5 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape

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So, you think you have all the time in the world to get in shape… you are SO WRONG!

It is fantastic for those JetsetBabes, who frequently travel to sunny places, amazing beaches. They relax under the sun, wear bikinis and show their beautifully toned bodies.

But sometimes it’s challenging even for our role models! We all have to stay in shape, and nothing motivates more than a new bikini!

5 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape

A smart lady (and a lady should always be on top of her game) plans ahead. She begins to exercise and eating healthy long before the bikini season starts.

5 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape

Of course, the lifetime goal should be to stay in shape at all times and have a balanced, healthy diet. However, let’s be honest we are all humans and we are not perfect. So, due to various reasons, we might not be in our best shape.

So, today I want to share some tips on how you can cheat your way into a toned body.

5 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape

1. Don’t you love the stairs?!

My number one weight-loss hack is to trade elevators and escalators for walking up- and down in stairs. This is an excellent exercise for your heart-rate, legs, and buttocks!

Even if you are busy and have no time to exercise, you can always use stairs. It’s free, effective and you can do it as long as you find a staircase!

5 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape

If you take every step on the stairs, you’ll train your legs. For working on your buttocks, try stepping on every second or third step. Contract your glute muscles for every step you take to really make them work! (Otherwise your quads will step in)

I use this practice a lot on vacation after breakfast or returning to a hotel after sunbathing or shopping. Imagine walking up to the hotel room and down 10 times per day. It’s truly a great workout!

5 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape

2. Skip that car!

Take a walk instead of using a car, taxi or get off the tube a couple of stops earlier. Walking will make you more active and productive. You’ll move more and burn calories. In addition, it’s beneficial for your brain and muscles due to the oxygen and better circulation of blood.

5 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape

3. Go shopping (my favorite cardio)!

Have you noticed how fast time goes by when you’re shopping and how exhausting it actually is? That’s because you’re really burning calories! Shopping may include a lot of walking, undressing and trying on outfits, sitting down, standing up, holding the clothes.

5 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape

It may be comfortable to use the help of a salesperson. But if you want to burn extra calories, try picking out items yourself. It will make you burn even more energy.

4. Walk with power

We all know about power walking because it works like a miracle! When you walk as fast as you can while sweating, it becomes an aerobic activity. Make sure to enter this state! Avoid those lazy walks when you’re half the time texting on your phone.

5 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape

Power walking makes your oxygen levels go up and speeds up the metabolism. It is also good for your mental health as it clears your head.

5. Take it on the next level!

So how about a free intensive workout? Combine a power walk with some staircases, and you got yourself a great aerobic workout! You are lucky if you live in a city with hills. Then you’ll have lots of stairs to walk or run up and down.

5 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape

It is commonly suggested training for at least 20 minutes a minimum 3 times per week. However, I would recommend being active every day. When you move a lot, even if you skip the gym, you’ll know you have taken care of your body.

And remember, if possible try walking in or near the park or forest, not on the road with loads of traffic.

5 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape

A tip: combine these ideas with some push-ups, crunches, and a plank. And, voilá, you’ve done your share of exercise for today!

Use your imagination taking every opportunity to be active.

There are so many ways to be fit even staying at home!


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