13 Things I Do When I Travel

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Today I’m traveling to LA to celebrate new years eve and have a little holiday with my boyfriend. I thought I’d share my travel routine when I fly by plane, and if anyone recognizes themselves in some of my weird rituals, drop me a line! I’m also keen to hear what your travel routine is, so feel free to share in the comments!

Before my flight

  • Packing lists are not my thing. I rely on my intuition and ability to scan my home and the compartments where all my important belongings are. But I’m pretty organized on the whole and rarely forget things. For the disorganized one, packing lists are key. There are even apps for this that are great (I’ve used Packing Pro in the past.)

  • I love stacking cubes that you put your clothes in and stay organized in your luggage. I put all my shoes and bags in dustbags when I travel and in my carry on (a tote bag) I make sure I keep everything organized by having many different porches for all the small stuff, passports, tickets, makeup, etc.


  • When I travel with very delicate clothing that must stay as wrinkle-free as possible, I lay sheets of silk paper on both sides of the garment; it works really well! The second trick is not to overstuff your luggage as that’s how your clothes end up looking like a mess…

  • All the expensive stuff like bags, shoes, etc. I make sure to put them in my carry on, in case my check-in luggage would get lost (touch wood!!)


  • Regardless of short or long-haul travel, I make sure I prepare my in-flight entertainment. I download movies on Netflix, charge all my electronics, download podcasts, buy some new kindle books, get some games for my iPad and so on.

  • Because I’m a nervous flyer, I must always select my seat in the aircraft, and it has to be an aisle. When I’m not traveling business, my favorite seat is over the wings in the middle of the plane (often where the exit is), as you feel less turbulence there.


  • Whenever I leave my apartment before I go away, I must clean it as the worst thing ever (in my opinion) is to come home after a trip to a messy house.

  • If I’m changing time zone, I make sure to start 1-2 days before getting used to my new time zone by going to bed when they go to bed. If I can’t do that, then I take pills to sleep on the plane if it’s night at the time of the travel, in the country I’m going to.


On the day of my travel

  • I always travel with clean hair, as I always feel “dirty” after being on the plane. But having my hair fresh makes everything feel a bit better.

  • Must haves in my carry on luggage: Water, motion sickness pills (I can’t fly otherwise), in-flight entertainment and a change of clothes (in case my check-in luggage gets lost, and I’m going on holiday.)

  • Nervous flyers tend to have weird rituals. Mine is that I must see how the pilots look like. If they look trustworthy, I feel ok; If not, I start stressing even more. But I still need to do this check even though it backfires sometimes. I also plan my escape route, what emergency exit to take. Just in case you know…


  • On the day I make sure to wear comfortable but nice clothes. I would never travel in my sweatpants, even if I travel long-haul. I tend to always wear a pair of wide palazzo pants in a comfortable material that is very casual without looking like rags. I also wear a long sleeve, preferable a cashmere sweater, because it always gets freezing cold in the plane!

  • Once in the plane, I always try to be as friendly as possible to the cabin crew. You get much better service if you are liked by the people who have power over you throughout the flight.


That was a little bit about me when I travel. Curious to find out about you guys and if you have any interesting rituals?



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  1. This post could not have come at a better time! I love the idea of using the silk paper to pack delicate clothes, I will have to try this out. I am very particular when traveling and always pack a travel steamer. Another tip that I always follow for when I pack is to plan my outfits for the trip. I like to be able to get ready in the morning as hassle free as possible but stilll achieve a perfectly paired look. When packing I always plan my outfits and take Polaroids of the outfit I plan to wear and pack the items together. It may seem a little over the top and the opposite of hassle free but when I’m actually on vacation it makes everything so much easier and I can still always look very put together.

    • Planning outfits before hand is so useful! I never get down to it because I know my mood can change, and so will my outfit. So I don’t ever bother trying, maybe I should perhaps give it a go! 😀

  2. Globetrotter on

    Another trick to stay wrinkle free, instead of silk paper, is using the see through plastic bags you get your clothes in from the dry clean. They work like magic!

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