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5 Ways to Get Better Pictures on Instagram

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How to make better Instagram pictures

I’ve written before about How I consider “good” Instagram photos to be according to my personal taste. But today I thought it would be of interest to dive in to what the secret tricks are of Jet set Babes to get better quality photos.

How to make better Instagram pictures

How to get better Instagram Pictures

– following 5 easy steps:

Quality does make a big difference out there! As the competition is getting tougher and tougher, people have to step up their game on Instagram! Dark, over exposed, pixely images are just not acceptable anymore. So What is the secret behind the instagram images of Jet set Babes?

1) Digital camera

Forget the camera of the iphone! Hardcore instagirls use a high quality digital camera and transfer to their phone. This requires a little bit of hassle, but is really to recommend as the pictures does come way more professional looking than with the camera phone.

How to make better Instagram pictures

2) Proffessional Iphone lens

If you don’t feel like the hassle of a separate camera you can actually get a high res camera lens for your iphone! Simply adjust and snap away in high quality giving you amazing photos like with a digital camera.

iphone-telephoto-lens olloclip-iphone-camera-lens

3) Photo editing Apps

The true secret boils down to the iphone apps, especially the retouching ones! Unfortunately the retouching apps are getting very popular and I’m seeing girls going a little bit too crazy with them. It’s not nice when you don’t have any facial lines left on your face, ending up looking like a cartoon… Ehh, no thanks. I think all pics can get their light adjusted, some small edits, but keep it real! Less is more!

Filters is a good way as well to quickly make an image look nicer – but in my personal opinion I feel the filtering ruins the image rather than enhances it. I prefer seeing the true colors in an image rather than some unrealistic tones of something – it’s just annoying. I think “Perfect365” is great to edit faces & for filters I like “Afterlight” but there are so many other apps doing the same thing with similar features!

Get followers on Instagram

Get followers on Instagram

4) Self timer

God bless that day when the self timer app got created! No more ugly arms sticking out when you’re trying to do a selfie. Just put your telephone somewhere it’s standing straight and put the timer on and go for it! You don’t need to ask anyone for help to take a photo – unless you’re in a public place feeling too awkward maneuvering on your own.

How to make better Instagram pictures

 5) Strike that magic pose

After me hunting for great Jet set Babe pictures for almost 2 years, I must say I’ve noticed some stuff that simply works better than others. That is especially with posing. There are Instagram girls who always get amazing photos, while others try just as hard but they end up looking mediocre. The pose of the person in the picture, the position of the person taking the picture and the way the picture is shot is the secret recipe to success.

How to make better Instagram pictures

Get followers on Instagram

If you want to have great pictures, you need to have a photographer who has an eye for it. Or if you just ask randomly your friend, you have to tell your friend exactly how you want the image to look. The simple “snap from the front” does not always work, sometimes a little analysis goes a long way!

Secondly the pose of the person in the picture.

Rule one: Hide what needs to be hidden and enhance your best parts.

Rule two: Always make yourself look as tall as possible as it improves the silhouette on images. Extend your legs, stand on toes if you’re barefoot etc.

Rule three: Pose like a supermodel but give it a natural touch. 🙂

How to make better Instagram pictures

How to make better Instagram pictures

How to make better Instagram pictures

How to make better Instagram pictures

How to make better Instagram pictures

Lastly… If you wan’t your images to look like the Jet set Babes, then just start paying attention to the small details in your favorite photos. What makes it work? What do they do differently? What is it exactly so special with this particular picture etc. You can create this for yourself if you just figure out the formula. Good luck 🙂


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  1. Hahaha, no matter how I pose, I will NEVER look like these girls, I’m at least a foot too short and 15 pounds too heavy! I often wander what it must be like to be near them in real life, they seem so otherworldly! 🙂

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