5 Ways to Get Better Pictures on Instagram

dariakonovalova posing for instagram


Today, I thought it would be of interest to dive into what the secret tricks are to getting a fabulous Instagram picture.

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How to get better Instagram pictures

Quality does make a big difference! As the competition is getting tougher and tougher, people have to step up their game on Instagram! Dark, over exposed, pixelated images are just not acceptable anymore. So what is the secret behind the Instagram picture of fabulous, elegant ladies?

1) Digital camera

Forget the camera of the iPhone! Use a high quality digital camera and transfer it to your phone. The pictures do come out way more professional looking than with a phone.

professional photo of woman at a dinner table

2) Professional iPhone lens

If you don’t feel like having a separate camera, you can actually get a high resolution camera lens for your iPhone! Simply adjust and snap away. It will give you amazing photos, like with a digital camera!

telephoto lens for iphone iphone camera lens olloclip

3) Photo editing Apps

The true secret boils down to the iPhone apps, especially the retouching ones! Unfortunately the retouching apps are getting very popular and I’m seeing ladies going a little bit too crazy with them. Some lighting adjustments and small edits are fine, but keep it real! Less is more! Less is elegant and classy.

Filters are a good way to quickly make an image look nicer. In my personal opinion, I feel the filtering ruins the image rather than enhances it. I prefer seeing the true colors in an image rather than some unrealistic tones.

dashabelize in a pool


phoenix_a_ photo for instagram


4) Self timer

God bless that day when the self timer got created! No more arms sticking out when you’re trying to do a selfie. Just put your phone somewhere, put the timer on and go for it! You don’t need to ask anyone for help to take a photo – unless you’re in a public place and are feeling too awkward maneuvering it on your own.

dollmatova making photo for instagram


5) Strike that magic pose

I’ve noticed that some poses simply work better than others. I think the best way to get the best pose is to practice and know your angles. A good picture just depends on the pose and how you’re standing. Think of the elegant lady you want to be living her luxurious lifestyle, and emulate that energy!

elegant woman posing for photo

olesya_malinskaya photo for instagram next to pool


If you want to have great pictures, you need to have a photographer who has a good eye. If you’re asking a friend, you have to tell your friend exactly how you want the image to look. A simple snap does not always work, so a little extra time can go a long way!

Rule 1: Hide what needs to be hidden and enhance your best parts.

Rule 2: Always make yourself look as tall as possible. Extend your legs and stand on your toes if you’re barefoot.

Rule three: Pose like a classy supermodel but give it a natural touch.

annaromanova_ posing next to sea


alina_ilina_official photo on a yacht


antonova_elena sitting next to a fountain


anyuta_andres1 posing for instagram


chanel_ka_ making photo for instagram with friend


Lastly, start paying attention to the small details in your favorite photos. What makes it work? What have you done differently? What is it that’s so special with this particular picture? You can create this for yourself if you just figure out the formula. Good luck!


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