5 Favourite Classy Outfits That You Can Shop Similar

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I often get requests for shopping ideas posts! I thought of sharing one with you today. The reason why I haven’t done any of these before because these posts can sometimes take an entire day to be put together! At the moment, I’m very time limited as I have multiple projects going on (as you notice, currently the blog is only updated a few times per week).

I found this app, however, that speeds up the job of putting shopping items together! For full transparency, it’s with an affiliate link, meaning I would earn a commission if they lead to sales. But to be honest, I find it more inspiring to post these shopping ideas to you, so that I can share with you “JetsetBabe approved items.” Basically for you to see what items I would personally buy or what items I think might be good purchases for the JetsetBabe fashion style.

If you like these types of posts, let me know so I will continue doing them. Now, let’s dig into 5 of my Favourite Classy Outfits from Instagram and how you can recreate something similar!

1. Classy in Camel

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It’s still a little bit chilly for us in the northern parts of the world, so wearing a light coat in spring is perfect if you want to look classy. I love this trend of wearing it on the shoulders; it gives you so much more of a sophisticated look.

Wearing all camel is also a great idea, as it’s a color that is exceptionally chic, but also very trendy right now! On my app, I couldn’t find the actual clothes she was wearing, but the dress is from Zara, and the coat is from Club Monaco.

2. My Turtleneck fever

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Sorry guys, but my turtleneck fever continues.

I’m kind of sad it soon will be too hot wearing them, because it makes any outfit look so much more expensive. But hey, it’s not the end of the world!

I love this “all black look” that the girl broke off by wearing a white coat. Makes the outfit interesting, look more high fashion while still keeping a very classy vibe around it! (Thanks to the turtle…)

3. Pretty in Pink


Whether you like it or not, but baby pink is a color you’ll see a lot of this coming season! It’s always like this after a long fall and winter. People start craving colors, especially pastels because they are easier to “digest”!

I personally wore way too much black in the last 6 months, so I went all in updating my wardrobe with light colors and pastels. Such an energizing way of dressing up while still keeping things classy and chic!

4….with one exception!

A post shared by Jo Freeman (@whatjoworetoday) on

You probably wonder now why I’m posting this all-black outfit after giving this speech about how bored I’m of black and that color is everything…

Yeah, that’s true, but I still want to give the exception to the rule… Black is timeless and so extremely chic.

Yes, spring is here, and we should embrace colors, but we don’t need to become militant! Having some “all-black” days are fine, if not needed! There is something incredibly elegant wearing black if done correctly, and I love this outfit for that. Simplicity, but expensive looking. Why? Because less is more. It’s a high-quality coat, with a black jumper (probably cashmere) underneath and the woman is well-groomed. Winning combo for a JetsetBabe and if you want to look über-classy!

5. The expensive all-white look


All-white outfits though… There is just something special about them.

The luxurious look of it, the extravagance. You’ll certainly get loads of classy attention if you wear all-in white. I’m currently obsessed with this trend because I’m shifting from wearing all-black all the time. Changing between these two styles are excellent, classy ideas because both of them work so exceptionally well.

I would say, if I had to give one basic classy fashion advice, it would be this! Make yourself look more expensive by wearing one color only, especially if it’s white! (or black…)


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  1. Solid advice as I continue to learn.

    This year I notice this trend is wearing more softer colors and real materials. I have seen very positive posts on this and it is very encouraging to view. I hope it continues to grow and expand.

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