10 Examples of How to Look Classy on Different Occasions

Ladies, dress etiquette is incredibly important. It’s key to dress appropriately, elegantly and with class at every occasion and event you go to. But, there are so many different events out there that navigating classy dress codes can be hard!

Here are 10 examples of how to look classy and elegant on different occasions:

  1. Classy at the beach

Classy at the beach

Ditch the traditional swimsuit for a more elevated and elegant one piece. Plus, elegant ladies always wear hats and chic accessories!

  1. Classy white tie

Classy white tie

White tie is the most formal event you could attend. This means you can truly go all out! Bring out your most fabulous, refined jewels and a feminine ball gown for this occasion. You’ll definitely make an entrance!

  1. Classy black tie

Classy with black tie

Black tie is the second most formal event, after white tie. Ball gowns aren’t typical for black tie, but you could definitely get a way with a cocktail dress. However, a long gown is definitely the most refined, sophisticated and classy look to wear at this event.

  1. Classy at work

Classy at work

Elegant ladies always dress with class for work. Never get lazy. An elegant blouse and a pair of wide pants will do the trick. Don’t forget to carry a beautiful, high-quality leather work bag!

  1. Classy polo event

Classy polo event

Polo events are a staple occasion in every elegant lady’s calendar. When attending a polo event, try wearing a classic dress and a long cardigan, tweed jacket or blazer if it’s a bit chilly. Heels are not advised, as they’ll sink into the grass. Instead, wear flats, espadrilles or wedges!

  1. Classy cocktail event

Classy cocktail event

The little black dress is a go-to elegant lady cocktail party look. You can never go wrong with a little black dress, so make sure you have a high-quality one in your wardrobe!

  1. Classy errands

classy errands

Ladies, ditch the activewear for running errands. Instead, put on a chic, casual outfit like this one. A tailored trouser and elegant sweater or top is ideal. If it’s cold, put on a pair of boots. If it’s warm, try an elegant pair of loafers or sneakers. Make sure you always have a cardigan or light jacket in case it gets chilly.

  1. Classy at the gym

Classy at the gym

A matching, monochrome set is the best way to look elegant at the gym. Ditch the tracksuits and Adidas logos for a sophisticated and neutral set. You can always throw in a few accessories to jazz it up!

  1. Classy on a yacht

classy on a yatch

Elegant ladies are no strangers to yacht life. For your summer holidays, throwing on your favourite bikini or swimsuit might be your best option for jumping on a yacht as you’ll want to catch some rays and maybe stop for a swim. However, make sure you have an elegant cover-up with you. This could be a light, linen wrap or shirt dress.

  1. Classy lunch date

Classy lunch date

An elegant, classy dress is a great lunch date option. Make sure it’s not too tight or form-fitting. For the day time, opt for more feminine and soft looks. A classic belt and matching shoes and bag are a must, too!