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11 Ways To Instantly Add Glamour To Your Look

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Confidence is a big part of looking glamorous, which is why I wrote about it the other day. But what about the more physical attributes that can add glamour and elegance to your look, so you feel instantly like a JetsetBabe?

The list:

1. Jewelry & Diamonds


No fake stuff here, I’m talking about the real deal! If you want to feel glamorous, you need a sparkling diamond or two, and some beautiful jewelry to accessorize yourself to looking wealthy. But – There is a catch with this.

Overdoing it can cause you more harm than good, making you look very nouveau riche and tacky. Being flashy is not classy, and it will just make you come across as someone who’s trying too hard.

My advice is to keep it simple, as it will often make you look richer than when you put all your jewelry on display.

And one more thing. Don’t wear diamonds before 6 pm, unless it’s your wedding/engagement ring. It’s against the dress code etiquette of elegance if you want to be a true high-level woman.

2. Heels

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Wear a pair of jeans with sneakers, and you feel basic, or wear a pair of jeans with heels, and instantly you feel like a completely different person. We all know the feeling a pair of heels can help an entire outfit.

But make sure it’s a pair of elegant heels, no platforms or overly high stilettos in which you can’t walk properly in. Heels need to look expensive and give you the benefit of walking confidently in them, as that’s what sends out the biggest glam-factor.

3. Sunglasses


A pair of big, dark sunglasses will always add mystery and glamour to a woman!

Think Jackie-O or anyone who’s cool and classy. I do advice to get a solid designer pair because the flimsy cheaper ones don’t hold the same elegance. You want to be Anna Wintour behind your big black shades, as that’s a statement that will anyone look at you as a glamorous woman.

4. Fur & Faux-Fur


Sadly, so many innocent animals have to suffer due to the vanity of humans – but fur is an instant glamour giver. I wish it were different, but there is something in fur that adds power and status to any outfit.

Luckily, today we’ve had plenty of faux-fur that look very expensive and very real (look at the image of the girl in red). If you’re someone who wants to add that easy glamour factor to your outfit yet have a clean conscious, get some beautiful designer faux-fur. You’d be surprised how well it can resemble the real deal, and you can be proud of not having to contribute to the killing of animals!

5. Silk


Silk is a delicate, expensive and difficult to maintain the type of fabric. Yet it looks beautiful to the eye when kept in a top condition.

Wearing something silk can make a woman look first of all very expensive, but also quite feminine.

6. Exotic leather


Exotic leather is usually python, crocodile, ostrich, alligator skin etc. Popular on handbags or other leather goods. It does signal wealth and glamour factor due to its incredibly high price. A designer handbag that usually retails £2000 will cost minimum £1200 if it’s the same handbag but the material has changed to exotic leather.

Sadly, just like with fur, this industry is not for the good-will spirited person. They hunt and kill rare species, and it’s a dirty industry the exotic leather market. Classy women are usually environmentally conscious and take their responsibility which is why I advise to avoid buying exotic leather.

Instead, there are many imitations of it, which look like the real deal and come to the fraction of the price. Many designer handbags are today made out of imitations, and it doesn’t lower “the status of the bag.”

7. Your hair & makeup


We all know by now how important grooming is for your overall appearance. If it’s something you want to perfect, it should be it!

But hair and makeup can easily look plain if you don’t put some effort into it and make it look glamorous. Having a professional blow-dry made or a subtle smokey eye can elevate any outfit from plain, to look more glamorous and interesting. If you can afford, try and do a blow-dry on a regular basis at a salon. Sometimes professional styled hair can look more glamorous than anything on this list!

8. A Designer handbag


The designer handbag is a must for any aspiring JetsetBabes. If you can’t afford one, you should at least invest in a well-made leather bag. For glamour, a beautiful handbag is a must, and it’s the number one thing that adds status to a woman.

Make sure you avoid the girly and juvenile designs and instead aim for something sophisticated and sleek. It will make you look more glamorous yet classy.

9. Watch


It’s not a must to wear a watch as a JetsetBabe, but it sure adds that authority of status and belonging if you wear an expensive watch.

For men, this is a must, as men always get judged by the watch they are wearing. Women don’t necessarily need to have a chunky watch like Rolex or Hublot on their wrist to make a statement. They can have something more subtle like a Cartier or Patek Philippe and still ooze glamour.

10. Nails


Women get it often wrong by thinking that glamour equals long, red (or another bold color) nails and it’s going to elevate their style. No. You can’t get it more wrong.

Long nails don’t play in the same group as elegant ladies do, they belong more to the nouveau riche/tacky/girls from the hood -type of personas.
If you want to have glamour yet elegance, you must first of all have perfectly, well-manicured nails. While I know it can be difficult as nails chip in the most inconvenient times and settings, a woman should prioritize to do her nails on a weekly basis.

Glamour equals wearing some color on your nails, so never go bare. Red, Bordeaux or French are all three exquisite yet glamorous finishes. Regarding length, it’s classy to either keep it short or medium long. Anything long or claw-like looks first of all unhygienic but is also not very modern today.

11. A hat


A gorgeous hat, in the style of a summer hat or winter hat like Maison Michel, will elevate any outfit and add instant glamour. Perfect on bad hair days or days when you don’t have time to put much effort in your outfits but still want to add something interesting to your look and stand out.

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  1. For the part about the blowout, I totally agree. A good blowout can elevate your look from blah to glam. Although, I would say you can learn how to do it yourself and save a lot of money. I youtube it, and now I give myself a very salon worthy blowout every other day. I also have a quick version, for days I am too busy. I just dry it whole and only shape the crown layers instead of all it.

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