10 Workout Motivators

When it comes to working out, I sometimes feel lazy. It’s important to maintain routines and better our lives. Improving our lifestyle is key in becoming an elegant, refined lady. I’ve found some workout motivators that work for me, and thought I’d share them with you:

fit woman working out

Top 10 best workout motivators

1. Prepare your gym clothes in an attractive way

Let’s say you want to work out first thing in the morning. Try to prepare everything you need the night before so that when you wake up you simply dive into your gear as it’s there laying neatly in front of you.

2. Have some gym gear that will make you look good.

Nice gym clothes really do it for you if you want to be motivated. Who wants to work out in some old baggy t-shirt when you can actually look good and get motivated by your own elegant looks!

fit woman stretching

3. Those days where you really don’t feel like it…

I have days where I feel like not doing anything. The only way not to lose that day completely is to convince yourself to go and do something small!

I usually work out for 45 minutes. If I have a crappy day, I aim to do 20 minutes. Once I’m there and have done 20 minutes, I feel I might as well do 20 more. However, if you really don’t feel up for doing 20 more, don’t push yourself. Workouts should not feel like hell on earth.

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4. Music is the key!

I need good playlists to give me that push when working hard, and I’ve always created special playlists just for the gym. I wouldn’t just listen to any random song. No, it has to be something with a fast beat that pushes me hard but at the same time I love listening to it.

On my workout playlist I have only Latin House Music as it gives me that power I need!

fit woman making photo while doing a plank

5. Stuck in a rut?

Don’t have a PT? Get a few lessons together with a PT to restructure your workout routine and make it feel fun and uplifting again. Make use of the motivation your personal trainer will give, absorb it all and live on it!

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6. Still stuck in a rut?

Try something completely different. Those days when you just want to cancel your gym subscription once and for all, you should simply take a time out from whatever it is that you’re usually doing there. Add something completely new to your routine and try a new class. Why not go rollerblading outdoors instead of staying indoors? There are so many different types of workout methods, you don’t need to be slaving on the treadmill just because you’re not being creative! Keep up new routines as self-care is an important habit of a high-value woman.

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7. If you have that competitor’s DNA in you…

Do a challenge with a friend to complete before a certain date. The winning person will get a prize but also the great feeling of accomplishment.

If you don’t have anyone to do this with, you should create a silent challenge with yourself and someone who is a regular at the gym.

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8. Practice your discipline

Don’t think you only work out to get in shape. Not at all, you’re actually doing some big mental work on yourself and that is practicing your discipline. Those days when I feel like I just want to hit the snooze button, I remind myself that I need to go and do this not only for my body, but also to master my mind and practice my discipline.

I need this discipline for many things, like getting work done when I’m running my own business. If I don’t discipline myself to go workout for 45 minutes, how can I ever master being self-employed? High-value women discipline themselves.

flexible woman doing yoga

9. Finish off in a positive mind

Make a rule of adding a positive note to the end of your session. Like some silent meditation after stretching, relaxing in the steam room or grabbing a yummy smoothie in the gym café. We are like animals and we get motivated by knowing something good will come out of the hard work we put in.

woman with a fit body in gymnass

10. Once you start seeing results…

Own it! Love it! Make a big deal about it! (But try and keep that for yourself 😉 Take as many selfies as you want. Admire your results. Feel over the moon with your transformation and you will notice how it will feed you to keep on going!