10 ways to get a great JetsetBabe Instagram Account

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10 ways to get a great JetsetBabe Instagram Account

A good Instagram Account according to Jetset Babe.com. Promoting yourself or fishing likes on Instagram is the current trend for aspiring Jetset Babes. But what is it about some Jetset Babe accounts that are just so interesting to follow?

Here’s what I think makes an Instagram account fun to follow:


    • High Quality Photos

      You don’t need to necessarily use your smart phone to upload pictures on instagram, use a good digital camera and transfer your images between the devices. It’s so worth it, as high quality photos are always more appreciated than the usual blurry snap shots.

how-to-get-an-interesting-instagram-account how-to-get-an-interesting-instagram-account

    • Outfit Pictures = YES!

      This is why instagram rocks, because for us who need fashion inspiration, we need your guidance. Post a few outfits a week, but make sure they’re worth watching. Outfit pictures can never become boring as long as they are well made!

how-to-get-an-interesting-instagram-account how-to-get-an-interesting-instagram-account how-to-get-an-interesting-instagram-account

    • Variation is the key

      A common thing I see is when people take too many head shots that look identical and they build their instagram account upon that. BORING!!! We know your face by now, and it does look great! Just give us something else to spice things up a bit!

how-to-get-an-interesting-instagram-account how-to-get-an-interesting-instagram-account

    • Frames are boring

      Why do people think putting a frame around your picture is cool? It’s not.

how-to-get-an-interesting-instagram-account how-to-get-an-interesting-instagram-account

    • Less filters please

      A little bit of changing the light can be fine if the picture became too dark or too light. But starting going wild with various filters is so 2010. We want to see the real thing!!

how-to-get-an-interesting-instagram-account how-to-get-an-interesting-instagram-account

    • Less is more

      Adding clipart, text or putting several images in one image is not hot. It was kinda fun to try when it first came out, but now it just ruins the images!! NEXT!


    • Pictures of situations

      You don’t necessarily need to only take pictures of yourself 100% of the times, but I would say 80% is fine.

      Having too much images of surroundings, food & cliché shots like “your feet on the beach” is BORING!

      We want to see you in whatever situation you’re in. If you’re driving, don’t take a picture of the usual hands on the steering to show what you’re doing , let someone take a picture of you inside the car = situation shot. More interesting 🙂


    • Be the star

      If you’re using instagram as a tool to brand yourself, then let the account be all about yourself.

      Don’t upload pictures of your friends unless you’re taking a picture together with them etc. It becomes confusing for people that don’t know you, if other people start appearing on your account without any direct connection to yourself. (This includes kids, so boring…)


    • Un natural posing

      Ok we get it, you have to add a little bit of posing to create interesting and sometimes artistic pictures. But over posing so it all looks fake doesn’t feel what instagram was initially all about 🙂 Strike a natural pose and make it look as real as possible.


    • Don’t be a diva

      Last but not least, don’t become one of these instagrammers who are so busy taking pics of themselves, they never have time to answer any comments or questions they get from their followers. So rude! I mean it’s the followers that creates the fame of the instagrammer so give back some love please 🙂


If you have any suggestions of interesting instagram accounts, feel free to share in the comments section. Don’t forget to follow myself @jetsetbabe


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