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5 More Lessons From The Jetset World

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My 20’s was all about me learning about jet-set life through trial and error (mostly error in the beginning), and my journey was a continuous rollercoaster of ups and downs. I had to pick myself up many times after falling down from being on a “high,” but that’s what’s given me this incredible experience that has built the foundation for this blog.

Lessons I learned from jet-setting

Life as a JetsetBabe for most women is not always easy. While it can look extremely comfortable from a quick glance on Instagram, people tend to forget the amount of work it can take to reach this level.

This lifestyle is great if you know how to navigate and if you’re smart. Unfortunately, there are many “sharks” (just like anywhere else, but a bit extra here) that you need to be aware of. When you’re young and naive, you’ll most probably going to get bitten a few times. I learned it the hard way. But I’m not going to complain because it has given me this unbelievable experience that is very valuable today.

Lessons I learned from jet-setting

Some of the things I’ve learned:

► Even when you think you’re “sorted,” there is never security for anything. People talk a lot in the jet-set world, and they can change their mind in a second. Being dependent on other people’s decisions was something I found to be the most difficult. Insecurity about what will happen tomorrow is a feeling you have to get used to.

Lessons I learned from jet-setting

► Friends might not be your friends after your success becomes equal to theirs or grows higher. It’s a competitive bubble, and you should always keep quiet when you’re doing well. While it’s tempting to share all the juice to your girlfriends, it’s better to shut your mouth because nothing good will ever come from indulging in your own happiness! (Leave it for a moment with yourself!)

Also, make sure to always protect yourself from the evil eye, you will need it when you’re starting to do well!

Lessons I learned from jet-setting

► There is so much to gain from the jet-set world if you’re clever and ambitious. Sadly, many girls get lazy when they get the comfortable five-star treatment which makes them postpone their life to some other day.

Big mistake! You never know when this opportunity will be gone! Like with everything in life, nothing lasts forever, and the same goes for the jet-set world. Act now and act smart!

Lessons I learned from jet-setting

► The way to feel socially accepted in the jet-set world is to look and act like them. Transformation and being on top of your game is key, classy behavior too! I started my journey by looking like a ragamuffin but I polished my looks as time went by.

In the beginning, I didn’t have anyone to guide me (why didn’t JetsetBabe exist back then?), but I used my brain to analyze how classy women dress and look after themselves. I asked many questions, hassled for answers and copied styles I liked. Everyone copies each other in this world, so don’t try and re-invent the wheel. Try to find a style that works for you and is classy so you can blend in.

Lessons I learned from jet-setting

► Everything is all about marketing. How you market yourself, how you portray your image, how you act according to your image and so on… People judge in 2 seconds, and scanning each other is a way of understanding “are you part of us or not?”. An animal instinct perhaps, but a comfortable way for humans to group together and find common interests.

The girls who really know how the power of personal branding works, are those girls who have a clear advantage. They fake it till they make it and nobody would ever be able to see through them (because they’re clever).

Most of the jet-setters fake something of their own. Let it be the success of their career, their handbags/watches or the important people that they claim they know. You’ll get immune to the BS that goes around in this circle. But the clever babe is the one who can see right through it and know where to not waste her time.

Lessons I learned from jet-setting

This was my continuation of lessons that I’ve learned from my previous post that you can find here. But I have so many more for you guys! Maybe that’s why universe decided to make me to learn the jetset world the hard way?!

Because I learned so much, I acted stupid many times, but then the AHA-moments came, and I learned how to be smart. And now I want to teach you to do what I did. I started from the bottom, and it took me many years to understand how to navigate efficiently in the jet-set world to avoid getting burned.

I’m currently working on something very special for those ladies who are serious about their upgrade in life and becoming a true JetsetBabe. I want to use my 13 years of lessons and learnings in the jet-set world to create something of value to others who are walking similar path (or would like to start!) I can’t share more for now, but I do recommend visiting to find out more!

Lessons I learned from jet-setting



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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


    • I’m so glad! Currently in the making , will notify when it’s ready! Make sure to sign up to be one of the first to get exclusive preview! 🙂

  1. “Even when you think you’re “sorted,” there is never security for anything. People talk a lot in the jet-set world, and they can change their mind in a second. Being dependent on other people’s decisions was something I found to be the most difficult. Insecurity about what will happen tomorrow is a feeling you have to get used to.” What insecurity? The insecurity if you are going to be evicted from the yacht tomorrow? Or if someone would cancel you out of a party in the last minute? And that`s “the most difficult thing”? Well.. maybe it is if they send you home in the middle of the night in a foreign country when you have no ticked nor money to buy one but those aren`t things that would change all you life or would have any effect on it long-terms.

  2. These are really good lessons that you would not expect in the Jet Set world but I am happy that you said it AND I am so happy that you actually encourage women to have goals and to be successful. I cannot wait for your course, I hope you have a release date soon. I put myself on the email list.

  3. so i like this post but i have some things to say
    first of all im curious what jetset world youre talking about because theres two types ( its not really a question cause its obvious which type youre talking about) ( first of all i would define jetset as super rich people who are rather influential either secretly politicaly or economically and they obviously travel constantly)

    1. is the type who you see on instagram posting daily with many ads which you dont even notice anymore because theyre so common on such pages, also they portray a luxurious lifestyle thats more on the picture then actually how their life is like. the people who truly are wealthy act completely different compared to those who are on the gram (meaning the big ones with many followers) which leads me to the second type

    2. the actuall jetset. while the jetset above might be the “jetset” for common people (1. because theyre rich by most standarts and 2 because theyre available to see), the actuall jetset is the one you dont really get to see or know about. i personally have some little connections to people who went to swiss private schools/boarding schools( not going to name any but theyre pretty obvious as there are only few of them in switzerland) and those people are what i consider to be part of the true jetset- most of their parents have net worths of millions and some are even part of the saudi royal family and im sure on other schools are more arab royals. you can actually find their instagram if they gave any pretty quickly by finding schools and looking for posts on ig, but most accounts are private tho if you get to follow an public account of a student they will lead you to the rest as they follow most people on their school and on other schools too

    i saw many posts on their snapchat stories and they travel quite frequently but in a different way. they just show the way to the destination and because theyre rich their surroundins are quite luxurious as well while the “instagram jetset” would show mostly THAT its luxurious and the focus seems to be entirely on that. helicopter rides and suprisingly luxurious vans such as modded mercedes benz vianos are very common, rather than rolls royce and such.

    another funny side is that most of these younger people all at least drink , smoke or both at once and they also take mad drugs- another common thing is that some of the wealthy young men like to do stupid things intentionally such as crashing a bentley in a lake for fun or posting about wanting to do so( seen both , was in the news you could look it up)

    so as i said or basically summing it up the main difference is that you can see that the instagram jetset is trying to be the real jetset or to be more exact theyre trying to sell themselves as the real jetset. as i defined early in this comment i think that you cant really consider most instagrammers the jetset because theyre really not the jetset (note: some of the real jet set people ARE big on instagram but you can see that with few exceptions most of them dont make adds or try to shove it in your fave)

    most of the ig jetset is just trying to look important and influential while theyre not really influential so in conclusion the difference is 1: being based on the real lifestyle, wealth and influence (not neccesarily to the public) and 2: the effortlessenes (hope i wrote that right) that the real jetset has

    i hope i didnt repeat myself too often, just wanted to give away my insight to the whole jetset world as and voice my opinion over a few things

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