11 Ways To Instantly Add Class To Your Look

Confidence is a big part of looking classy. What can we exactly add to our look to appear more elegant, classy and expensive?

The list:

1. Jewelry & Diamonds

No fake stuff here, I’m talking about the real deal! If you want to feel expensive, you need a sparkling diamond or two. However, make sure never to over-accessorise. Over-accessorising is not classy.

Overdoing it can cause you more harm than good. It can make you look very nouveau riche and tacky. Being flashy is not classy, and it will just make you come across as someone who’s trying too hard.

My advice is to keep it simple, as it will often make you look richer than when you put all your jewelry on display.

Also, don’t wear diamonds before 6 pm unless it’s your wedding or engagement ring. It’s against the elegant dress code etiquette. Keep that in mind if you want to be perceived as a true high-value lady.

2. Heels

alexandralapp heels


Wear a pair of jeans with sneakers, and you feel basic. Wear a pair of jeans with heels, and instantly you feel like a completely different person. We all know the feeling a pair of heels gives us.

But make sure it’s a pair of elegant heels, no platforms or overly high stilettos. Heels need to look expensive and give you the benefit of walking confidently in them, as that’s what sends out the biggest wow factor. Heels instantly make you look more feminine, and walking in heels can help channel your feminine energy.

3. Sunglasses

creme_de.la_femme with hat


A pair of big, dark sunglasses will always add mystery and glamour to a woman!

Think Jackie-O or anyone who’s cool and classy. I advise you to get a solid designer pair because the flimsy cheaper ones don’t have the same elegance.

4. Fur & Faux-Fur

alleyesonjordyc in fur clothing


Sadly, so many innocent animals have to suffer for the vanity of human beings. However, fur can give off such a glamorous look. I wish it were different, but there is something about fur that adds class to any outfit.

Luckily, we have plenty of faux-fur coats that look very expensive and very real. If you’re someone who wants to add that glam factor to your outfit but want a clean conscience, get some beautiful designer faux-fur. You’d be surprised how well it can resemble the real deal, and you can be proud of not contributing to the killing of animals!

5. Silk


Silk is a delicate, expensive and difficult to maintain fabric. It looks beautiful to the eye when kept in a top condition.

Wearing silk can make a woman look very expensive, but also quite feminine.

6. Exotic leather

Exotic leather is usually python, crocodile, ostrich or alligator skin. It does signal wealth due to its incredibly high price.

Just like with fur, this industry is not for the good-spirited person. They hunt and kill animals. Classy women are usually environmentally conscious which is why I advise you to avoid buying exotic leather.

Instead, try imitations. There are many that look like the real deal and cost a fraction of the price. Many designer handbags today are made out of synthetic materials and that doesn’t lower the status of the bag.

7. Your hair & makeup

creme_de.la_femme beautiful hair


We all know by now how important grooming is for your overall appearance. It should be something you want to perfect!

Hair and makeup can easily look boring without effort. Getting a blow-out or a subtle smokey eye can elevate any outfit. Try to do a blow-out on a regular basis at the salon. Sometimes professional styled hair can look more glamorous than anything on this list!

8. A Designer handbag

olivialafabuleuse with designer bag


The designer handbag is a must for any aspiring elegant lady. If you can’t afford one, you should at least invest in a well-made leather bag. For glamour, a beautiful handbag is a must and it’s the number one thing that adds status to a woman.

Make sure you avoid the girly and juvenile designs and instead aim for something sophisticated and sleek. It will make you look more glamorous and classy.

9. Watch


It’s not a must to wear a watch, but it sure adds status if you do.

For men, it is a must as men always get judged by the watch they wear. Women don’t necessarily need to have a chunky watch like a Rolex or Hublot on their wrist to make a statement. They can have something more subtle like a Cartier or Patek Philippe and still ooze glamour.

10. Nails

Women get it wrong by thinking that glamour equals long, red nails. No. You can’t get it more wrong.

Long nails are a no-no. They belong more to the nouveau riche.

If you want to have elegance, you must have perfectly, well-manicured nails. I know it can be difficult as nails chip in the most inconvenient times and settings. A woman should prioritize doing her nails on a weekly basis.

Wear some color on your nails and never go bare. Red, Bordeaux or French are all three exquisite yet elegant finishes. Regarding length, it’s classy to either keep it short or medium length. Anything long or claw-like looks unhygienic.

11. A hat

annamikac with hat


A gorgeous summer or winter hat, like from Maison Michel, will elevate any outfit and add instant glamour. It’s perfect for bad hair days or days when you don’t have time to put much effort in your outfits.


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