Acutane Review

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Acutane Review


Do you guys remember when I was blogging about my terrible skin?


Adult Acne has been my enemy for years.

I was looking for help in the wrong places and going to the wrong doctors, but eventually I found a good dermatologist not far away from my parents.

After an unsuccessful test period of a milder acne treatment my dermatologist told me I should definitely take Acutane.


Acutane Review


It’s been now 2 months I’m taking this medicine and I thought I’d share with you my experience so far. 

My acne form: Mild, yet persistent. Daily zits but not like I have an entire face covered. Always around chin area.

My skin now: Everything has cleared up, even the red marks that I always used to have left after the break outs. Sometimes I can still get a little bit of break out but apparently it’s normal in the beginning of the Actuane treatment.

Positive effects: No pimples (of course) and your body produce less oil making your hair zero greesy! It’s amazing to never need to wash your hair (well at some point you do of course 😉


Acutane Review


Sid effects: Yes! But worth it! This is what I’ve got so far *touch wood*

Extremely dry lips, can’t leave the room without my lip balm!

Dry skin, especially face. My forehead is so dry I’ve actually got new wrinkles! 🙁

Nails are weak and constantly chipping. No point of wearing nail polish, only shellac would do.

Itchiness, especially in my scalp. But this comes in periods and I haven’t had it for a while now.

Strange rashes/eczema. I’ve had some weird stuff going on on my hands, but it went after a while.

Muscle pain. Working out hard is actually not recommended on this medicine because muscles are very sensitive which is the reason why I’m in so much pain right now.

Sensitivity to alcohol – terrible hangovers!


Acutane Review


I know it might look like a lot, but it’s actually “ok”. And again, it’s so worth it!


I’m doing a 6 months treatment that will hopefully eliminate the acne for ever, so 4 months left – no biggy!

This is actually another reason why I decided to move to my parents, because I would be close to my dermatologist and I felt while doing this treatment I want to lay low.

However you can live a normal life, it’s just sometimes things might feel a little bit uncomfortable. Then again, not everyone gets the side effects I got. Some people suffer less, some suffer more – some might have a completely different experience.


No matter what, I really recommend Acutane to everyone with adult acne who can’t get rid of it!


Don’t think it’s for people with extreme acne only, it’s not true! If you can handle the side effects, then do it!


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  1. Hi! I’m happy to hear your skin is improving. Several of my friends have been on roaccutane, which pretty much killed all the acne they had and it worked tremendously! In saying that though, it is a very powerful drug with lots of side effects (most of them, as you said, tolerable) but this includes some serious (albeit rare) ones like liver failure (hence why you are discouraged from drinking too much alcohol), depression/suicide. The most important thing (for females) is that YOU MUST NOT GET PREGNANT while on the drug, and you should be advised by your doctor/dermatologist to be on some form of contraceptive/s since it can cause severe birth defects.

    Anyway, I’m sure your doctor has told you all that but as a medical student/future doctor I felt compelled to comment (sorry! haha). Thought anyone considering should keep these things in mind- it’s a powerful drug but also highly effective too.

    P.S. jetsetbabe, will we ever find out who you are? i’m so curious 🙂

  2. I know you always try a natural route first, so I am assuming you didn’t jump into a serious drug like acutane lightly. My son had a very bad experience with it so I worry for people on it. That being said, I also know people who have done well. I have always heard that chin acne is hormonal imbalance. Do you have any other symptoms that may indicate out of whack hormones? You see, I worry that acutane does not address the root cause of WHY it is happening. Are you estrogen dominant? From what I understand something called DIM can help clear bad estrogen and make the body’s hormone pathways favor the production of good estrogen. It also helps the liver clear bad estrogen because it is a super antioxidant. Get your doctor to run a full hormone panel and see how you are! Good luck with your treatment though!

    • To answer your question I did try all kinds of methods and investigations prior to taking this medicine. Same thing with trying other medicine before taking Acutane. Nothing worked for me. I understand not everyone should take this medicine but it’s definitely worth trying if nothing else is working I believe.

  3. I just finished my accutane cure 6 months ago and my skin looks amazing! I had only like 2 break outs since the accutane started to work and I do not even have to use concealer anymore. I am really glad that I took the drug, however, as you have mentioned, there are some serious side effects. I had to stop taking it early, because I caught mononucleosis while on the drug. Accutane and mono is the worst combination ever. My liver was so affected by the two that I had to stop taking the drug immediately, and could not drink any alcohol for a few months. Now my liver is a lot better, but still I still have to be very cautious with alcohol since it is still a little damaged. It is healing though. Luckily! Still very happy that I took the cure. It was really worth it. Your skin is gonna be amazingly smooth and beautiful!

  4. I have a mild but persistent acne like you, so I’ve read a lot about Accutane, I think it’s a very dangerous drug. I tried everything to solve the problem during these years! Now I’m very happy because my skin has improved very much: in August I went to France and there I bought the “Aqua magnifica” , the “Creme magnifica” by Sanoflore and the serum “L’elixir du marabout” by Garacia Paris, you can also find them on….they are bio products but amazing!!! Then I apply the liquid foundation “Anti blemish solution” by Clinique. I want to suggest you these products because I’ve solved with them my acne problems without taking any drugs!

    • I’m happy it worked for you but my acne doesn’t seem to want to go away even with drug. Acutane is killing it slowly although Im still getting a bit of break outs. I’ve lost faith in any products so hoping this treatment will do the work. Thanks anyway for sharing 🙂

  5. Hi! 🙂 I also suffer from adult acne so I understand how bad it is. I had a roaccutan treatment when I was 17. I had very bad acne on both sides of my face (not on the cheekbones, forehead or chin, rather along my hair line). I was doing a two years treatment – it was definitely too much. Although my acne disappeard, I had some terrible side-effects. Worst of them was a serious hairfall…I’m not kidding, I lost more than 60% of my beautiful, 80 cm long hair. Moreover, I have scars on my face, which make me feel so uncomfortable. I have a very pretty face, but I feel so ugly because of these scars…I’m lack of self confidence 🙁
    Next month, I’m gonna try a dermatological treatment in order to get rid of the scars, that’s a 5 months treatment and I’m very optimistic, hopefully it will eliminate my scars.
    Btw, I love your blog, keep it up! 😉 xoxo!

    • Thanks for the sharing! What scar treatment will you be doing? I have scars too after my acne, but they are mild, yet I want to remove them after my acetone treatment is over. I know fraxxel laser is the best but I’ve heard it doesn’t remove all types of scars :/

  6. Hi again, sorry for the late answer 🙂 It’s a so called derma-roller treatment that means the dermatologist treats your problematic skin area with a device which consists of many many little needles so it stimulates skin renewal 🙂
    My scars are also not that bad, but they still visible 🙁 I do not want to apply foundation every day just because of these scars 🙁
    By the way, there’s a very natural and useful oil that I apply on my skin. It’s the rosehip oil, which helps against scars, too 🙂

  7. Hi! I do understand you receive and read so many comments/questions but I really hope you’ll read this one: Is your liver being check by your M.D. ? and do you get regular enzyme blood tests? Those check-ups/tests are important when one is under Acutane. Anyhow, this post is five months old but better late than never 🙂 Always so pleasurable reading your blog.

  8. Emma Bucknall on


    I have just found your website i absolutely love it! I’ve been so scared of trying actune for ages but now i am so ready.

    Is your dermatologist based in London?XXX

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