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5 Reasons Why Some Women Fail In Leveling Up

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Women who want to upgrade their lives and achieve a more luxurious lifestyle, don’t all manage to do so. – Why is that? Is it because some never get a chance because it’s a matter of luck?

I’ve noticed certain common traits in women that hinder their success towards their mission of either becoming a JetsetBabe or entering the elite circles. I need to be brutally honest here…

Why these women fail:

1. They have not done the transformation right, or they have not fully completed it.

Some of us have more work to do on ourselves than others. Some don’t understand how important it is to really go into the details of refinement and get everything right. Nobody is perfect, but there are some criteria in appearance & behavior of the elite that you can’t really escape. You have to fit into this community, and correct looks & behavior plays an important role!

How to level up your life

Women who are lazy with following through with their transformation, get confused why they don’t have success. They feel like just because they tweaked a thing or two, it should be enough. No, actually, we always have to work on ourselves. Even when we have achieved a high level! I’m not talking about getting obsessed here and never feel good enough. I’m talking about always polishing yourself because that’s when you’ll be on top of your game. Never get comfortable, never relax, because that’s when you start looking & acting on a basic level.

Often women also don’t see what everybody else see’s. She might think her hair looks good, but in reality, it looks awful, or she might think she behaves classy, but she speaks like a truck driver (and it ruins everything for her!) Self-awareness is so important and being able to listen to constructive feedback that you might receive. Once you’ve swallowed your vulnerability and adjusted your weaknesses, that’s when real progress starts to happen on your jet-set path.

How to level up your life

2. They don’t want to do this; they don’t want to do that…

The world is full of complicated women, and by all means, it can be a good thing in certain situations. But being the overly complex type who’s not very flexible or open to start from the bottom is often a reason why many women don’t get any success.

I see it commonly with those who for instance refuse to relocate. They live in some obscure town and think that it will be easy to become a JetsetBabe over there.

In some circumstances, yes, you can start jet-setting even in a less glamorous town. There is often less competition there and easier to get your foot in. But there will always be a limit to the level of jet-setting you can do! The big action and the big people are always in large cities across the world. Even if that includes more competition for you, it will actually create more opportunities.

How to level up your life

Many women don’t want to relocate because they don’t want to start over from scratch (or feeling like they’re starting from the bottom). It’s frightening to move to a new place where you don’t know anyone and will be uncomfortable at first.

But hey, sometimes that’s exactly what you must do to achieve success. I’ve started from the bottom many times, and yes it was annoying in the beginning, but you’ll get over it quickly. If you keep your mind focused on the goal, you’ll make an amazing investment in your future. It can literally change your life for the better if you’re wise and take some uncomfortable steps in the right direction.

Flexibility and having the right attitude of rolling up your sleeves and not being afraid of being uncomfortable is what gives success to a small percentage of lucky women. These women have accepted that nothing will land for free on their lap, so they take on the challenge that they need to work hard for it – but they know it will be worth it. I have not seen any girls who came from simple backgrounds, but who managed to upgrade in life without having to put in some hard work. You can’t behave like a princess in this situation; you need to become a fighter!

How to level up your life

3. They don’t learn from their mistakes.

We all make mistakes on our journey of leveling up. We’re human after all, and it’s kind of part of self-growth, how else would you learn?

The problem, however, is that many don’t take notes from their lessons, and keep making the same mistakes over and over again! Either it’s because they don’t want to admit to themselves when they’ve made a mistake, so they stay in some form of denial (never learning that they did it wrong). Or because they don’t realize their mistakes of pure ignorance.

Being able to tell yourself; “Hey, that was foolish, I should have done differently, and I will next time!” – Requires a lot of inner-strength. Not all people are capable of connecting with this feeling of failure, but it’s so incredibly important to do so. How else are you able to learn and move on?

You can be a proud person to the world around you, but don’t be too proud of admitting these faults to yourself. The progress you will make if you get in contact with your weaknesses will help you grow in a faster tempo and achieve better success on your jet-set journey.

How to level up your life

4. They don’t follow the formula.

Yes, there is a certain formula that works if you want to become a successful JetsetBabe. It always starts with transformation and goes over to networking and other strategies. (All of this I will be teaching in my

Some girls think that they can skip some parts and jump straight to a more advanced strategy when they should really start by getting the basics right.

