Best Fashion Outfits November 2014

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1. Lace Dress

Ahh. Sexy lace dress but still acting classy. Why? Arms are covered and the length gives the illusion to go to the knee, making it look more appropriate even though the lace gives that strong sex appeal. This is the type of dress I love for evenings out, when you want to feel sexy but not slutty.



2. Pastel Pink

I have written about pastel pink before, but this is such a nice combo put together I had to include it today! Everything in pink besides the white top giving some contrast. The Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are working so well with this entire girly look, especially with one of the flowers matching the outfit. Another reason why I personally enjoy this outfit is because the jacket is not very girly, giving it a good contrast to the rest. And btw, what an amazing skirt – perfect for day time activities when you want to be dressed up!



3. Asymmetric and interesting

Not sure if this is a dress or a top with a skirt? But hey, that does not matter because this outfit is stunning. So simple but with it’s asymmetric cut very interesting to look at, feels very chic.



4. Balmain Dress

This amazing creation by Balmain is simply a piece of art. What can you say? You do not even need to make yourself pretty but to still look chic as hell in this dress. I love the way it glimmers, feels like an outfit for a true rockstar. I hope this dress ends up in a museum one day, it truly deserves it.



5. Maxi see-through dress

LnFamily is a Russian designer which I enjoy to follow. They have so many beautiful dresses but this one is their absolute top seller. It is unique and interesting. I would have probably removed the Chanel necklace she is wearing and just let the dress speak for itself. But then again, I am the type who thinks less is more.



6. Yellow and Lime ensemble

In a way this look may be slightly “too much” with all it’s colourful items. But I think we need to break our habits of dressing so modest at times and start to experiment more by being bold like in this case. I love the pencil skirt, so chic. The top she is wearing is one of those items you would see hanging left over from a 70% clearance sale and you would ask yourself “WHEN would I ever wear anything like this and to WHAT?”. Well, here is a good example of how a fashionista can create an interesting outfit by playfully combining random clothes.



7. Button down front Dress

I keep spotting these dresses once in a while, they are so classy and stylish! I wish I could find more of them in the mainstream shops. They are perfect for day time, when you want to look feminine but have some cover. You can always unbutton as much as you want, showing a little bit of skin like in this picture. I love how she matches the beautiful beige/black with red heels. Perfect colour combination!



8. Orange Maxi Dress

I must admit, I strongly dislike the colour orange on clothes. But when I saw this dress, how could I not like it? It is gorgeous. Feels so girly, feminine and elegant in it’s own way. A dress like this could be worn by someone who is husband hunting because if you see a girl wearing this, you would definitely think “wife material”. A big plus for the sleeves, the cut out for the leg and the beige fabric showing underneath – excellent colour combination!



9. 50’s skirt with bling top

This outfit is just too cool. If she would walk in to a room and sit down next to me, I would feel like the most boring Plain Jane in the world, haha. Not but honestly it is amazing how she is combining a conservative 50’s skirt with this blinged top acting very futuristic. Lovely colours as well, and the hair cut matching the rest of the look.



10. Dolce & Gabbana Owl Dress

Dolce & Gabbana are continuing to make “it dresses” for fall. This season we have the red owl dress like shown below. One issue that I have is that I can never wear anything red if my skin is pale. There is something with red on white that I don’t really like. But in this case, she totally rocks it! Pale skin, red dress, red heels – red everything! What a way to go! Feminine and stylish!


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  1. great observations! especially about how to be sexi with class and not scream cheap or sex.. 5th dress is just stunning i didnt know who made it so thx for good tip,
    about pink colour – as i wrote before i choose not to wear this kind of pink since i might look washed out but when i stumble upon this picture i thought i should reconsider =] specially i like the twist with the not so feminine jacket in baby pink i like those kind of contradictions =]
    to pic 6 i totally agree with experimenting but one should remember that on fit body everything looks great so one should respect their bodyshape and embrace what looks good on them, the clearance – great point! =] but with mixing i would look for hints on american market they do not have our boundaries, french are maybe chic but wearing uniforms (black stilettos etc.) is not really progressive, this i learned in us, they stile not just by colour, but by pattern and metal too so at the end it looks like great elaboration also the pic 9 this will not stop amaze me how americans are able to pull out 50′ skirt and make it fabulous! =]

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