a shock to discover her old pics and see how average looking she is and how her body wasn’t so thin and her boobs so big. I used to feel envious and wondered why I couldn’t be as pretty as her but it’s funny I have discovered now I’m prettier than her and even if I have put on some weight I have naturally big boobs. With a good diet I can be as skinny as her. Its funny to see how she’s so young but doesn’t have a modeling career; I believe she could definitely have had a career in Paris or NYC. She looks as good, if not better, as a lot of victoria’s secret models. But I guess it’s bc of the plactic surgery. Yes she was pretty before but very very average and not eye grabbing. One good thing is she motivates me to lose weight and get my body back in shape. I just love her skinny body, so very sexy and attractive

    • Anonymous on

      On the pictures where she is heavier, she is like 17 years old. During miss russia she was 20. Many people look different in their teen years.

    • You sound dissolutional. Alena was absolutely stunning in her before pictures…she looks better than the average women, even in her before pictures!!! She’s beyond gorgeous.

      • Bella, I agree she was stunning before too.
        I didn’t think it was really necessary but if it made her more confident then so be it.
        What’s interesting is until someone mentions that they “should” or “need” to get work done most women probably wouldn’t even think about it let alone consider it.
        It’s because there is an easy option to change your look, women get influenced to often, to easy these days! Instead of looking at themselves from within they compare the outside vehicle that gets rusted as it ages, but the real stunning beauty is what glows from within.
        Without that you will fade and so will the botox and fillers disintegrate and dissolve before you need a top up.. lol

  3. Does anyone know what plastic surgeon does their work I would like to hold an interview for the media

  4. I never knew who this was until now! I remember being on instagram and seeing her and was blown away by how gorgeous she was and I still am. She’s beyond drop dead gorgeous. I just discovered your website tonight as I was wasting hours on pinterest and I’m obsessed! Best site ever! I feel like here in the states we don’t see transformations like this from plastic surgery or I really haven’t where you look this good after. I know some may think they’re fake and everything, but they are absolutely stunning to me.

    • Lo Bently, Their looks are stunning because the average or “above” average natural person doesn’t look perfect like a barbie doll in reality…its the illusion of perfection that drives and gravitate’s people towards it.
      And that’s all it is “artificial beauty”

  5. A woman like her is like gold regardless of her surgeries, she is beautiful, yet I don’t quiet get why us humans go to the surgeon to try to look better, it is just a waste of money.

    • Ir obviously isn’t a waste. Look at her prospects, her influence, her lifestyle, her status. All due to striking beauty. People should just be honest. They always try to mitigate attractiveness when in reality, it prompts how people treat you

      • So her prospects, influence, lifestyle has made your life better or hers?
        Reality check! Ask the question is she really, honestly happy now or just sailing through her life on social media?
        What does all this mean? ….nothing just materialistic, and artificial life.

  6. People need to be mindful of what they do themselves and how they want to be portrayed. She is a very, very attractive, stunning girl without the botox, fillers & surgery. It’s not really necessary, however, if that made her more confident, then so be it.
    Women need to start representing themselves for who they really are and what they’re born with, makeup adds to their shine….the rest is just artificial add-on.

  7. Pls stfu, ok? This sick vision women create mens. They say like natural look but watching porn, and like plasticky girl. So stop talking about naturalnits beautiful.

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