I know the jet-set world is not all black or white. There are many ways in, and there are many variations to women’s success stories. BUT – usually, these variations have some form of luck in them or other circumstances that are not applicable to the general masses. If you’re someone who’s starting out from scratch, then you will have a higher chance of success if you do follow the formula to some degree.


How to level up your life

5. Those who waste their time & don’t grab opportunities

This is common when you are young and inexperienced (or haven’t learned from your lessons). It’s easy to waste time on time-wasters, dead-end situations and not grab opportunities that cross your path.

Yes, sometimes you need to be selfish, pull out your elbows and really do what’s best for you. Sometimes you need to see people for what they can offer you and not only for “how nice they are.”

It’s so easy to get caught up with the wrong people in the wrong scenarios, I’ve done this mistake many times! You have to learn boundaries early on. You can’t be naive, and you need to allow yourself to be selfish (without overdoing it of course).

How to level up your life

Everyone is selfish, and everyone is always doing what’s best for themselves, so why shouldn’t you too? As long as you’re fair and treat people with respect, it’s okay to have an agenda as long as it’s not only a “take-without-giving-situation” from your end.

As you enter the elite circles, you will notice what heaven it can be for whatever mission you’re on. You need to be a bit proactive because some are rare opportunities, but you need to keep it balanced. The worst is those who are too aggressive with their mission and make it so obvious; people take a stand back from them.

You can be a genuine person yet have a particular interest; everyone has it, so nobody is actually that innocent. In fact, innocence is what I would describe the jet-set world the very least, so don’t feel like you need to be a holy mother Teresa to become successful. Never neglect yourself and your needs. It’s all about balance.



About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Hi Anna! I enjoyed reading this post. It was very informative. I plan on moving to Costa Rica in about 6 years. I am twenty now. While I am there I will invest in some real estate with the help of my mom. From there I plan to travel a lot, and hopefully level up my lifestyle. In the mean time I am working full time to save money, getting my Bachelors degree, and working on my transformation. Your blog is a lot of help to me. Right now my budget is very tight, and I was wondering what things I should start working on during this time before I move, keeping in mind most of my money is going to college and savings. I am slowly building a high quality wardrobe from.second hand stores that sell like New items. Thank you in advance if you are able to help out!

  2. Hi Anna,
    I have been living on Jetsetbabe!
    The first two points resonated with me quite a bit. As someone whose had friends that desire the jet set life they never transformed enough to reap their desired effect. I found myself forced to cut my losses with plenty of women who were repeatedly not leveling up to anything except disaster.
    Fortunately I made changes this year to my wardrobe, mannerisms, and courtship. I eliminated any crop tops, form fitted clothing, or distressed jeans. These items took up a lot of closet space and didn’t match well with the look of a classy woman. I replaced those duds with conservative yet feminine dresses, blouses, and skirts. I was a strong advocate of the color black at a certain time in my life but recently decided to brighten my wardrobe with bold colors to get me positively noticed.Another big change I made pertained to etiquette and dating. I would advise women to read “The Rules” and read them quick if you tend to not have boundaries in dating relationships. “The Rules” is a pretty smart technique for those who are looking to secure the ring within a year or less.

    • thank you Shannera for your feedback…i am a book addict…lol…do you have the book at a pdf format by any chance??
      thank you!!! Jane @ glamjane

      • Hi Jane,

        I bought the book at my local bookstore for $9.95 from Barnes&Noble at the age of 18 and now 24. Everything to my knowledge has remained the same in terms of pricing. “All The Rules- Time Tested Secrets For Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right” by Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider can also be purchased through Amazon Kindle or Amazon.
        Since I didn’t download the PDF edition I’m not too sure but if you have a few dollars to buy the book trust me it is truly worth the investment. I shared this tip because I felt it makes for a transformative approach to learning courtship while establishing boundaries in dating. In this book there is also a chapter on dating high profile men.


        • I agree with getting this book. It was fantastic and a great guide to setting boundaries and moving on from people who waste me time.

  3. Anna, I enjoy your content but I wonder how you and all these ladies pay for everything and if they have any money in the bank/assets. Do you have any investments to your name? Any qualifications?
    Anyone with good looks can go out with wealthier men, even get a wealthier boyfriend or husband, but what happens when he decides to dump you and/or take everything back?
    What kind of jobs do you do? How did you get educated when you started “jetsetting” at 19?

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