A Jet set Story from Dubai

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I’m sitting here now in my apartment in Spain, my fiancé next to me dealing with business emails , and I have a smirk I’m trying to hide on my face as I know I’m about to gossip about parts of my life he would never have a clue I experienced! Don’t get me wrong I adore this man, but every girl is entitled to her secret diary 😉

It started for me when I was modelling,

I was a 5’9.5 (every inch counts lol) , 18 yrs old, blonde hair , blue eyed skinny, open minded gal.. I was immediately whisked off to fashion capitals, I lived in Milan for 6 months for example, and my income started to surprise me let alone my parents..


I went in one particular job in Germany and met another girl who I gelled with, she wasn’t really a fashion model more lingerie/ glamour model- but I loved her big lips, big hair and big character .. After one week working with her she persuaded to travel with her to Dubai (this was years ago before Dubai was famous for the gold diggers).

I lied to my then boyfriend and parents and was on a plane to Dubai before I could think.. She was used to this Jetset travel- 6 years older then me and much more confident she assured me everything would be amazing..


We arrived and I was amazed ..

The lights, the huge building and ..the wealth!! Ferraris, lambo’s, super cars every where.. We were introduced to her friend who was a young English guy there on business (he obviously paid for our stay to show off to his business partners ) he was drinking and sniffing cocaine within 1 hour of us meeting.. I was nervous but also felt comfortable as we were with the big boys out there- we had security escorts everywhere and everything was very private ..


I was introduced to the ‘sheik’ and the English guy told me ‘don’t eat infront of him or take your shoes off’ ..

It was a very strange thing to stay and I immediately felt the culture difference. Then this fat guy walked in dressed in white robes, with his entourage and we were introduced .. His eyes were locked on me from the first second and he immediately told his friend he wanted me. Within 2 days of restaurants, drives in super cars along the desert road, shopping Dior and Gucci bags, the fat guy, sitting next to the skinny blonde model, asked me to be his wife.

WTF!!!!!!! I laughed, then swallowed hard as I saw his face harden- he was serious! This fatty , smelly guy thought because he was a sheik (a prince of the Middle East) he could have me- and so easily at that!

I was very naive to the power they have.

Once he realised I wasn’t interested , he started to be very disrespectful and I wanted to go home.. I had 2 more days left and I was counting.. My friend was happy with her new clothes and was telling me to chill but I wasn’t comfortable .

On the last night the sheik told his friend he wanted to take us to a special restaurant for our last night, he also got us a hotel – but get this.. A hotel with an adjoining door!!

We were so creeped out. After the dinner we went to the room and was chilling, the English guy came in for a gossip (he was quite a feminine guy) and he told us the sheik had just ordered prostitutes to his room.. Within minutes we saw an older lady dressed in black robes face covered etc, delivering 2 girls which I swear were no older then 15.


In the next few hours we had the ordeal of listening to the moans and screams of these girls – to the extent we actually opened the door at one point thinking they was being killed- we were actually met with an awkward 4some scenario .. We tried to sleep when I heard the door open.. I looked up to see this young girl trying to communicate with me asking me to come to the next room.. I was laughing as she was butt naked, I was asking my friend to help me but she was laughing so much she couldn’t speak..


When she eventually got the message she went into the room where the guys were , obviously telling the Sheik I wasn’t interested. He came in naked, shouting at me like a dog saying I’m his now and I cannot leave the country , he said my passport is invalid now and means nothing and that I will marry him.. I went from laughing to crying historically genuinely scared, the English guy Came in (also naked) and told us he was just drunk and we should try to sleep .

 We tried to sleep and the next day we were on a plane home before we knew it. I could breathe again. An experience that shocked me but when I was home safe and unpacked my goodies and was telling the selected stories of the amazing places I went -I was a little satisfied 😉


The years passed with these kind of trips but nothing was as intense as the first..

They were trips where I was invited by my friends but we had to send the guys photos- I didn’t think of this as escorting as i never touched the guys and never got paid- just an all inclusive paid trip full of rich people wanting to be around hot girls… Dubai, Monaco, Marbella, st tropes, Ibiza ,to name a few..  The experience the Jetset world gave me was once in a life time.. On  yachts, private jets, multi million pound villas, back door to VIP clubs and restaurants.. I had it all.


Now I’m 28, and 2 years ago I kissed  that life goodbye when I met my man.

He knows I was a party girl but I never tell all.. It’s unnecessary . It’s my secret adventures. My reputation  was clean as I was always partying in different countries .. I never lost anything only gained good memories..

But I was ready to leave that life too..Being replaceable , feeling like their property while we were with them, too much experimenting with drugs, certain awkward moments ..

I’m over all that.. I have  no regrets even though I had A LOT of dodgy moments (cringe).. But I loved it all!! Especially now in my lovely comfortable life I’m left with the memories and they still make me gasp at times- ‘did I really do that?! lol’

As long as it’s taken safely with a pinch of salt- your Jetset lifestyle can be an amazing journey … 


Thank you to my reader (who wish to be anonymous of course) for sharing! If any of you others have stories to tell, please email me 🙂 FYI, the people in these pictures have nothing to do with the text 🙂 x


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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit SchoolOfAffluence.com for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Hi!
    I have a question which is not actually about the topic of this post. I was just interested to know what blogs do you read yoursel? 🙂

    • I know its a boring answer, but I actually don’t read any blogs myself. Sometimes I can surf the internet and read random ones, but I find it difficult to find the type of blogs I like. i used to read a lot of blogs years ago, but now I also dont have the same amount of time. One blog (its in swedish) that will always have a place in my heart is classe-kinzakenza.blogspot.com
      But he closes the blog often so I check once in a while if its open or not. He writes about a lot of the dirt from the jetset world.

  2. I am a “jetsetbabe” myself and I just wanted to share this with you: Arabian men often invite female celebrities (e.g. playmates, models) to Dubai, flight everything of course covered, they have to sleep with them or be on a “romantic date” that´s how they call it and they get a luxury car worth about 200k for having sex

  3. Contact me, as a swedish girl in Dubai, I can help you get connected if longing for the same lifestyle as above. / Elin

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