5 Reasons Why Some Ladies Fail In Their Transformation

Ladies who want to upgrade their lives and achieve a more luxurious lifestyle don’t always make it. Why is that?

I’ve noticed some common traits in ladies that affect their success in high society. I need to be brutally honest here…

Why these women fail:

1. They have not completed their transformation.

Some of us have more work to do on ourselves than others. Some don’t understand how important it is to really go into detail and get everything right. Nobody is perfect, but there are some criteria for appearance and behavior in elite, high society circles.

How to level up your life


Women who are lazy with following through with their transformation, get confused why they don’t have success. They feel like just because they tweaked a thing or two, it should be enough. No, actually, we always have to work on ourselves. Even when we have achieved a high level! I’m not talking about getting obsessed here and never feel good enough. I’m talking about always polishing yourself because that’s when you’ll be on top of your game. Never get comfortable, never relax, because that’s when you start looking & acting on a basic level.

Often women also don’t see what everybody else see’s. She might think her hair looks good, but in reality, it looks awful, or she might think she behaves classy, but she speaks like a truck driver (and it ruins everything for her!) Self-awareness is so important and being able to listen to constructive feedback that you might receive. Once you’ve swallowed your vulnerability and adjusted your weaknesses, that’s when real progress starts to happen on your jet-set path.

How to level up your life


2. They don’t want to do this; they don’t want to do that…

The world is full of complicated ladies. Being not very flexible is often a reason why many women don’t get any success.

I see it commonly with those who refuse to relocate. They live in some obscure town and think that it will be easy to become a member of high society over there. A high-value woman always seeks to improve her lifestyle.

It works in some circumstances. There is often less competition there and so it’s easier to get your foot in. However, the main attractions and important people are always in large cities around the world. Even if that includes more competition for you, it will actually create more opportunities.

How to level up your life


Sometimes relocating is exactly what you need for success. It can literally change your life for the better if you’re wise and take some uncomfortable steps in the right direction.

Flexibility and having the right attitude is what success means. These ladies have accepted that nothing comes easy, so they take on the challenge. You can’t behave like a princess in this situation; you need to become a fighter!

How to level up your life


3. They don’t learn from their mistakes.

We all make mistakes on our journey of transformation. We’re human after all and it’s part of self-growth.

The problem is that many ladies don’t learn from their mistakes. It’s either because they don’t want to admit they’ve made a mistake, or because they don’t realize their mistakes out of pure ignorance. Not all people are capable of connecting with themselves, but it’s so incredibly important to do so. How else are you able to learn and move on?

How to level up your life


4. They don’t follow the formula.

Yes, there is a certain formula that works if you want to become a successful, classy and elegant lady. It always starts with transformation and personal development.

Some ladies think they can skip some parts and jump straight to a more advanced strategy when they should really start by getting the basics right. If you’re someone who’s starting out from scratch, then you will have a higher chance of success if you do follow the formula to some degree.


How to level up your life


5. Those who waste their time & don’t grab opportunities

This is common when you are young and inexperienced. It’s easy to waste time on dead-end situations and not grab the right opportunities.

Sometimes you need to be selfish and do what’s best for you. Sometimes you need to see people for what they can offer you and not only for how nice they are.

It’s so easy to get caught up with the wrong people in the wrong scenarios. I’ve made this mistake many times! You have to learn boundaries early on. You can’t be naive, and you need to allow yourself to be selfish. An elegant lady is a smart lady.

How to level up your life


Everyone is selfish, and everyone is always doing what’s best for themselves, so why shouldn’t you? As long as you’re fair and treat people with respect, it’s okay to have an agenda as you also reciprocate. The worst people are those who are too aggressive and make it so obvious. People tend to not want to be around them. You can be a genuine person while making the most of your surroundings. Never neglect yourself and your needs. It’s all about balance.



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