7 Things To Think About If You’re A Guest On A Yacht

The summer months are here and yacht season is coming. If you’ve never been on a yacht and are curious about how it all works, then this article is for you. Let’s give a quick introduction to yachting:

Yachts are the staple of a luxury lifestyle and high society. A yacht is never an investment. It’s a money-eating machine that is extremely costly for the owner. There’s fuel, crew, maintenance, harbor spot and no future resale value. Let’s not forget that yachts in Europe are only useful for a few months each year. Yacht owners will only use their yachts for a few months in a year, even if the boat is parked in a sunny location all year round.

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Many owners rent out their yacht when they’re not using it, which is why there are loads of yachts and superyachts to rent. Usually, if you spot someone on a yacht it’s usually a rented one. You also can rent through yacht renting companies, so it’s not always a private person renting out a yacht.
Yachts are expensive, money-consuming machines that most owners buy for pleasure and for its status. If you’re rich and say you own a yacht, then that adds credibility to your wealth.

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The mega-rich (we’re talking jet-set whales in the upper multi-million and billion range) might buy a yacht, keep it as it is without ever renting it out. Look at Roman Abramovice who owns one of the biggest yachts and uses that for his status. The boat costs him a fortune each year, but it’s a status symbol he enjoys to showcase and it represents him and his wealth.
Owning a private jet and owning a yacht is the upper league of the rich. That’s when you’re playing with the big boys, as you can’t really go higher than that. Those kinds of things are only accessible to the ultra wealthy.

The rich get their yachts ready for their summer holidays in the Mediterranean during July and August. They travel between the South of France, the Amalfi Coast, Ibiza, Corsica, Marbella, Mykonos, Montenegro and other spots along the way.

There are some do’s and dont’s for being a guest on a yacht. Whether you’re staying on the boat for a while or just stopping by for a party, there are some things to think about!

Bring motion sickness pills

Rule number one for anyone who can feel a bit sick on the sea at times: always bring motion sickness pills. Make sure you take one on land before getting on the boat. Some people only feel sick if they have a hangover or the sea is rough, so keep this in mind when planning your yachting experience.

Check the weather and your plans beforehand! I’ve been sick on yachts numerous times, and it’s not fun once it hits you!

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Shoes off

This is a universal rule at sea: No shoes on deck. I strongly dislike this rule. I’ve been to so many fabulous yacht parties where everyone is dressed up to the nines but are asked to remove their shoes. The outfit suffers as a result. So not elegant!

The rule is in place because shoes damage the wooden deck. That’s totally understandable, but still annoying! My advice is to plan your outfits so that they look good even without shoes, and don’t forget to have perfectly pedicured and feminine feet.

Treat the crew with respect

I’ve come across so many guests who are stingy with their kindness to the crew. It’s always elegant to be thankful and polite to everyone. In my experience, it’s important for the crew to like you and on your side in case anything happens.

The crew are cooking, cleaning and doing everything possible to make your stay as smooth and safe as possible. You want to show them appreciation and kindness. Plus, they’re there to help you. Always maintain good etiquette and manners to be perceived as ladylike.

Don’t treat it as a freebie factory

You get given stocks when you’re on a yacht to use during your stay. I’ve noticed some cringe-worthy behavior from greedy women who have dollar signs in their eyes when they see an abundance of “free stuff”….

For example, I remember one time when the host had bought several 10 packs of cigarettes (the ones you get in the duty-free). There were a few of them around on the boat as there was a party going on for the guests to help themselves to a smoke.

I witnessed how ladies started to rob these cigarette packs, stash several in their own bags and take them away for later. I felt so ashamed on their behalf. I understand people’s backgrounds might be different, but it just felt so wrong. It’s the height of bad manners and etiquette.

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Don’t be a diva

When you’re new to the affluent world, it’s very easy to get the “little people complex.” Meaning, as soon as you experience something “big” it gets to your head. This is such a common “don’t” that I want to remind you of.

Don’t turn into a diva just because you’re living the good life. Just be normal and be yourself. If you have to pinch yourself when you’re on a mega-yacht, then do it discreetly without making too much fuss about it. Some may find it endearing to watch others get overly excited about being on a yacht. Others may find it a bit much. Make sure you know what approach to take.

Most importantly, don’t make a fuss about things just because you’re on a yacht. Be kind and ladylike to people, thank the host and his crew and be friendly to the other guests on the boat. Be that lady people want to invite back!

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Ask for permission

A yacht is just like someone’s house, you’ve got to treat it with the highest level of respect. If you’re there for a party, you can’t just text your friends to join without asking the host first. The same goes for wandering around the boat “exploring rooms” that might be off limits for guests. Stay in the guest area, and if you’re unsure about directions it’s better to always ask first!

Being a house guest

Let’s say somebody has invited you to actually stay overnight on the yacht. Great! Which is your allocated room? How long can you stay? Does the host have a set agenda for those days?

Usually if you’re staying with someone on the yacht, you have to adapt to their plans and itinerary (unless they state differently).
You can’t just make your own plans and schedule. It’s not a guest house or a hotel, and you can’t really have things your way. Yachts are different because you’re on sea and very limited.

You need to respect that it costs a lot of money driving that thing on the sea, with crew members and tenders helping you on and off on land. You have to go along with whatever the host plans, because usually they have spent big bucks on it.

Remaining in harbor costs lots of money as well as travelling. Yachts can be incredibly difficult and tiresome to run so don’t over complicate things for the host. If nobody has asked for your input, then just stay quiet and be a guest they would like to have again.

These were a few do’s and dont’s. Feel free to share any of your personal yacht experiences!

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